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  • Audit Committee MemberJune 2015 to presentChicago, Illinois
    Volunteer Member of Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors MemberJune 2014 to presentChicago, Illinois
    OCA's mission include developing Asian American professionals.
  • PresidentDecember 2006 to presentWoodridge, Illinois
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Favorite Quotes
  • "Easier to worship than to follow"
    - Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya on Vedic Principles

    "Acharya, Sasthra, Vichara"
    - Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya Sanskrit quote on schooling; contact me if you need translation in English.

    "What I truly am, I know not clearly" - 1889 English translation of verse 164-37 of First Mandala of RG Veda (commonly known as Rig Veda) by Ralph T. H. Griffith.

    "I am different than whatever I experience" Tatva Bodha