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Poddy Oddy
November 19, 2012
Everyone involved in Reading PSC, please at least write to your MP about recent events in Gaza. Do not remain silent.
Creator of futuristic fantasy screening at arts centre says her film is a work of art and not propaganda about Palestine/Israel conflict

Rabbi Alissa Weiss, the first Jew to be banned from Israel for supporting BDS.

I was banned from a flight to Israel because of my support for BDS. Here’s my story.
Reading PSC shared a link.
Do a handful of lone terror attacks in the UK warrant such militarized police tactics?|By The TV's Leaking

If you are in the area why not book a ticket?

Tickets are now on sale for HaLOL Entertainment’s comedy night in aid of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) on 24 July.

Israeli tourist attraction allows guests to shoot Palestinians.

Israel built a new tourist attraction in an illegal settlement which...

Well done. A ray of hope?

Britain elected its first MP of Palestinian heritage in yesterday's general election. Layla Moran overturned a Conservative majority of almost 10,000 votes to win the Oxford West and Abingdon. Moran...

Somewhere in London

An unprecedented hate campaign has been unleashed on the social networks aimed at wrecking a ground-breaking two day event to celebrate Palestinian life and culture. Palestine Expo 2017 is billed as t...

Yet more squatter colonist housing units on Occupied Palestine get Israeli go-ahead.

The Local Committee for Planning and Building for the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved, on Wednesday evening, a plan to build 770 housing units in the Gilo neighborhood, south of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Californian Church congregation decide to boycott all Hewlett- Packard products.

"Churches can and do make a difference," says pastor.

Israeli Coalition Chair says he would prefer if Israel's Palestinian citizens did not vote.

David Bitan echoes much-criticized remarks by Netanyahu about Arabs 'flocking in droves' to vote - Likud, David Bitan

'Largest' student union in Britian adopts BDS.

University of Manchester's student union adopted BDS motions on...

Elections or not, US offers no hope for Palestinians

What exactly is it going to take for Palestinian leadership to chart new course of action?

How The Guardian continues to exclude Palestinians from its comment pages.

This time last year, I carried out an informal survey of how The Guardian was covering the issue of Palestine and Israel in its comment pages. The results were not good. Out of 138 op-eds on the to...

A British citizen has been tortured by Israel’s secret police.

Israel's secret police have tortured a British citizen into 'confessing' to a crime which he insists he did not commit. Although Haaretz claimed last month that he had been released, it appears that F...

Political pragmatism now or was part of the Turkish Government always working hand in hand with the Israelis ? Remember the Mavi Marmara was refused the right to fly a Turkish Flag and was forced to sail under a ' flag of convenience '.

A Turkish court on Friday dismissed a case brought by victims of an Israeli raid on an aid flotilla that killed 10 people in 2010, said a lawyer for the victims' families, who stormed out of the courtroom as the judge ordered one co-plaintiff to be ejected.

Newly declassified documents prove collaboration between Israel and Apartheid South Africa on nuclear weapons development.

37 years after a mysterious double flash was detected in the South Atlantic Ocean, newly declassified American documents suggest that Israel cooperated with the Apartheid regime; the sources that leaked the information were a former Israeli MK and a senior missile engineer.