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First album coming...
And... it looks like this...

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Giving away African James Bond - on - OOOOooo aren't we generous... grab it while you can - thanks

Buttercuts Records will present the first album of rising left-field hip-hop duo Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench. Rebel ACA and French met nearly 15 years ago, as one managed, and the other produ
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"Oh this is definitely gonna need parts from Germany... " Said the Bear
"but listen here - this car is American??" Said the owner... bewildered...
"Yeah... but you know times are tough - you know what happened in Detroit, and well... these days we get our parts from Germany. They make lovely parts" Said the bear...

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Yo... it would be extremely kind of you to vote for our track so it get play listed on amazing radio...

you follow the below link... the track is called JOHN WAYNE. Thanks dudes

Hosted by Charlie Ashcroft in London, Audition is the show that makes Amazing Radio truly democratic. Have your say about the hottest new uploads to by casting your vote in the poll below! The song that receives the most votes each week will make it straight onto the Amazing Radio p...

Kicking some flows in the market. If I’m bad I get rotten tomatoes. Yeah I know that. But what do they throw if I’m not bad. Coconuts? Pineapples? I’m good with tomatoes.... #anjuna #fleamarket

Wed 1:00 PM UTC+05:30Anjuna Flea MarketAnjuna, India
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BIG UP JIM F.... Hmmm what's the f stand for. "fantastic fellow" perhaps? no that would be JIM F F... wow that would be ever more intersting !... anyway thanks so much to Jim and backseatmafia for the love. You know you got the front seat in our ride anytime you need to hide. tips of the hat ladies n gents... rebel and french....

After meeting 15 years ago, as one managed and the other produced a funk reggae band, Rebel ACA (the ACA being Anti-Clockwise Attitude) and French Monkey Wrench (him being a) french and b) an inspi…
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Swapnil Naik updated his cover photo.

LIVE SHOW LAMA & Rebel Aca & French Monkey Wrench
Music =Reggae/Ska/Dancehal...l/Dub/Afrobeat/repers
so come along and bring your friends!- ENJOY GREAT
Join our event

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Announcing next performance.... in GOA, India - on the 11th February at 11pm at the GURU BAR -

Sun 11:00 PM UTC+05:30Guru Bar & RestaurantAnjuna, India
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Thanks the Don - that is Jon - for the plays brother.. BIG UP

Jon Kennedy

"Radio 1" . Prague . CZ . February 2nd . 2018

Live on "Radio 1" Prague, Czech Republic Recorded: February 2nd 2018

Big Up Triple HQ featuring the first video from the album - John Wayne. check it out ... or don't ... yeah don't ... don't check it out as you have better things to do with your time... as do we... yeah... we need to go and complain about something...

Inspired by song ”We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel. The original tune – Starting from 1949 (the year in which he was born), Billy Joel listed the major events that occurred during that time. Instead Rebel ACA lists all the technologies and their related cultural developments of the la...|By Lagertha Lothbrok

Free Ice Cream, Air Guitar and high fives for all that go like it...
New Single out and on hype machine and I need your help! So please can you like it...
If you don't like it.. sadly there is no.. "i don't like it" button so you will have to settle for living in frustrated silence... ... hmm.... sounds like a good name for a band actually... let me write that down...

1 John Wayne, a song by Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench on Hype Machine

YO ! Next single OUT NOW on SoundCloud ..
Be amazing if you follow the link and play it on SoundCloud - as it's in some chart thing and we need to get it up the list if we can ! GO GO I promise to buy you all ice cream and say thanks...


John Wayne Lyrics written by David Rogers & Rebel ACA Music by French Monkey and Rebel ACA Music Video by Nils Davey We wrote about what it is to be a modern man in the modern world. “Twitter, fa

New track premiere of "John Wayne" The second single form the album... - thanks to XSNOIZE and MARK...

Well it is – isn’t it… Till about 8 pm when it starts to get depressing again. And so – Buttercuts proudly presents a bizarre and beautiful look at life in London from the eyes of an Englishman and ears of a Frenchman. This is their first album as a pure duo and sees a delectable pairing of ...

Many thanks to Jessica and Tattoo - for the ReViewwww... rebel and french

Picture two long-time friends who have walked through the highs and lows of both of their lives and have come out on the other side to tell a streetwise tale and you’ve got London tag…

Big apologises to Eileen.. for not saying this sooner. entirely our fault. but a massive thanks to her review in louder than war... we owe you excellent quality italian meal and some have decent conversation ... bravo... so many thanks.. rebel and french.

Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench Premier Hot New Single "African James Bond - Eileen Shapiro reviews for Louder Than War.

Sunday's Cool
Monday sucks..

Tuesday lurks in the back
Wednesday stays in it's shack


Thursday awakes with intent
Friday finally friendships cement
Saturday is wise and content
but it's Sunday when you ultimately lament

Keep an eye out...
and >>> Gentlemen..



"the mighty mesmerising""



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Thank you Kaitlin and for the really lovely and beautifull written review. you are far too kind, and we hope to buy you a beer or a wine... sometime... big up... thanks rebel and french.

Rebel ACA is English. French Monkey Wrench is, well, French. Together their passion for music expands, pushing each other to create the best, finding the place where their individual talents meet and