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Rent regulation's purpose is anti-profiteering. It wasn't meant as a benefit (something that could be granted or taken away) for low-income people. From Tim Collins, former Executive Director of the Rent Guidelines Board at <…/research/html_reports/collins.html> "The notion that rent regulations force owners to "subsidize" tenants was rarely heard until the late 1980's. Until that time the standard critique of rent and eviction protections proffered the real estate industry was that such regulations hurt the housing stock and the local economy. Having failed to make a convincing case, they came up with the new argument that rent regulations "subsidize" affluent tenants. Ignoring the traditional "fair rent" objective of the system, they argued that rent protections were primarily intended to protect poor people and therefore should not benefit anyone else. This argument fails to account for the anti-profiteering purpose of the law. The rent laws were enacted to eliminate unfair bargaining advantages that landlords have over all consumers who are forced to shop for apartments in an overheated market. . . . Notably, the landlords' public relations effort has never attempted to explain how an increase in rent from an affluent tenant given to an even more affluent landlord serves the public interest. Usually poor landlords do not own luxury housing."

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Today the City Council will be holding a hearing in order to determine if there is a “housing emergency” in New York City.

5 percent. Even with MIH and if landlords take subsidies for HPD only 5 percent of new apartments built through the #JeromeAve #rezoning plan would be truly aff...ordable to most residents.

The #JeromeAve #rezoning plan is unacceptable and community members will be out in force on Wednesday, March 21 at City Hall to tell City Council to #VoteNO on the plan! #ourbronx

Bronx Coalition for a Community Vision, Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition, Greater New York Laborers-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust, Faith in New York, 100 Black Construction Workers, Laborers Local 79 - New York City, Laborers' Local 79 Women's Committee, Laborers Local 78

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A coalition of Bronx stakeholders say the rezoning and investment package passed by the City Council Land Use Committee still fails to address many of their concerns.
Manhattan Community Board 12's executive committee passed a resolution calling for changes to the de Blasio administration's proposed rezoning.

The very important Altman case is about to be argued on March 22nd at about 12:30 pm.

The state's highest court will decide whether the rent stabilization law t...hat went into effect in June 2015 really just re-stated what the law should have been all along: that a vacant apartment can't be taken out of rent stabilization unless the last tenant in it was paying at least the de-regulation amount of rent. That is, the owner can't raise the rent to the de-regulation amount by adding the vacancy bonus and the cost of improvements in the vacant apartment.

Thanks to Housing Conservation Coordinators attorney Richard Semegram for the livestream link:

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“They’re speculating on future market growth, and trying to achieve a rapid return on their investment.”

The complaints ask the court to rule that overcharged tenants must be refunded.
Mayor de Blasio suddenly realized that he can speed up boiler repairs at the Housing Authority.
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Safety Net Project - Urban Justice Center

New York State Needs Home Stability Support!

So, what is it?

Home Stability Support (HSS) will be a new statewide rent supplement for families and individuals ...who are eligible for public assistance benefits and who are facing eviction, homelessness, or loss of housing due to domestic violence or hazardous living conditions. HSS will be 100% state-funded, and will replace all existing optional rent supplements.

The rent supplement will be a bridge between the current shelter allowance and 85% of the fair market rent determined by HUD (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development). Local districts will have the option to further raise the supplement up to 100% of the fair market rent at local expense.

To address the fact that the heating allowance has not been increased in 30 years, and assistance currently available doesn’t go far enough to help pay for heat, HSS will have a heating differential for homes that do not include heat in the rent.

The Safety Net Activists recently just went to lobby for the bill at the Senate in Albany, and this is a cause that SNP stands firmly behind.

Please share this post to get the word out about Home Stability Support; this bill would benefit hundreds of families throughout the state and save money for New York in the long run!

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Data offers a glimpse into who can actually afford the city’s "affordable" apartments.
Mayor Bill de Blasio pressed for more spending on housing plan last year even as officials saw headwinds after the election of President Trump.

A wonderful story of a family in Mitchell-Lama.

In the 1950s and '60s, New York City’s cooperative housing embodied the egalitarian dream of modernist architecture.
The lawsuit claims the housing authority has not provided heat, hot water, safe conditions and economic opportunity for its 400,000 residents.
In New York City, large residential buildings are required to have 24-hour janitorial services.

by Greg Smith -- More than five years after Hurricane Sandy badly damaged dozens of public housing developments, NYCHA has spent less than a quarter of the $3 ...billion it got to fix things up.

And as of Wednesday, only one of 33 developments receiving repair funds from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) is finished.

The storm struck in October 2012, flooding developments from Far Rockaway, Queens, to Coney Island, Brooklyn, to up and down the East River in Manhattan.

FEMA awarded the huge Sandy grant in March 2015, and NYCHA said the agency began turning over funds that fall. As of Wednesday, NYCHA has spent just $730 million of that, or 24%.

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NYCHA has spent less than a quarter of the $3 billion it got to fix dozens of Hurricane Sandy-damaged public housing developments.

I was quoted in today's NY TImes.

What can be done about the snoring noises that can be heard from another apartment?