One day till the finest holliday of the year. Here take this awesome little video from @iankobold to get in the mood. Well I know you are missing the blood, but we saved that and creepy childvoices for tomorrow😛
Raptobot out to play.......
Raptobot celebrates 500 Followers!!

The Tale of 2 Raiders
Issue NO. 1 - Lair of the Deathclaw!

This is the great beginning of Raptobot´s raider world tour! ---TEASER---


Vaults, plants, animals....we put all this in another environment and create a new story around our 2 beloved raiders characters.

What to expect: New story lines, cosplay- armors and photo booths, all adapted to the current location.

This is not "just" a project! This is a life task, we are dedicating most of Raptobot´s work to.

Every country will get a teaser Comic-Cover!
Where will the first Issue take place? And what is the back story?

That´s something you will only know if you follow the WIP at Raptobot!! #BE3

#fallout #bethesda #raiderforlife #obsidian Bethesda Bethesda Game Studios

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12.+13.5.2018 at Role Play Convention in cologne! This is where our Raider World Tour will have its premier. First time building up our new booth ("Working title: Glowing Mushroom Jungle"). First time wearing our new armors. We will be part of ONE BIG FUCKING FALLOUT AREA together with ACT - Advanced Cosplay Technologies BASEMENTAL PROPS Brazen & Bold Productions Junkyard Army MonSoon Cosplay. But that´s not all we planed something else so stay tuned. Also IMPORTAND to know! Our colleges from the Cult of Chrome will also be at THE RPC and building up a Wasteland AREA. It's all about wasteland bitches!!!

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Don't mess with raidersum, it only ends with us getting some extra loot. Doppel Ganger and KaPOWnze at #mcc #leipzigerbuchmesse

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Not many pictures but there you have them. Because of the Snowchaos i needed 2 hours for 20 kilometers with the Raptomobil. Thanks to @doppelgangercosplay for having me. And absolutly!!!! I need a chickenmask!!!!! #Bestmomentasachicken

Why. There are so many fallout cosplayer this year!!!!! The bot is at home so Doppelganger Cosplay have to jump in. @leipzigerbuchmesse

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Awesome composing is awesome!!!!!!! Pic by Fotokross by Arndt von Koenigsmarck. Our horror doll cosplays in action.

Leipziger Buchmesse ist fast da. Auch dieses Jahr bleibt der Bot zu hause und der Rapto zieht "alleine" los. Naja fast... Samstag geht es mit den Raidern von Doppel Ganger Cosplay los und am Sonntag vertreten 2 kleine Puppenschwestern eine große Puppe..... seid gespannt^^.

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WIP improved the back a bit. Made a ancient Maya stone....thing. wanted to make wire stick out but I think I like it with feathers and bullets. Not ready since I am out of feathers. Currently making the arm guard. I wanted something like 3-4 Deathclaw bones connected with leather stripes wrapped around my arm and one leg. Still searching for the best size. Also I beat sanding by making them out of #cosplayflex. 2 layers wrapped around a dummy and then cut open and glued back together. Is super sturdy but very expensive😀 well fuck it. Who says cosplay would be cheap. Who needs food anyway🤣........😶

While we are working on our fallout stuff here take this spooky composing by Devil's Photos he made from a pic taken at epiccon. Horror is best!!! ........besides wasteland😊

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WIP. At this point you see the maya/Aztec in it. Goldcoin on the back. Little ornaments will be stone and the rest metal. Still deciding what to do with the upper backplate. Even thinking about making new shoulders pieces. I am afraid it will rub to much and the paint goes of. Or a new breastplate since it seems to big. Can't bend it to fit tight on the belly. So much doubt....But working hard 💪. Deathclaw design by the bot.

Raptobot is with Sven Turck and 4 others.

RANDOm, RandOM, rAnDOm............ our 5 RANDOM MADNESS packages go to:
PM us your adresse and you get... well...... you see😅

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BACKGROUND STORY (will follow):
Maya/Aztec influences and ?


S.P.E.C.I.A.L: - something will defiantly glow �

WEAPON: left Deathclaw-gauntlet (Fallout 3-glowing version or normal (still deciding)

Details: traditional mayan armor with a touch of wasteland. Since the armor represents a cannibal style there are a lot of bones and skulls on it. Armor will be in gold, silver and red. Working with many mayan 'X' sqaures and also add some nuca cola bottle caps and pokerchips.

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Small WIP of the breastplate. Used just the basic scrap metal pattern from the fallout 4 armor. Details take for ever. Especially the Maya pieces and covering them with worbla even more.... I feel like a sloth😂
After details claw damage and new logo.....

RANDOM Follower Goal Celebration!!!!
1555 people like what Raptobot does!!
We are celebrating this by giving away 5....not 1...not 6....not 45. Nooo 5!!!! Raptobot- random MADNESS packages filled with....well...random mad stuff we guess🤣. Except nothing and you won't be disappointed!!! Our raider-style-FANSERVICE for you little addicts
What you must do?!?!
Tell us in the comments what cosplay you would like to see on us!!! And remember to use your creative brain area!...!! OR the mad one! That's even better. "Winners" will be announced on Monday.
#gohomeraptobotyouaredrunk #Wecantstopherethisisraptobotcountry

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BACKGROUND STORY (will follow): - Maya/Aztec influences and ?
S.P.E.C.I.A.L: - glowing battle scars from a fight with a glowing alpha LEDS😱💊
WEAPON: right Deathclaw-gauntlet (Fallout 3-glowing versions) ...
DETAILS: It's a scrap-metal-armor. The scrap metal will get small words and numbers randomly, like we really dismantled some devices. The Maya- Reliefs will either be made of stone or gold. The tips of the Bullets will some radioactive modified ammunition🤣. The harness can be changed. So it can be worn with or without breast/ backplate. Everything must be functional. That's why the construction takes so long. Breastplate, backplate, armguard, legplates, wasteland-belt, Headpiece and so much more will follow. Scull by @brazenandbold

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WIP PIC TOMORROW, BUT!!! heute wollen wir euch mal um etwas bitten!!! Wir werden auf der FAMECON Austeller sein. Die Famecon ist eine neue Convention mit frischen Ideen, die wir gerne unterstützen möchten. Also WENN die Möglichkeit besteht das ihr diese besucht oder euch für Sie interessiert ODER ihr hier das erste mal von der Con hört, geht auf die Facebook Seite und bitte LIKED sie. Je bekannter eine Con ist umso mehr Entertainment kann sie euch bieten!! Für alle die diesen Beitrag auch wirklich gelesen haben und sich die Mühe machen die Seite der Famecon zu besuchen, haben wir auf der RPC/Gamescom eine unser limitierten Werbe- 308er-Patronenhülsen. Einfach unter den Raptobot-Post auf der FAMECON Seite kommentieren oder uns auf den Cons das Stichwort FAMECON ins Gesicht brüllen!!!! ❤️

Wip pic tomorrow, but!!! Today we want to ask you something!!! We will be at the @[798477437000390:274:FAMECON] exhibitors. Fame con is a new convention with fresh ideas that we would like to support. So if the possibility is that you visit them or you are interested in them or you are here for the first time from the con, go to the Facebook page and The more famous a con is the more entertainment she can offer you!! For everyone who really read this post and the trouble to visit the page of fame con, we have one of our limited advertising-308 at the rpc He casings. Just comment on the raptobot post on the @[798477437000390:274:FAMECON] page or roar us on the cons in the face of fame con!!!! ❤️
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We started playing Fallout again for inspiration, when we came across this mysterious magazine?!

The tail of 2 raiders magazine gives you the "druglord" perk.
Effects: Upgrades your chemcrafting ability. Use exotic plants to boost all drug durations by 70%. Negative effects: who cares ! Get ultra-high on science😎

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