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  • I am the spirit of Ghost Town. I am here to expose any and all that would sabotage this piece of Americana, and to help bring back life to Maggie Valley and support the good people of Maggie.

    I am here only to preserve the park and provide facts the public is not privy to.

    In this age and time of absolute evil, corruption and greed, what do our children have to aspire to? This park preserves the innocence of a simpler time. Gave life back to the cowboy image for children and educate them of a time before impressionable movies and video games that seems to lack family value and boundaries.

    This park also was a rich economic source for Maggie Valley providing quality jobs with a wonderful family atmosphere, as well as bringing in wonderful revenue to this beautiful town hidden in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

    All this has gone away, and has been veiled to the community and as well as ALL Ghost Town fans. My mission is to bring the park back to it's original splendor with the help of all it's fans and enthusiast. A park everyone would want to visit and be apart of. NO MORE LIES FROM CORRUPT PARK OWNERS WITH THEIR OWN AGENDAS!!!
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