How Italy was freed by partisans. Film screenings in Genova.

Genova - Un weekend di cinema all’ Altrove - Teatro della Maddalena . Nella serata di venerdì 23 febbraio , alle ore 21, si terrà la presentazione del documentario La lunga resistenza 1936-1945 , di Italo Poma e Luciano d’Onofrio . I registi, prese

Another look at the history of the Black Panther Party. And here an interesting docu by Paper Tiger Television on the incarceration of three Back Panther activists in New York City in 1971: The docu must have ben made in the late 80s or in the early 90s.

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How the Black Panthers Revolutionized U.S. Healthcare
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Guns, berets, and leather jackets are what we typically associate with the Black Panther Party. But did you know the Panthers were instrumental in bringing healthcare to the communities they served?

NEIN zu No-Billag. NEIN zu Sprachminderheiten ohne Stimme. JA zu einer vielfältigen SRG mit hoffentlich mehr Präsenz von anderen grossen Sprachgruppen in der Schweiz wie Albanisch, Kurdisch. Türkisch, Portugiesisch. DESHALB NEIN ZUR NO-BILLAG-INITIATIVE AM 4. MÄRZ 2018! Guiventetgna Rumantscha I Lia Rumantscha Pro Grigioni Italiano I Pro Svizra Rumantscha Quarta Lingua Uniun da las Rumantschas e dals Rumantschs en la Bassa Uniun per la litteratura rumantscha Made by Rebel Video

"This will be the last mass shooting."

Emma Gonzalez of Douglas High Calls Out Trump, Politicians & NRA.

Health, food and autonomous life style practices in New York.

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HEALTH AUTONOMY by Woodbine Collective
EPISODE 5 of We Interrupt This Program!

Our inability to care for ourselves is an impediment to revolution.


We are tied to a Healthcare system that extracts our bodies from the larger physical reality. We no longer know how to ask nature for help. Most of us cannot perform basic first aid. We think that mental health requires formal therapy. Disease is individualized while wellness is commodified. Contemporary systems of ‘care’ require us to struggle alone to perpetuate capitalist economies.

But capitalist Healthcare cannot address the world's most urgent issues. How will its institutions help us to adapt to a world without clean water? To live after the icecaps melt? To inhabit crisis? In the wake of superstorms and economic collapse, it seems clear that we have to learn to help ourselves.

Health Autonomy means to refuse isolation and nihilism. It means to act now to find each other and share practices of care for collective wellness.

Since early 2016, The Woodbine Health Autonomy group has hosted skill shares on basic first aid, disaster response, traditional Chinese medicines, and urban herbal medicines. They’ve also started a podcast, helped curate an international health festival, and greatly expanded their network to develop models for fostering a new way of life.

‘We need the elders who healed our wounds for decades, the medics who cleared our eyes in the streets, and those of us who have no formal health training at all to come together and grow the collective care we desperately need.’


Woodbine Collective cultivates a spirit against the end of the world. Driven by the recognition that power needs to be built and organized, the collective houses several groups working together to build a life in common. To contact the video team message
Support the series!:

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Resistance. Lively. Energetic. And humorous. A powerful mix in a short clip. Well done. 👍

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An Iranian-American woman was told she didn't “sound like an American” on live TV.

Diverse, Local, Community Media Under Threat in Switzerland via @ejonews #nonobillag #NEINzuNoBIllag

On March 4th Swiss citizens will decide through a national vote whether to abolish the media licence fee, previously collected through the company Billag (hence the initiative’s name “NoBillag”). Should the initiative pass, it would make Switzerland the only European country without public ser...

Please invite your friends in the New York area. Thanks! Heinz Nigg

Tue 6:30 PM EDTDeep Dish TVNew York, NY


Gertrud Vogler hat die Zürcher Medienwelt über 20 Jahre mit ihren sozialkritischen Fotos mitgeprägt. Nun ist sie 81-jährig gestorben.

Tages-Anzeiger, 13.2.2018, Paulina Szczesniak

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Gertrud Vogler hat die Zürcher Medienwelt über 20 Jahre mit ihren sozialkritischen Fotos mitgeprägt. Nun ist sie 81-jährig gestorb...en.

Tages-Anzeiger, 13.2.2018, Paulina Szczesniak

Der Mensch. In all seinen Facetten, auch den dunklen: Er - oder sie - war das Zentrum von Gertrud Voglers Fotografien, immer. Von dem Moment an, da die Walliserin, die kurz nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg als Kind nach Zürich gekommen war und sich später das Fotografieren selbst beigebracht hatte, 1981 zur gerade erst gegründeten «Wochenzeitung» stiess, holte sie sich all das vor die Linse, was viele lieber gar nicht sehen wollten: die wütenden Studenten, die Frauenrechtlerinnen. Die Hausbesetzer, die Fahrenden. Die Junkies am Letten, die sie mit Namen kannte, weil sie sie fast täglich besuchte - und von deren Alltag sie Fotos machte, die auch heute noch Kraft kosten beim Ansehen.

Dass Vogler Bilder schuf, die nicht nur aufrütteln, sondern in ihrer Intimität auch das Herz berühren, erklärte ihre langjährige WOZ-Kollegin Sibylle Elam kürzlich damit, dass Vogler sich «immer und meist unbedingt auf die Menschen einliess, um die es ging». Ihr sei es nicht um Storys gegangen: «Sie tauchte in Milieus ein und pflegte Kontakte weit über ihre Arbeit hinaus.»

So kompromisslos wie sie arbeitete, so hat sie auch gelebt. Bis zum Schluss: Am 30. Januar ist Gertrud Vogler im Kreis ihrer Familie selbstbestimmt aus dem Leben geschieden. Zurück bleiben 250 000 Negative, die derzeit im Zürcher Sozialarchiv digitalisiert werden (ein paar Tausend sind schon online: Die letzte Botschaft, die sie ihren Kollegen noch zukommen liess, lautete: «Freut euch mit mir!! Salute. Ich habe mein Leben gelebt, es war gut, ich bin zufrieden.»

English translation:


Gertrud Vogler has influenced the Zurich media world for over 20 years with her socially critical photos. Now she died at the age of 81.

Tages-Anzeiger, 13.2.2018, Paulina Szczesniak

The human being. In all its facets, even the dark sides: he - or she - was the center of Gertrud Vogler's photographs, always. From the moment that the Walliserin, who had come to Zurich as a child shortly after the Second World War and had later taught herself photography, came to the "Wochenzeitung", which was just founded in 1981. She brought all to the fore, which many would rather not like to see: the angry students, the women's rights activists. The squatters, the travelers. The junkies in Zurich's needle park she knew by name because she visited them almost every day - and from their everyday life she took pictures which are still difficult to look at.

The fact that Vogler created images that do not only shake up emotions but also touch because of their intimacy was explained by her long-standing WOZ colleague Sibylle Elam recently with the fact that Vogler "always collaborated with the people involved." She was not concerned just with stories: "She plunged herself into milieus and scenes and maintained contacts far beyond her work."

As uncompromising as she worked, so did she die. Until the end: On January 30, Gertrud Vogler said good-bye to life in the circle of her family.

What remains are 250,000 negatives, which are currently being digitized in the Zurich Social Archive (a few thousand are already online:

The last message she sent to her colleagues was: "Rejoice with me !! Salute. I lived my life, it was good, I'm satisfied. "

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In EPISODE 4 of the exciting WE INTERRUPT SERIES from Deep Dish TV / Piper Tiger Television we learn a lot of how a social movement can be coopted by another social movement, and how social movements are not immune against hierarchical discourse and power struggles along the lines of class and race. A good analysis of how a mass movement like the Women's March is composed and embedded in power relations can be read in Considered Sources: The Women’s March: Not just about wome...

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EPISODE 4 of We Interrupt This Program:
WHAT IS THE #METOO MOVEMENT? by Crystal Waterton

An inside look at the meaning behind the #MeToo hashtag. Educators and ...experts discuss the current and future state of the anti-sexual assault movement.

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A great documentary about PRIDE 91, a sexual revolution happening right on the streets of London.

Women and music - feeling proud of yourself - the first gay and lesbian marches - Stonewall - joie de vivre! - the hippie movement as a laboratory for change - women and men mingled a lot - amusing pictures of drag queens - lesbians and gays were young and considered themselves to be radicals - people watching the parade were puzzled - only a few black gays and lesbians in the ma...rch - important was the feeling - it is not important if you are a he or a she - lesbian and gay rights - when you are out and black - family relationships - lesbian mothers - alternative insemination - what it means to be good parents - important role of good teachers for discussing the issues - being human with each other at work - celebrating of what we are doing well - against media homophobia - safe sex - fuck safe, shoot clean - racism in the lesbian and gay community.


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Spectacle's support to #LGBTHistoryMonth: for the whole month our documentary Out of Line will be available for free. Visit the page below, rent the film, pay using 'OutOfLineScreening' code.

Despite TV produced Out of Line in 1991 as LGBT people from all over the UK gathered in London to take part in London Pride. The film compiles interviews with marchers…

Out of the archive: Pick of the day: MEDIA BURN, 1975, as seen by its creators. One sentence stucks out of this docu: "It's only art, if you are right there."

"Media Burn" employs performance and spectacle in service of media critique, featuring the explosive collision of two of America's most potent cultural symbols: the automobile and television. On July 4, 1975, at San Francisco's Cow Palace, Ant Farm presented what they termed the "ultimate media event." In this Bicentennial celebration, a "Phantom Dream Car"—a reconstructed 1959 El Dorado Cadillac convertible—was driven through a wall of burning TV sets.

The spectacle of the Cadillac crashing through the burning TV sets became a visual manifesto of the early alternative video movement, an emblem of an oppositional and irreverent stance against the political and cultural imperatives promoted by television and the passivity of TV viewing.

"Media Burn" appears courtesy Electronic Art Intermix.

Ant Farm: Chip Lord, Doug Michels, Curtis Schreier, Uncle Buddie
Artist-President: Doug Hall
Executive Producer: Tom Weinberg
Editors: Chip Lord, Skip Blumberg, Doug Michels, Tom Weinberg

Interviews directed and edited by Peter Kirby

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"Media Burn" employs performance and spectacle in service of media critique, featuring the explosive collision of two of America's most potent cultural symbo...

Berta Caceres lives.áceres

She multiplied. Impressive, well conceived and designed video short to commemorate her struggle in Honduras against the privatization of land. Also commemorates all other activists who where killed in Honduras. A community in resistance....

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In Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world to be a land defender, Berta Cáceres' death has not silenced the many campesinxs fighting for justice…

1968 in Genova. Genova had the first show on 68 one year ago. Brave!

Many more commemorations of the 68 will spread this year all over the world, so that we may say: 68 was just a beginning...

Here a wonderful photo documentation (30 mins) about the revolutionary decade 1970-80 in Genova:...

You sense the energy of the people in the streets of Genova. Amazing to see how left wing political concepts and ideologies were reflected in the posters and banners and changed over time, from Maoism and Leninism to Lotta Continua, Culture, Music and Spectacles.

And here a documentation of everyday life in Genova in the mid-70s:
Genova alla finestra:
A most charming view on Old Town Genova and some working class neigborhoods: La città verticale. I Palazzi, un gente brave e un lucie tagliente e intensivamente!

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Se volete qui trovate un assaggio del film sulla mostra "Gli anni del '68"!

Un assaggio del documentario sulla mostra "Gli anni del '68, Voci e carte dall'Archivio dei Movimenti di Genova".

REBEL VIDEO visits the USA, Canada, and Europe. To stimulate discussion about the video movement of the 70s and 80s and its relevance for film/video activism today. You are welcome to follow me on this journey on Facebook.

Best, Heinz Nigg

The presentation of the oral history project REBEL VIDEO in form of film screenings, discussions and knowledge exchange will take place from March to May 2018. The following cities and locations will be visited:


San Francisco: March 12
California University of the Arts (CCA)
Host: Jeanne C. Finley

Chicago: March 22
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Hosts: Tirtza Even and Mary Patten

Montreal: March 25
Cinémathèque québécoise
Host: Guillaume Glafleur

New York: April 3
Reels for Radicals
Hosts: Rebecca Centeno (Deep Dish TV) and Marisa Holmes (Paper Tiger Television)

London: April 9
MayDay Rooms
Host: Tony Dowmunt (The London Community Video Archive)

Genova: April 23,
Teatro Altrove
Host: Bruno Piotto (Archivio dei movimenti)

Zurich: May 25
Cinema Toni / Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Host: Christian Iseli


Rebel Video on Facebook documents good practise of activist video/filmmaking – then and now. Contributions from practitioners and researchers are welcome.

REBEL VIDEO auf Facebook zeigt Beispiele aktivistischer Video- und Filmarbeit – damals und heute. Beiträge aus Praxis und Forschung sind willkommen.

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