Our sister organization Real Diaper Association responds to the The White House blog regarding #diapergap. #realdiapers can bridge the diaper gap! #clothdiapers

Dy-Dee Diaper Service has once again scored exceptionally high marks on our laboratory verified sanitation testing. RDIA Accredited diaper services offer the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation in the industry. Congratulations Dy-Dee Diaper Service!


@Tidy Toosh Diaper Service has scored a perfect 100% on their recent sanitation testing. We're proud to include them in our elite group of RDIA Accredited Diaper Services.

Our friends at Real Diaper Association are having a Valentine Poetry contest. Head over to their page to participate!

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Happy Bottoms Diaper Service scored a perfect 100% on their sanitation testing. RDIA Accredited Diaper Services provide the highest level of cleanliness in the industry. #clothdiapers #rdia #diaperservice

Real Diaper Industry Association updated their cover photo.
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The cloth diapering community lost a bright and shining star with the passing of Judy Aagard this weekend. Judy suffered from leukemia and fought bravely to stay with us. Among many things, Judy will be remembered for creating the Great Cloth Diaper Change, an annual world wide event where the world record for simultaneous cloth diaper changes is challenged or broken each year. Tens of thousands of families have participated in this annual event to highlight cloth diapering a...nd her inspiration and creativity will be missed by all of us.

A former board member of the Real Diaper Industry Association and the National Association of Diaper Services, Judy was a second generation diaper service operator and the co-owner of Tiny Tots Baby Boutique. Judy cared about babies and families and devoted her professional life to making reusable alternatives to disposable diapers as widely available as possible. Her positive impact on the world around her can not be overstated as she lived her faith in god and truly made the world a better place.

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Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501c6 trade association promoting reusable cloth diaper industry, welcomes manufacturers, retailers, diaper services, cloth diaper info sites, and allies.

RDIA members, Nature's Premiere Diaper Service and diaperkind are mentioned in Vogue! Yes, that's right, #clothdiapers are "the latest trend" that's been around for centuries and they're stylish too!

Today’s cloth diapers aren’t at all like the ones our grandmothers used.

Everyone and everything wins when your daycare makes the SIMPLE decision to switch to cloth diapers!…

Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501c6 trade association promoting reusable cloth diaper industry, welcomes manufacturers, retailers, diaper services, cloth diaper info sites, and allies.

Do you want your daycare to accept cloth diapers? Yes, you do! RDIA's Board Chair, Andrea Foley, is speaking next week at the National Association for the Education of Young Children conference next week. We know cloth diapers are a win/win for daycares, help us share that knowledge with the NAEYC. Donate today:

The Chair of the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA), Andrea Foley, submitted a proposal to present at the NAEYC national conference. Guess what? Her presentation was chosen and now we need to get her there!! The NAEYC is a national organization that gives accredidation to child care centers...

Shout out to RDIA member, Tidy Toosh Diaper Service for their 100% clean, perfect sanitation test results. RDIA's #accrediteddiaperservices provide their customers with safe, clean, sanitized #clothdiapers and exceptional service.

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It's time to restock Consider Cloth Kits! Contact us to get your branded merchandise in these popular consumer education kits that reach thousands of new parents every year. #clothdiapers #considercloth #RDIA #clothdiapermanufacturers

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We're so proud of Sara Moore of Ju-Ju Monkey, RDIA Treasurer and retailer representative. Her Allentown, Pennsylvania, store was chosen Best Baby Boutique 2015 by Lehigh Valley Style magazine.

When Moore was living in Los Angeles and expecting a baby, she and her husband wanted to continue being eco-conscious as parents, so she started to research modern cloth diapers. “All the information about cloth diapers on the Internet can seem overwhelming,” Moore says. She educated herself, evalua…

Are co-op diapers legal? many parents are unaware that they are buying black market diapers from cloth diaper co-ops.

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Participation in RDIA’s Diaper Service Accreditation program provides your business with an additional level of quality assurance that you can proudly display and promote to all of your customers.…/diaper-service-accredi…

YOU ASKED FOR CHANGES. WE LISTENED. Based on feedback we have received from our diaper service members, we have changed the fee structure of our diaper service accreditation program. Starting July 1, 2015 RDIA members who would like to participate in the Diaper Service Accreditation program can ch…

How many of you are participating in the Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge this year?

On our 5th day of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge our topic of discussion is the wash routine. Arguably, this is the most important thing to discuss about this event. There is no denying that...

Are you an established commercial laundry facility operator or expert in the reusable textiles sector? Able to present a webinar on sanitary handling procedures and facility setup? Contact us!