I am a husband, a father of three boys, the son and grandson of veterans, a graduate of Crowley ISD, an attorney who works to defend taxpayers and the injured alike, an advocate for public education on the Crowley ISD School Board, and the Democratic candidate for Texas House District 96.

HD 96 runs from Crowley ISD on the west to Mansfield and parts of Arlington on the east, including Kennedale, the Rendon area and the Tarrant County section of Burleson.

For too long HD 96 suffered from a lack of effective representation in the Texas House. The incumbent is more worried about appeasing his extreme political base than in our schools and communities. My concerns are making sure our public schools get the funding they need, we are rehabilitating and not incarcerating the victims of the drug trade, no veterans are sleeping on our streets, the government in Austin supports - not impedes - our local officials, small businesses have the resources they need to thrive, all Texans are treated equitably regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, and that we become the world leader in developing a vibrant green energy economy.

I need your support, please consider signing up to volunteer or making a contribution. My opponent is supported by radical elements who will make sure he is well funded - but he's been beat before, he can be beat again, and this is the year to do it.

You can donate via Actblue here:

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I spoke with a gentleman today who said he couldn't stand what the Republicans were doing to our public education system but he is anti-abortion and pro-gun and those issues were red lines so he would keep voting for them.

I say, we need to be focused on common sense solutions to real problems in Texas. I understand Texans have different views on abortion but their are some things we should all be able to agree on - like this program in Colorado which is credited with dramati...cally reducing teen pregnancies and abortions in that State with a minimal investment.

In Colorado the money to start the program was funded by a private donor but the savings to the states Medicare system far out surpassed the money spent. This is a solution that everyone should be able to get behind whether you pro-life, pro-choice, liberal or conservative.

We need representatives who will focus on providing common sense solutions for all Texans. Our current representatives are more concerned with throwing red meat to their bases and wasting millions of dollars passing unconstitutional bills that don't do a thing to help Texans.

It's time for a change.…/colorado-teen-pregnancy-abort…/

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Intrauterine devices — tiny, T-shaped pieces of plastic placed in the uterus — are the main reason Colorado’s teen pregnancy rate fell 54 percent and teen abortion rate declined 6…