Thanks Breakfast Records for letting us be part of their new (not particularly edible-looking?) cereal range!!! Omnomnom!!

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Breakfast Records

Unbelievably PUMPED to announce our first release!!! BREAKFAST #1! A bodacious cassette compilation of the most radically superlative underground artists.

You'l...l be able to buy the first 20 copies of the best album of the year at a special discount price of £3 at our launch show 16th April @ Rays Pizza, so make sure you get yer skin down that day to The Crofters Rights!


Ragged Claws - Cuique Optimum
Don't Go Plastic - Redial (Man I Hate Your Face)
The Gnarwhals - Pizza
The Plainviews - Charlie Delta
Milo's Planes - Stampede
The Gin Birkins - Beer Belly Blues
Human Bones - Bone Eyed Children
Rhona Dalling - Walk Me Round
Me, You & Thomas - Winning Again
SLONK - Anchor
Klein - First Night

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We recorded this cheeky blues song about the struggles of getting a film made to help promote Tom's new short That Lizard Laden Death Feel. We now only need £180 for the film to reach its kickstarter goal, so it looks like it worked! Now's the time to donate if you want to become a part of this project, as there's only 24 hours left until the kickstarter closes!…/that-lizard-laden-death-feel-…


If you like our music, chances are you'll love this short, surreal film that Tom is writing/directing. There's even an opportunity to get a personalised blues song written by the band-members as one of the rewards! Please support and share That Lizard Laden Death Feel!!…/that-lizard-laden-death-feel-…

Faced with an innocuous upturned bowl, David can't help but feel deathly afraid of what he imagines hiding underneath it.

First gig of the new year: We are playing the Jericho Tavern on Friday!

Come along! £5 for 5 bands! Doors 7:30pm.

Here's the episode of BBC Introducing Oxford we got featured on! (skip to minute 18 to hear us) If you want to come check us out live we've got a gig tonight supporting Wille and the Bandits at The Bullingdon Arms (or as it's now known, 'The Art Bar). We should be on around half 7.

Oxfordshire's only local music show.

Getting played on BBC Radio Oxford! Still not sure if it'll be tonight or next week's show, guess we'll just have to tune in at 8 to find out! They had us record a little intro about ourselves and all

Playing at Purple Turtle Oxford at 5:15pm as part of Oxjam Oxford Takeover!!! Head on over to the Turl Street Kitchen to pick up a wristband for the festival!

Tickets for oxjam have arrived!!! Buy online at:

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One of our tracks is being played on BBC Oxford radio tonight! Tune in around 8pm to find out which one xxx

We will be appearing at the Purple Turtle, on stage at 5:30pm for the Oxjam Oxford Takeover! Get tickets now at

Ragged Claws updated their cover photo.
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We can announce that we are playing Oxjam Oxford Takeover on the 12th October. And look! They are using a photo from our acoustic set we played with them last year to promote it xxx

Ragged Claws updated their cover photo.
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We have a BBC Introducing at the O2 Academy on 21st September!!! Get your tickets here £6 for 5 bands (and cheap drinks)!

Buy tickets for music, comedy, theatre, film, festivals and much more - with the best service in UK ticketing

Hullo there! Sorry we've been a bit inactive lately - Tom is in the last term of his Oxford Physics degree, which means ALL the revision and not much time for gigs!

In the meantime, here is a compilation of contemporary riot grrrl music that we've just been featured on! It's got bands from all around the world on it, and has previously showcased the likes of Pussy Riot and Scream Club ft. Beth Ditto. Check it out, or if you happen to be in Berlin you could even go to the launch night!

Cats against catcalling - a free download compilation against street harassment with more then 90 Grrrl* bands from around the world. Brought to you by Riot Grrrl Berlin and Hollaback Berlin.

Our little Q&A with the OxStu is up online now, check it out!

Hi Ragged Claws! So where does the name come from? Did you steal it from that dodgy nail treatment bar off Cowley Road? Well this being Oxford and all it’s got a rather pretentious origin. We lifte...

Our music video for 'The Sun, La Mer' won 'Best Production Design' at this year's OUFF Film Festival 2013!!!

FREE DOWNLOAD: The first single from the Ragged Claws debut EP 'Across the Floors of Silent Seas'. Like: