Август приходится пропустить из-за отпусков. Также поступило предложение перенести встречи на другой день, во избежание накладок. Мысли? Идеи? Предложения?


Друзья, начиная с этой недели, наши встречи по четвергам передвинуты на 7 часов вечера.

Друзья! Раз уж мы начали эксперементировать, есть ли интерес к виртуальным встречам? Дайте знать Игорю!

Спасибо всем, кто присоединился к нам в Бир-Бароне. Тем, кто не смог - каждый вечер четверга можете найти Игоря в магазине Майкрософт в Пентагон-Сити Молле!

Folks, for those of you who cannot make our weekly Thursday evening at the Pentagon City Mall, we would like to another opportunity. Today, we would like to re-discover our old (or discover new) location at Bier Baron. Please join Ihar and Sergey for a Russian conversation! We plan to organize those on a bi-weekly basis for some time to test the interest.

Лето красное пропела; Оглянуться не успела... Надо бы собраться обсудить планы на осень-зиму... Киньте мне пжлста в личку информацию, если есть желание поактивничать. Большие спасибки! - Ваш Игорь

Guys, the weekly meetings in the Pentagon City Mall are now re-scheduled on Thursdays. Спасибо!

Thank you all for continued support of our group! We are not dead. We are hibernating like all good bears. С новым годом!!!

The full episodes of the Russian show on the DVD are excellent language practice!

Directed by Philip Rosenthal. With Stanislav Duzhnikov, Eldar, Anna Frolovtseva, Boris Klyuev. A documentary on Phil Rosenthal's experiences during the making of "Voroniny," the Russian-language version of "Everybody Loves Raymond".
This lecture is devoted to important social problems and current political trends of contemporary Russia and their reflection in the modern Russian Theater. The talk addresses not only some of the most significant theater performances in Moscow, but also the professional, human and psychological atm...

The National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, Embassy of the Czech Republic, and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty cordially invite you to the North American premiere of the film

Viva Belarus!

followed by a panel on


Can Young Belarusians Change the Unchangeable?


Franak Viacorka, Co-writer of Viva Belarus! and journalist at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Veronika Bajgarova, Director of the Human Rights and Transition Policy Department at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rodger Potocki, Senior Director for Europe at the National Endowment for Democracy

Christian Caryl (Moderator), Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute and Contributing Editor at Foreign Policy magazine

A reception will follow the panel.

About the Film

Based on the true story of Franak Viacorka and other Belarusian youth activists, the film Viva Belarus! depicts the life and fate of nonconformist youth living in “Europe’s last dictatorship.” The groundbreaking film tells the story of 23-year old Miron, whose true passion is music. When his concert triggers an anti-regime protest, Miron is held responsible. Despite a heart condition, he is forcibly drafted into the army. Serving in a remote unit, Miron faces ideological brainwashing and horrible living conditions. Through a hidden mobile phone, Miron informs his girlfriend Viera about the day to day life of a conscript. She posts his diary on the Internet and it soon becomes a sensation among young people. As a result, the regime tries to discredit Miron and crush his spirit.

Co-written by Mr. Viachorka, Viva Belarus! is the first feature film about the political situation in Belarus. Officially banned in Belarus, several of the film’s actors were forced to leave the country after its making. In 2013, the film won “Best Screenplay” at the Brussels Film Festival, the “Audience Award” at the Gdynia Film Festival, “Best Film” at Vienna’s GAFFA Film Festival, the “Golden Sable” at the Warsaw International Historical and Military Film Festival, and the “Grand Prix” at the 3rd International Crime and Punishment Film Festival in Istanbul. The film has been shown at festivals throughout Europe, including in the Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands and Lithuania. It recently was screened in the European Parliament.

See More

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For those who may not know: the Russian conversation group of is leaving Zorba's and moving to the Cantina Pub at Darlington House (the ground floor). Meeting day and time will remain the same -- Thursdays beginning at 5:30pm until whenever.

Друзья, две новости:

1. RCCDC стал спонсором одной из групп встреч:

2. Никак не получается поговорить по-русски в эту среду - на событие записалось много нерусскоговорящего народу: Если интересна тема - подходите!

Global Internationals focuse on the enhancement of the global international experience. With this experience as our common goal, our group is open to everyone with similar interests for the languages,