Easy Evie opens new doors!

Easy Evie becomes the reincarnation of the Buddha!


Easy Evie is lost in emotion... finally!

Easy Evie partakes in Sarah Silverman fever! Doppelgänger or the real deal?

Easy Evie muses on the intense emotions of her day.

Easy Evie does her 3rd New York City open mic performance and practices spiritual endurance.

Easy Evie contemplates coaches and personal development cults, useless memorization, and general bitchiness.

Easy Evie gets very emotional after her 2nd New York open mic experience and contemplates getting back into coaching.

Easy Evie has a musical day and shares musings about the Against Me! concert

Easy Evie meets trans man porn star Buck Angel! Maybe there is hope yet for my nether regions to come alive!

Easy Evie pops her New York Open Mic cherry! Or is it sunflower seed?

Easy Evie gets a private vogue dance lesson!

Easy Evie cleans out the pipes! Major ACTION!!! Onward and upward!

Easy Evie looks into bartending school!

Easy Evie gets vaguely poetic.

Easy Evie goes on her second New York date! It's madness!

Easy Evie navigates an existential crisis and finds a trail of flowery mystery!