The big salt debate on Dr. Oz today 2/19. Let us know if you watch!

The daily recommended salt intake is about one teaspoon of salt but cardiovascular research scientist Dr. James DiNicolantonio argues this guideline is too broad. Registered dietitian Maya Feller disagrees. Watch the big debate!

This easy dark chocolate mousse recipe makes indulgence uncomplicated. Share it with a loved one or treat yourself to double the decadence. Self care never tasted so sweet.


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Kathy Heitschmidt Cavalier
· October 10, 2017
This is not a 5 star review of the product but rather a 5 star review of customer service. Recently I ordered quite a few jars of Real Salt to give to family and friends to introduce them to this prod...uct. When my jars arrived there was salt powder in the box and covering several of the jars. When I checked the seal was missing from several of the jars and the salt had leaked. When I contacted the company via their website I was immediately contacted and the jars were replaced. I am a fan, not only of the product, but this company and their customer service. See More
Lois Gribneau
· December 8, 2017
I am super sensitive to regular sodium chloride but find that I can use Redmond Real Salt with abandon. With all the extra minerals, I'm feeling better too. It's an all-around win!
Vikkie Housley Smith
· August 26, 2017
My entire family uses this salt and we love it... it isn't harsh like "table salt" .. it just adds a bit of flavor... we will never use anything else.
Marti Gilbertson
· June 29, 2017
I've been using real salt for years. It's better for you than table salt. It tastes better and does not have any additives nor has it been refined. Although it seems to be more expensive, it is cost e...ffective because a little goes a long way. I had high blood pressure (198/130). I needed to cut my salt in take. I started using Real Salt and eating healthy. My blood pressure is now normal. I take no blood pressure medication. I love this product!!!!!!! See More
Lindsay Walsh Mascilli
· November 6, 2017
We love the sampler pack! The salt is amazing and I’m so glad I️ found it. Thank you for giving us a healthy salt source :)
Robin Wingard Stephens
· October 2, 2017
I purchase this in 25 pound bags....and always reorder before I run out. Best salt ever. Been using it for a coupld decades. ❤️
Michael Zlab
· November 29, 2017
We love it and use it daily!! And I highly recommend this product.. We especially love using it in our fermented products!!
Brenda Cooper
· April 10, 2017
I absolutely love Real Salt. Love the taste, and the fact that it has the minerals in it that our bodies need. The most impressive thing about this salt?? It keeps my blood pressure in check, it also ...keeps my legs and ankles from retaining fluid..believe it or not! During times that we have run out of Real Salt, and had to get a different one, my blood pressure starts to go back up...the swelling in my legs/ankles come back..until we get our next bag of this salt. Now I make sure we never run out. This stuff is the best! Thank you! See More
Tahirah Whittington
· October 23, 2016
I happened to buy a 26oz refill bag of Redmond Real Salt at a farmers market in FL in April of 2014. Days later a bug flew into my eye and the next morning I couldn't tell what part was my actual eye... and what part was a film I should remove. Thank goodness I didn't remove anything, because all of it was my actual eye. I remembered that saline solution is close to the eye's natural fluids, so I used my Real Salt and warm water to soothe my aching eye and nothing else. After a few days, my eye was back to normal. I have been using that same bag of Real Salt in my daily dishes and I just finished it today - October 22, 2016. So happy with this product and will continue to use it. See More
Heather Weinstock
· October 22, 2016
This is the only salt I use. I like it because it enhances the flavor of food without being too salty. I also like the fact that it is all natural and it provides important trace nutrient that may be hard to obtain from a normal diet. I recommend this salt to everyone. See More
Debi McClure
· April 14, 2017
This is no doubt the best tasting and healthiest salt you can buy! I have an adrenal problem and can't eat just any salt. have not found it here and buy it when I'm traveling. Keep up the good work!
Adam Faldmo
· May 9, 2017
Real Salt is the best salt found on the planet. Taste wonderful and helps with overall health. I would recommend this to anyone that uses salt for whatever reason. Real Salt is the answer to everything.
Terri McAllister Hincks
· October 22, 2016
Real Salt is so good and compliments anything you use it on, a couple of my "non-traditional" things I love it on is watermelon and Grant Smith apples, also oranges and grapefruit, it brings out the f...lavor of these so well, it is terrific on traditional foods too, as I said anything you use it on. See More
Jennifer-John Walters
· November 1, 2017
Did a taste test for myself and I was sold. Taste great, processed correctly and natural occurring minerals makes this product worth the purchase.
Mike Anderson
· October 18, 2017
Good for people and livestock, including the deer who frequently visit our livestock licks.
Galen Webb
· August 18, 2017
Great products, especially the miniature salt shakers. NOTE: Please read the directions before using the toothpaste, especially the part that says "toothpaste." It is not a face wash.
Teryl Paschal
· March 20, 2017
I only use real salt. I will even take it when traveling because table salt is not good for you. There is no substitute. Makes my food taste wonderful and supplies necessary trace minerals as well.
Meghan Davis
· October 19, 2017
Love this salt! We have used it for years and it never dissapoints.
Cindy Cranfill-Denison
· October 21, 2016
It's taste so much better then and we use it on everything steaks and other meat taste so much better get some and try it the seasoning salt and onion is the best too
Shelly Iles
· August 26, 2017
Best salt there is. I've used it for years. Very healthy!
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