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Falguni Chaitya Mehta
· February 5, 2018
My son loves this class and his Dhara Ma’am. The activities they do are so unique n innovative. And Hrishaan likes to communicate a lot with Dhara. This class makes the kids use their brain in the direction by making them play intellectual games. And all the activities and games are fun and interesting for kids. Hrishaan has had a wonderful experience and will always miss Dhara Ma’am.� See More
Nupur Khanna Mehra
· November 3, 2017
My son loves goin to the class n he really luks forward for the Saturday class.. I Hav never seen him getting excited for any other class 😃I must say Dhara Miss u Hav sum magic that my child is in luv... with the class.. Keep up the gud work👍🏻 See More
Namrata Trivedi Shah
· January 10, 2018
A very simple example here I would like to put up . My son got interested in playing pictionary after he joined dhara miss class and when we were playing the same at home .. I was myself struggling to... draw is when vivaan told me .. mumma draw more to explain don't stop .. I will keep guessing . I'm sure these r dharamiss words !and that's why we love it ... See More
Aditi Parekh
· November 21, 2017
My Son thinks, that even Big school should be exactly like Dhara teacher’s Class. He loved going for the fun-filled sessions. The class did not just give him Lego lessons but much more. Kahaan being a...n introvert learned a lot of interaction, his communicating skills developed and most importantly he realised that sitting at one place and playing can be fun too, hence his focus on every indoor activity increased.
Highly Recommended!! �
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Neha Juneja Mehta
· January 3, 2018
Neev really looks forward to Dhara’s Class every week. He especially enjoyed the Christmas Lego Workshop and has been asking me ever since when can he get to go again. Thank You Dhara for making him a... team player. Looking forward to Neev enjoying another year of fun and games at The Kids Company �� See More
Anisha Tulsian Bajaj
· January 19, 2018
Dhara Maam you are definitely our favourite. Play is the best form of learning and you do a wonderful job at that...
Riddhi C Sheth
· October 19, 2017
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the workshop at Ghatkopar! Dhara as well as others put in great efforts and the kids enjoyed making the castle! Hope to see y’all soon at Ghatkopar!
Megha Garg Choudhary
· August 3, 2017
Dhara is one of the nicest teachers have come across.she is best at what she does..very accomodating..and kids love her class..all the very best to dhara ! Great going
Tina Dehal Singh
· April 15, 2017
My daughter went to Kids Company at JNS this year. I have to say that it was her favourite class, she looked forward to Wednesday eagerly. Dhara is an absolute delight, the children adore her, she has... the most calm and loving nature. I have to add that while i was travelling extensively for work last month, my daughter happened to mention it to her. Dhara told her that if she ever felt like she was missing her mama, she should give her a call. Now thats a teacher who goes beyond just her class room and loves her students. Thank you Dhara, the world needs more teachers / mentors like you, never in my years as a student or a mother have i come across any teacher like you. I hope Isabelle has the fortune of having more teachers like you in the future. I would recommend Kids Company to everyone, I wish i had come the year before. Its a brilliant curriculum and the children love it. I wish Dhara all the best in the future, she deserves it. See More
Prachi M. Doshi
· July 28, 2017
It's super fun for Aarav... He is just waiting for Friday to come... Thanks u Dhara miss for feeling a class with such gud Nd positive energy... Where kids r attracted on their on to come for the class
Priyanka Choudhary
· September 10, 2017
This class is an absolute delight for both kids n their parents. Dhara miss understands the basic phenomena that each child is different, has different psychology n needs and caters them individually.... Fun way to learn things n kids look forward for their class. Strongly recommended. See More
Jigna Shah
· December 30, 2017
My son had a great time. Looking forward to join such more fun filled Lego workshops with you soon.
Aditya Arora
· April 22, 2016
Sent my kid to the summer activities camp and she really enjoyed!! Stess free but educative sessions where different games were played. Every day my kid came back and told me about Miss Donut.... :)))...))) One of the day she came back and was telling me how healthy fruits are and why we both should have fruits much more!!! I think every day has been some good learning for Prisha. Something great about Dhara is that she takes effort to update parents about exactly what the kid did in the class! Very happy to have sent her to your clases, Dhara. Unfortunately she has to travel and could not complete the sessions! See More
Swati Katharani
· November 30, 2015
Kids company is the only class whr aanya happily goes n the best is tht she njois a lot.....alway looks 4rwd to it.....m really happy with the class as she gets to do n top of it she does all those a...ctivities which she refuses to do with me.....keep it up dhara..... See More
Komal Kumar
· December 30, 2017
My son loved the workshop. Thank u so much Dhara for the effort. Looking forward for future events. ��
Smriti Agrawal Ganeriwal
· April 5, 2016
Dhara u r just amazing with our young kids. Always engaging them with intellectual activities which is lot of fun too for the kids. They just love ur class. N I can see the progress in Vivan. Thanks s...o much ! Keep up the good work !! Kudos to u !! See More
Ramona Bahadur
· February 22, 2016
It's almost a year with Dhara Miss and Rivka is still throughly enjoying the class, which says that it is stimulating and novel enough for her to want to go to it eagerly every time....which in turn s...peaks volumes for you sure must be making quite an effort to keep them involved n enthralled. See More
Pooja Chawla-Choudhary
· November 20, 2014
U know ur child has a wonderful teacher when she says "my miss dhara" . We joined the kids company for the summer vacation and there was no looking back! Absolutely love the concept and dhara is an am...azing teacher! Zoya can't wait to go for the class and has learnt soo much in the last six months! Thank u Dhara for adding to zoya s life so beautifully! See More
Avani Poladia
· May 1, 2017
Anaaya loves Dhara mam.2 yrs of kid co.each class she was lookin fwrd to attend.Mind stimulating games with a group of friends made it more special.Totally enjoyed all sessions.
Sejal A. Shah
· September 24, 2015
My daughter loves going to her kids company class. She says i have to go to my Doughnut teachers class, i keep wondering why would she address Dhara as that, one day my husband asked her why this She said because shes sooooo sweet.
My Daughter looks forward to her class even if she is tired.
I love it cause my daughter loves it tooo much.
Thanks Dhara
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