raven black night live
raven black night live
raven black night live
Adelaide's only 1 day event dedicated to Trad/Speed/Power/Thrash and Prog Metal!

we have been quite of late adding more new songs to record we will come back live in feb get the touring wheels back in motion rock on stay metal and true raven black night

Jimmy Petkoff added 79 new photos to the album: raven black night 2000/2001 — in Tea Tree Gully, South Australia.

this line up recorded raven black nights 2000 demo morbid gladiator photos by frank lange at the old tea tree gully village in the 1800s.line up jim petkoff[guitar/vocals,rino amor guitar,matt spencer bass,

got some really cool photos to share of raven black night 2001/2002 coming soon as well as a new release over the last three years have written a lot of material

raven black night Europe/Germany 2007 photos jowinta hope to see our Sydney brothers and sisters of metal come april more details soon

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Churches of Steel - Adelaide's True Heavy Metal Festival is with Jimmy Petkoff.

Jimmy is keen, are you?! We are stoked to have the loving tongue on board for their exclusive REUNION show at Churches of Steel II! Grab your discounted tickets... through them (PM their page) or any of the SA bands 🤘🕍🤘

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Fri 8:30 PM UTC+10:30Gaslight TavernBrompton, SA, Australia
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hey we made it to spotify have a listen and download and order if you wish barbarian winter

Raven Black Night, an artist on Spotify

It was fast and hard we got across the line no one fucks with the raven!!!! we do it for rock and roll,[pictures brew boys Adelaide south Australia against the grain benefit thanks to Ben for assistance in photos ]was good to see a lot of Adelaide's metal/rock community as well

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McEwen DIY M&T to *Tonight* Against The Grain Studio (Re-Launch Party)

True metal warriors of Adelaide Raven black night will be closing the night with their epic set of the old school heavy!

Having previously performed at Headban...gers Open Air Festival in Europe and being signed to Metal Blade Records these guys will not disappoint (dust off that battle jacket) 🤘

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Raven Black Night 'Barbarian Winter' In Stores February 19th, 2013. Check out for new tracks, videos, trailers, special offers, info, and more.

okay we are taking the night out at this show be ready for some new songs some old and new surprises plenty of merch to grab jim

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McEwen DIY M&T to *Tonight* Against The Grain Studio (Re-Launch Party)


Have a look at that lineup! Something for everyone here, there's no reason why Brew Boys Brewery shouldn't be packed to the brim!

Rav...en black night
Imminent Psychosis

$10 Entry doors at 7pm (limited capacity be early 🤣) craft beer and metal 🍺

#RavenBlackNight #ImminentPsychosis #BrewBoys #Sovrin #Massix #Brutaliate

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google translation of review RAVEN BLACK NIGHT - Barbarian Winter
October 30, 2017

(Rec Metal Blade)


The album was released in 2013 but when the band cares to send you your work for audition and review it is very important that if the value due as he valued his still but being a band from a country so distant and interesting as Australia and who has already presented us with AC / DC, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne, Mortal Sin, Angel Of Death Hobbs, LightForce, Mortification, Taipan, Rosanna Raiders, Taramis, Bengal Tigers, Pegazus and several others.

The band consists of Jim Petkoff (white knight): guitar / vocals; guitarist Rino Amoriono (the raven), bassist Chris Dorian and drummer Christiain Jones; after three d.tapes and an independently released album they managed to sign with the renowned label and release this work and stylistically they compose, play and breathe heavy / doom metal in old school without operative vocals or anything that reminds them of the infamous rock of Flintstones (the stoner rock-every term imbecile !!!)

In addition to the usual influences of Black Sabbath, Candlemass - here in the instrumental and in several vocalic lines in the line of the unbeatable and unassailable Messiah Marcolin, epic hints on there Manilla Road, much of rock setentista and high notes that many compared to David DeFeis of Virgin Steele "Morbid Gladiator" Mystery Moon "and" Barbarian Winter "will be released in the next few days. "Heavily influenced by Manilla Road and" Black Queen "but the" Changes "version of Sabbath has been rendered insensitive and the ballad of" Nocturnal Birth "work is very boring and a traveler to my taste and remembers" Planet Caravan "too Sabbath .

BW overall brings a very good material and is mostly a re-recording of the first album with some additions and certainly could have been better with better technical conditions, shorter compositions and less of these high vocals that get sick with the passing of the hearing, finally what has been recorded is recorded for eternity.

Many people will like it and enjoy it, many will not like it, but anyway it's an honest and sincere work of really heavy metal guys in the most pure and crude state. I hope to hear more from the quartet in the future.

(Eduardo de Souza Bonadia)

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raven black night true metal warriors of the night invite you all to the battle of true metal rock see some photos listen to our music and keep up with where we are playing you cant hide raven black night gonna get you