Be bold

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Circumstances don’t have to dictate your attitude🌸

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While you were having your fun, leaving her waiting, she moved on. Yet now you want to dig your claws back in even deeper and keep her hooked, because you don’t actually care about what’s best for her—you just want her.

She doesn’t need you at all because you have nothing to offer her.

Never forget it❤️

You....are a true masterpiece.

🌺Attitude of Gratitude🌺

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As #HurricaneIrma approaches my home state, I aim to lift my head and set my mind on things above.
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We all have that one person in our lives who just knows how to push every button.

Kindness costs you nothing, are you really that broke?

The truth is that no matter what I am, I'll always be too much of something for someone.

So that's why I'm done pretending like the noncommittal lifestyle suits me.

I'm tired of playing hard to get.
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She burns brighter than every star in the sky, but that power is not limited to her positive attributes.

She'll talk circles around you in an argument and make your head spin around so many times that you finally concede because you're too dizzy to even remember what you were even arguing about, let alone make a decent rebuttal.

Sweet, spice, and everything nice..

If my feelings disturb the balance of your fragile ego, then sorry not sorry, but I'm done walking on eggshells for you.

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The truth is that you broke up for a reason and you can't romanticize old memories into new realities.

Suddenly it dawned on me: This invincible super woman who cared for me when I was sick and mended my broken hearts was not indestructible.

I don't think I'd ever been more shocked, but I'd also never been so encouraged.

I can be messy and emotional and sassy. I run on caffeine and sometimes stretch myself way too thin, while other times I'm lazier than life calls me to be.

But I am so much more than my imperfections.

I'm not always picture-perfect, but I am worth it.
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All those jerks actually taught you everything you know up to this point about life, love, and happiness. Even if it was by bad example.

Passion doesn't always equal 'meant to be'.