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Before you schedule your appointment to donate blood or platelets, find out how much you really know about blood donation.

After 6 miscarriages, Jennifer was thrilled to be expecting twins. But an unexpected complication occurred, and Jennifer nearly died giving birth. Fortunately, blood transfusions and a skilled medical team helped her survive to be a mom to her daughters. "There is no doubt that without blood donors, I never would have met those little girls I so, so desperately wanted to parent," said Jennifer. You can give more life by donating blood or platelets:

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"Thank you for being our heroes," says Kelly. Three years ago, she was 28 weeks pregnant with her third child when she was rushed to the hospital with uncontrollable bleeding. The diagnosis was frightening - Kelly had kidney cancer and aplastic anemia. Five weeks later, she gave birth to her son prematurely. Baby Thor needed a transfusion, and Kelly received 43 units of blood and platelets during treatments. "Our lives have been forever changed because of your lifesaving blood and platelet donations. Every breath I take is a blessing." Be a blessing to patients in need - give blood or platelets:

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#DYK that some blood types are unique to people of specific racial and ethnic backgrounds? That's why it's important that blood and platelet donors are as diverse as the patients who rely on transfusions. Learn more about the need for a diverse blood supply and schedule your appointment at

As the American Red Cross celebrates African American History Month throughout February, eligible blood and platelet donors of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to donate to help meet the needs of all patients.

A blood drive this way sign directed Fred and Teresa’s wedding guests to a shady spot under an old oak tree. Why? The lovely couple met in that very spot one year earlier while waiting to donate blood. According to Fred, “I knew Teresa was a good person with a good heart because she was doing her part to help others by donating blood.” Show how big your ❤️ is: Donate blood or platelets. Schedule now:

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You’re the one. We critically need you! Donate blood or platelets and be a sweetheart to patients. Schedule today:

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You don’t have to compete in the games to help patients win big and be our hero. Your platelet donation is critically needed now to help cancer patients and others keep fighting. Learn more about this special type of donation and schedule your appointment:

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Luci's been a Red Cross employee for 21 years, but her job became even more meaningful six years ago when her father was diagnosed with leukemia and needed blood products. Check out our Q&A with Luci below.

You don't have to work at the Red Cross to be part of our lifesaving mission. Get started by making a blood or platelet donation appointment:

Luci Busby, a 21-year veteran phlebotomist with the Red Cross in Charlotte, North Carolina, shares why blood donation is important.

💞This love story began at a blood drive ... "My first date with my (now) husband happened to be a blood drive. I was always passionate about donating and figured a good public place for a blind date would be a blood drive. I told him how passionate I was having donated blood earlier that morning, and he said that was something he always wanted to do. I let him know the drive was still going on, and within a heartbeat he said yes. He truly has a heart of a giver, and through that blood drive, I feel I got to know him in a way no other first date would have."

Sarah and Jason now have a special date to donate a couple times a year to reminisce where it all began, and help save lives in the process.

Can we say #couplegoals? Make your donation date:

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ALERT: Severe winter weather in some parts of the country and widespread flu are taking a toll on blood and platelet donations. If you are healthy and able to give, your blood or platelet donation is critically needed now to restock the shelves for patients. #GiveNow:

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We have 900 open platelet donation appointments between Wednesday and Friday. Your donation is critically needed for cancer patients and others who count on platelets to keep fighting. Schedule now:

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In honor of Heart Month, donate blood or platelets and support patients like Miranda, who was born with congenital heart disease and is awaiting a heart transplant. Surgeries like Miranda’s often require blood products. Make your appointment now:

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Is chili on the menu for the big game🏈? While it's simmering, make your appointment to #GiveNow & help meet the critical need for blood and platelets at

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IT’S CRITICAL! Help restock the shelves by making an appointment to give blood or platelets now: Blood and platelet donations are currently being distributed to hospitals faster than they come in.

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Looking for a way to spread love this February? ❤️ Invite your sweetie on a blood or platelet donation date with the Red Cross. Reserve your spot now at

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Make your appointment to give blood or platelets and help a patient like Finn: This little cutie was born last January with a rare heart condition. He required multiple transfusions before, during and after heart transplant surgery. “We credit blood donation with making Finn stronger and helping keep him alive long enough to receive a new heart,” said his mom. “Finn is living proof that blood helps save lives.”

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