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About Rajesh
  • I am a very positive, diverse, intelligent, and independent man with an amazing outlook on life and a great sense of humor. I would describe myself as fun, well mannered, confident, driven, successful, intellectual, and sophisticated. I am romantic, have a great sense of humor and am very caring. I am non judgmental, accepting, and value people for who not what they are. I am very social, outgoing and playful. Very pa
    ssionate, laid back, sensual, sensitive and very loyal. I am not the jealous type and believe you keep what you set free. Honesty, ethics, integrity, and always doing the right thing - even when no one is watching are important.

    I love art, culture, and music. I pride myself in being flexible, malleable, and open. I work hard and play hard. I adapt well to all situations. I am well cultured, well traveled, and have a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for others. My goals in life are to grow, learn, experience, and challenge myself. I am a perfect dichotomy of rugged and compassionate, serious and carefree, and business and pleasure. I can party like a rock star and still keep it together.

    I love the finer things in life but I am also very humble, appreciative, and will never forget my roots. Balance and moderation are essential components to a happy and healthy existence. I am an amazing listener and excellent communicator. I believe it is important to ameliorate my ideas, successes, shortcomings, and beliefs often.

    I live my life by the following: You can sleep when you are dead. We miss 100 percent of the shots we don't take and once we are satisfied we never get better. Time is the only asset in life you can never get back or recover. I am never afraid to take a chance and rarely miss an opportunity.
    Thank you!
Favorite Quotes
  • അവനവനാത്മ സുഖത്തിനാചരിക്കുന്നവ
    യപരനു സുഖത്തിനായ് വരേണം