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Baby girl in a "Seema original." @houseconcertdelhi comes to Mumbai tn featuring this one. @kaly_aani
"Bandra boys" is an actual wifi network in our building. 󾌴
This rn 😂

It's here! Happy World Music Day to all!

Solo-producing is new for me, and I'd like to keep practicing. If you have a project you're passionate about & some time, please ping me!

I'm currently based out of Bandra, Mumbai, and my aim is to support first-time musicians, women, and underserved communities.


Potential projects include, but are not limited to:
-more music
-spoken word
-audiovisual installation work

#summersolstice #WorldMusicDay

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Another poem into a song, and this time it's a super special one. Drishti came to me with a poem for World Music Day. It's originally composed by her sister, Deepti Dhoot. Solo-producing is a first f

Wasted for ❤️❤️❤️


The lyric video to my first single, Wasted for Love, is finally out! Hope you guys love it and DO NOT FORGET TO LIKE, SHARE AND FOLLOW MY PAGE! Would love to what you guys have to say in the comments below! One Year, One House EP will be out July 6th with three new songs!!

Written by Aarya
Produced by Rahul Popawala, Aarya
Mixing and Mastering : Karan Jhaveri (Tallz)

Links to download the track (available on many other stores as well) :-





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Had the chance and missed it at MAMI.

Now, it's coming!


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Lipstick Under My Burkha updated their cover photo.

ATTENTION: Lipstick Under My Burkha now releases in Indian cinemas on 21 July 2017! Share/Tag your friends in the comments below, spread the good word and #SaveTheDate! 💋 💋

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Harnidh Kaur

Two Sanskari Girls is a spoken-word tale of two women from opposite sides of the world, told through theatrical poetry, song, and movement.

This one-hour perfo...rmance defies expectations, tiptoes and then redefines the lines of Sanskar and what it means to raise wild-spirited women. The show cuts through cultures, conversations, things we don’t dare say, and will leave the audience thinking and chuckling at the same time.

Nupur adds deliciously revolutionary ingredients to the age old recipe of How to Raise Your Daughter, while Kate boldly questions our collective perceptions of women in juxtaposing characters. Both speak from their own experiences, intertwining words and styles in a powerful exchange.

The show also brings cameos by Karunya Srinivasan, writer and dancer, and Shilok Mukkati, an award-winning trans-rights activist.

The duo has performed more than 20 shows together in cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Jaipur. To continue their journey, they are taking their show on the road to Europe via Berlin and Amsterdam. Their last performance together in Bangalore is a must-watch.


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"According to curriculum therapists, multi-disciplinary sessions appeal to students’ creativity, are relevant to their everyday lives, and help them acquire important skills—especially students with autism." #musictherapy #artseducation

According to curriculum therapists, multi-disciplinary sessions appeal to students’ creativity, are relevant to their everyday lives, and help them...

Then they came for the jugaad techie.

UnErase Poetry

"Witch Hunt" - Kate Black-Regan & Nupur Saraswat
Watch this on YouTube at:
Shot at: Khar Social
To watch them perform live in Bangalore, visit Beasts of Bed and Battlefield

Love me some bindis with a message. 😉💃🏽

Had a lot of fun shooting Shubhangi Joshi Collective & Kalyaani.


Sound check with the Shubhangi Joshi Collective and Kalyaani & the cool cats (jk band name) at Antisocial!

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Raia shared a post.
May 23


Jhelum Anikhindi updated her status.
May 22

I refuse to hide
The greying hair
The darkening circles
Under my eyes
The gap between my teeth...
The scars on my skin
Left behind
By the battles
Over the years
The muffin top
Around my waistline
It's proof
Of my love affair
With desserts
Or the cellulite
On my thighs
Every effort to shame me
Strengthens my conviction
To stay imperfect
To grow on my terms
And never try to fit
The boxes of this society.

- Jhelum Anikhindi

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I'm a 🐅.

Raia shared Beatmap's photo.
May 16

💚 to the Beatmap crew.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Beatmap with Becky Fernandes.
May 13

"In university, I began writing music as a way to work through, and at the same time, preserve feelings and memories. I never really considered sharing music w...ith others until mid-2015 when I wrote "Red Lipstick."

It's a song from personal experience living in Canada, yet wherever in the world I sing it, it strikes a chord. I mean, I wrote it very literally, in that someone told me "you can't wear red lipstick," but then for the second verse, I really tried to think about the message I took from that anecdote, and it was like, "you're not supposed to be doing this." And I thought, fuck that.

NaPoWriMo really got my "applied creative juices" flowing. In art, I'm really into work derived from other art. So what I did in April was take captivating poems and put them to music. It was a really exciting way to connect with other artists and support their work too.

So the follow up to that will be in June and it's really cool & similarly connected. I currently produce music through live coding, but not a lot of Indians know what that is. I also appreciate the music of a lot of indie Indian musicians; I love what they're making. So I'll be mixing and covering those tracks and a releasing videos again soon!

Looking back though, the journey hasn't been very easy. There have been obstacles along the way. I needed to stop seeking approval from others and that took some time to adapt to. Learning to be constantly productive and creative was another one- you had to consistently keep yourself busy.

I finished Red Lipstick in June and then I moved to India and picked up my first red lipstick. It's Freida Pinto's shade from L'oreal and its bomb diggity."

Raia is a singer-songwriter/producer-programmer. She writes songs of social commentary, and performs them live with the help of her trusty Uke and Raspberry Pi (a tiny computer). Her current project is a collaboration with the Sound Space to bring live coding to India, through interactive workshops designed for kids.

Raia and a Buffalo have teamed up with music education experts from the Sound Space to offer up a new musical coding camp. Early May session is 15th to 19th at the Somaiya Centre in Fort.

Raia has signed up for Beatmap, have you? Register here as an artist now -

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Raia shared Artic Monkeys's photo.
May 12


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Artic Monkeys
May 6


May 11

"He speaks English, French, and Punjabi."


Ontario’s deputy NDP leader, 38-year-old criminal…
Raia shared Gaia Meera's post.
May 3

Gaia covering that feel good vibe. 💚🎶


I was talking to my friends recently about how I constantly want to record myself singing so I actually post regularly on this channel but that I can never impulsively pick up a camera and record because I'm always either in my pyjamas, or fresh out of the shower (rocking the Dog-Left-Out-In-The-Rain look, obviously) or wearing some sort of face pack/face mask. I find myself singing and playing when I'm on my own, sitting in my room, indulging in some self-care. Perhaps this is because music is also, in a way, a form of self-care. It is a medium through which I express myself now and I am so very grateful for it because it keeps my days bright and full.
I spent some time thinking about it and I figured, why not just record myself anyway? I know I look ridiculous but I'm happy and taking care of myself and that's what truly matters. Also, the Shrek look never runs out of style- am I right?


Here is part 1 of a little series I'm starting!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE like/share/subscribe. If I hit a 100 subscribers I can finally have my own custom url hehehe

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HELLO OKAY SO I was talking to my friends recently about how I constantly want to record myself singing so I can actually post regularly on this channel but ...