Baby girl in a "Seema original." @houseconcertdelhi comes to Mumbai tn featuring this one. @kaly_aani
This rn 😂
"Bandra boys" is an actual wifi network in our building. 󾌴
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17 hrs

Cant wait to hear this album!

I'll be sharing download and streaming links as soon as it drops 🎶

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Ahem!! Do you have some time to listen to this ?? This has been one of the biggest collaboration for me by some amazing artists bringing their vibe, Hope you too!!

*Music Preview Alert*

Countdown to Noises in My Head to fly!

Video and Motion Graphics : B1nary Fragmentat10n
If you want your imagination to fly you got to connect with him!! Not even kidding

Artwork Noise : FocusMonk
Hit him up for your work, 100% Organic Vibes Guaranteed!

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by : Lima Yanger
A dream of a producer to work with, more than that a fine Human!

Supporting me through this amazing Process : Savi Shrivastava
Moral support and full of heart and hugs!!

#Debutalbum #NoisesinmyHead #Musicpreview #Womeninmusic #independent #Movingon

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Walked a lot, a really long road, didn't know where and how it will unfold,
Put myself at risk still wishing upon a sweet twist,
People come people go , this thing i just can't let go,
Have seen highs and a lot of lows, learning to be a duck and paddle in a row,
Only you know what you believe in a love so deep Oh! So, So Goddamn Pure!
It won't let the world dictate it and say, "See, i told you so",
It chooses you and you do the best you can, In the only way only You Can!
Hey what do you do, what's your Genre, We need to put this in a box, No Sir, Thank you very much!
Have heard that a lot as what you reap is what you sow, So Let me tell you one thing, My heart to Your's,
These are personal stories and i am ready to let them run wild and pave a path for them to flow! - Kalyaani

Presenting to you my Bouquet of Flowers supported by this amazing Piece of Artwork by FocusMonk for weaving what i had in my mind! Debut Album "Noises In My Head" Release date 19.01.2018!
Album Produced/Mixed/Mastered by : Lima Yanger

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Brown is beautiful!

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Seema Harindran Puthyapurayil is in New York, New York.

To every @fairandlovely_id ad that told us that women with dark skin couldn’t find love, succeed or be happy, this photo is my answer. My life is overflowing love from so many brilliant people who can see the beauty in every skin color, I love every job I do because I thrive in challenging myself in every way, I measure my success in my self confidence and my ability to love and give. So I stand here in front of you, beaming with unparalleled joy because I’m completely happy, successful, loved and in control of what I find beautiful. I will not let you define that for me, because you couldn’t have been more wrong. I will wear my dark skin with pride like a war medal that was bestowed on me for persistently fighting the war you waged on my self esteem. I think I won, because I love myself and my dark skin unconditionally.
One of the biggest highlights of 2017 was working with @islandboiphotography and @callme_trice on this photoshoot. @islandboiphotography has been a champion in showcasing the beauty of dark skin in every way and I was honored to be on the other side of his lens. @callme_trice is a brilliant make up artist whose work is flawless and breathtaking. So grateful to get the chance to work with you. Thank you!
#unfairandlovely #darkandlovely #darkskin #melanin

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Kaly Aani

Leave the cocoon, Prepare for the bloom,
Detach yourself and you will reach the Moon,
Love so deep that it makes you want to croon,
The Moment of Clarity comes to you in that favourite tune - K Randomness! #Movingon

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Anuradha Mehta

Gardner's concept of intelligence designed as an infographic. Not one but NINE kinds of human intelligence! As the article says, "There are respective advantage...s to every group, and they all foster the diverse skills needed to make the world go round."
All it needs is proper development, unlike the mass education we have now.

Brilliant idea sex between psych theory and design!

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And in India I watched with glee on Christmas as a young NRI received her Barbie wearing a sari.

The presents are still gendered, but at least it's progress.

#legoforall #musicforall #techforall

A father in Nigeria started making the dolls when he realized none of his daughter's toys looked like her.

Diversity exists in all walks of life, even toys.

love this track!

When hip hop meets fashion, the world is a better place. We saw this new video and loved it and so here are our top picks from the famous suede gully video!
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#tb to this pixie

Also to having floors comfy enough to sprawl across.

This is really happening!

Sharing what we've developed and we're headed to Wales in 2018!

Made possible by Fio & The Mumbai Assembly at EARS on Mumbai 2017


Supported by Sonic Pi

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Thu 12:45 PM UTC+05:30The Mumbai AssemblyMumbai, India
11 people went

Shoutout to my brown girls who place emotional intelligence as top priority in their partners.

Harnidh Kaur

My approach to men has become awfully straightforward now.

(Parity of emotional labour, companionship, communication, allyship, support) deta hai toh de, warna katt le.



Petition to call male oriented movies dick flicks, male oriented literature dick lit

It appears we all have shared auto nightmares to tell.


Harnidh Kaur

> don’t take autos with three men sitting in them.
> but you need to travel in the city and be emancipated women.
> we won’t make end to end transport solution...s with security.
> we won’t even design public spaces to be conducive to women.
> but you don’t take autos with three men sitting in them.

Next time someone says ‘don’t use unsafe public transport’?

Go ahead and ask them to pay for a year’s worth of Ubering or, if generosity strikes them, a car with a lifetime supply of fuel. Go ahead.

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Let's frame this properly.

Here at Girls Who Code, we're inspired by the women who are bravely speaking out against harassment and bias. Melinda Gates writes, "we are raising our voices—and raising them louder than ever before. What’s more, the world is finally listening."

'Discrimination, harassment and rape have never been acceptable. They’ve just been accepted.'


Caroline Ouellette and Julie Chu are now parents to Liv Chu-Ouellette 🍼

Caroline Ouellette and Julie Chu, the former captains of the Canadian and U.S. women's hockey teams, respectively, welcomed their first child on Nov. 5.