We believe most of you are aware of this, but just to get it out there. Batoto will be shutting down our servers for the last time on January 18, 2018. It's been a pleasure being part of the community. On behalf of Grumpy and the rest of the staff, thank you for all the cake and may everything go according to keikaku (TL note: Keikaku means plan).


For everyone having problems accessing the site via "", "" and "", our head admin has addressed the issue. The fix might take 48 hours at most to propagate. In the meantime, "", which is our main address, is working.



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A bit of a late post, but just so everyone would know.

Page 1 of 20 - Batoto becoming registered only? - posted in Announcement: I write this announcement about becoming private, meaning that only members will be able to browse this site (or a portion of it).   I post this with quite a bit of reluctance because its something I wanted to avoid. Sinc…

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! Why not celebrate by reading a random comic?

Merry Christmas, potatoes!

LINE is organizing fan translations into languages they don't currently offer! If you want to help out, post on their page!

And happy Thanksgiving, Americans~ -Manta

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LINE Webtoon TRANSLATE is un-official version of translation with the language that LINE Webtoon does not provide yet suc...h as Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, French etc. It will be all created BY webtoon readers FOR webtoon readers. If you are interested in LINE Webtoon TRANSLATE or have any further question, please contact us:)

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The latest Tweets from Batoto (@BatotoStatus). Status regarding runtime of Batoto will be posted here. Such as when it's down/up. This is NOT a support channel. This account is not monitored

It's a little late, but with the new domain name comes a NEW DEFAULT SKIN for the site. Details in the post below.

Page 1 of 7 - New site skin! - posted in Announcement: Just installed a new site skin called Subway. Ill be changing this one to default later as Sylo was a temporary choice and it lacks the newer IPB features due to it being an old skin.   Will be testing it out for a bit before making it defa…

Ever felt "" is too long of an address? Great news! Read the thread linked to find out why.


New Address/Server Coming to Batoto - posted in Announcement: In a few days (depending on datacenters delivery time), Batoto is going to be moving main web servers. No downtime for reading is expected, but downtime for uploading is expected. Shouldnt be too long, few hours at most. Retire the old ha…

Here's an update on the current events:…/19881-malware-warning-by-google-in…

"tl;dr: It looks like we're okay. But we might not be."

Also, as a side-effect of the recent incident, the site theme has reverted back to good old Sylo.

Malware warning by Google [Incident: 2014/08/21] - posted in Announcement: Well... dont panic... but it appears Batoto has been hacked.     Google scanner reported that there is malware present on this site about half a day ago from this post date which caused the malware warning being dis…

For those having problems with Malware Alerts, stay updated with this thread.

Malware Alert [2014/08/21] [Merged] - posted in Batoto Support: Any updates on whats going on, as Google Chrome is now popping up with Malware risks for Batoto, despite the reports saying there have been 0 infections etc.

For those who were/are wondering what happened:

The latest from Batoto (@BatotoStatus). Status regarding runtime of Batoto will be posted here. Such as when it's down/up. This is NOT a support channel. This account is not monitored

Hey guys, as of last night, LINE webtoon is officially available on Google Play; iOS is "coming soon".

Love it? Hate it? Be sure to let Naver know! -Manta

Here's a community thing for all the potatoes out there. The 2nd Summer Batotonian Awards has started! Nominate yourself or your favorite potato in one of several categories. Nomination ends on August 1.

Page 1 of 7 - SBA 2014 - Summer Batotonian Awards - posted in Potato Hell: And its that time of the year again where my lovely self presents to you general Batoti Tatoes, the second cycle of the Batotonian Awards! Starting with the SUMMER or winter BATOTONIAN AWARD.   Again there will…
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Hey guys, Naver is close to FINALLY releasing English language comics! (FOR FREE!!!)

Spread the word! -Manta

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How do I confirm if a website is actually down or if it's just me? Simple: here are many sites on the net that will check for you. One of sites those is Batoto: