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Melissa Terry Perez
· December 11, 2017
My friends and I don’t miss a show! Red Octopus is one of our favorites! Always a good time with this talented group of actors! ��
Courtney Price
· December 10, 2017
Always a good time and funny. Wonderful cast of course!!
Zac Powers
· September 15, 2015
I ate here and it was terrible. I waited for an hour and never got my food. Never even saw the server!!
Thank Cthulhu the show was so on point or I would've walked right out.
Sarena Kaye Crowe
· July 19, 2017
Loved the shows so much that I straight up auditioned to join the cast! So much talent and hilarity.
Scott Whiteley Carter
· December 11, 2016
A funny experience. A couple of times, difficult to breathe because laughing so hard.
Michelle Nelson
· December 12, 2015
Best show in town!!!! I can't wait for the next show. Especially if the orange tighties make another appearance!
Christine Leigh
· December 17, 2016
Soo funny! Perhaps the funniest in the state! Probably not allowed for 18 under though, Lol
Drew Pritt
· September 18, 2013
Red Octopus is better than Saturday Night Live with more variety and better laughs. Excellent evenings have been spent here and my Christmas doesn't really begin till the annual Pagans on Bobsleds show.
April Smith-Franklin
· October 21, 2016
Red Octopus is piss your pants funny. Next time I'll wear depends.
Allen Weatherly
· September 16, 2015
Very funny adult humor. Writing is excellent and main cast is quite good.
Natisha Turner
· December 12, 2013
Really Great Show!!!
Evan Tanner
· July 24, 2013
Smart. Funny. Original.
If you were wondering what we were like off stage... Only took three takes, totally pro. Christmas show is in a month. Prepare.
ever wonder what happens at writer's meetings and rehearsals?
Thanks to everyone who came out and protested with is this weekend! We will see you in October! And now this.