September 9th! MMA Fight Night at the Clearwater Casino Resort. Tickets:
September 9th Event is approaching! We are bringing fighters from 3 states and 2 different countries for 1 Big Night of Fights!
ReignFC June 18th at the Clearwater Casino Resort
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Antonio Fuentes VS James Tyson

RJ Hoyt VS Nathan Thompson


Did we mention...Cinco de Mayo our next Event!? We are currently Matchmaking the fight card for a Big Night of Fights!

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***May 5th Reign Fighting Championship*** At the Clearwater Casino Resort! The Fight Card is being assembled. Expect Entertainment!

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We are match-making our Fight Card for the next Event 'Cinco de Mayo!' May 5th Get Ready!

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Saturday's Event was truly Epic! Thank you for attending, and thank you to the fighters for stepping into the ReignFC Cage., it requires great courage to make that walk. The Reign Staff did an amazing job, the Event was smooth and professional. Lastly, thank you Clearwater Casino Resort for the beautiful venue and hospitality.


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Our main event was contested at 155 lbs, as longtime Reign standout RJ Hoyt of Synergy MMA in Bremerton, WA took on Nathan Thompson, of Smalltown MMA in Orville, WA.

After a brief and wild standup exchange, the two scrambled to the mat. Thompson took Hoyt's back, and nearly secured an arm bar -- but Hoyt slipped away. The action slowed, with both struggling to take advantage in a tactical, stand-up battle.

The second saw and third rounds saw more of the same, with Thompson of...ten scoring the more solid punching combinations. But Hoyt battled to the end, landing a good 1-2 near the end of the second round and several crisp punching combinations, ending with several good round kicks to the body, in the third. The two battled to a flourish in the final stanza, with Hoyt securing a takedown for some good ground-and-pound.

The winner was announced, Nathan Thompson! A great fight to end a great night of fights!!!

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Our penultimate bout featured two of our regions up-and-coming pro middleweights, as James Tyson of Graham, WA, fighting out of Academy of Brian Johnson Academy/Cap City Jiu-Jitsu, took on Antonio Fuentes of Kitsap Combat Sports in Bremerton, WA.

Tyson landed the better strikes as the bout began, hitting punches and kicks from range. But Fuentes hung tough and had some success in the clinch, where he scored a series of knees. Tyson eventually took the action the mat, taking t...he top and maneuvering to mount. Fuentes looked for a guillotine in a scramble but Tyson escaped and worked back to mount. Tyson's striking in top position carried the day as the round wore to a close.

Fuentes staggered Tyson with a knee to the head early in the second, and quickly dragged his opponent to the mat. There, a Fuentes elbow to the head scored the knockout!

Your winner, at 1:42 of the second, Antonio Fuentes!

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Our twelfth bout was our first professional bout of the evening, as Nick Biron of Gracie Barra Portland took on Sua Tuani, of Six Feet Under MMA in Kent, WA.

Both fired punches at range to begin, with Biron landing the stronger combinations. Biron attempted to shoot in for a takedown, but Tuani shrugged it off. An accidental poke in the eye caused a halt in the action. Tuani scored a sudden knockdown off a left hook! Tuani followed up with punches on the mat, but Biron hung t...ough and scrambled to his feet. A right hand staggered Biron, who somehow survived to the final bell.

Biron scored a jab to begin the second, but Tuani snared a guillotine choke to force a tapout!

Your winner by submission at 0:55 of round two, Sua Tuani!

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Our eleventh bout was to crown the Reign FC 155 lb amatuer championship! Two former titlists, Eric Godfrey of Synergy MMA in Tacoma and Donny Ennis of United Training Center in Lacey WA, faced off for the vacant title.

Godfrey followed a brief standup exchange with a slick throw to take Ennis to the mat. The Synergy MMA rep kept the advantage with some short punches in Ennis' half guard, eventually advancing to mount. Godfrey appeared to be positioning for an armbar as time e...xpired.

Godfrey took the advantage to begin the second, landing the better punches and then scoring another takedown. In a long ground sequence, Godfrey again looked to isolate an arm -- but couldn't quite find success as Ennis' defense held strong. The two stalemated in Ennis' half guard as time expired.

The action slowed in the third, with Ennis mostly evading Godfrey's advances. Godfrey was able to land a solid straight right and a series of uppercuts as the stanza wore to a close.

Ennis scored a heavy leg kick to begin the fourth. Later, after a brief halt to the action after a low blow, Ennis lost his footing -- and Godfrey was able to move into mount in the ensuing scramble. Ennis reversed nicely, but time expired.

Godfrey backed Ennis up in the first striking exchanges of the fifth, but Ennis came back strong with a hard left hook. The two continued going back and forth to the final bell.

The winner by decision, and new Reign FC Lightweight Champion, Eric Godfrey!

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We moved to the flyweight division for our tenth bout, as Quetzal Bustos Fernandez of Hybrid MMA took on Chace McHone of Left Coast MMA.

McHone hit a solid leg kick and scored a takedown to begin the action. Fernandez looked for a guillotine choke but Mchone slipped away, and landed solid punches in a ground-and-pound sequence. After a brief scramble, McHone rolled Fernandez to the mat again for more ground-and-pound. Fernandez looked for a leg lock as time expired.

Fernandez was unable to continue and answer the bell to begin the second round. Your winner by TKO, Chace McHone!

Our ninth bout featured two more up-and-coming lightweights, as Jimmy "Jigsaw" Wilson of West Coast Fight Team and fighting out of Auburn, took on Mitchell Cartwright of Synergy MMA in Port Orchard, WA.

This one began with a wild punching exchange! Cartwright landed a solid uppercut to take the advantage early in the first round, and landed a strong 1-2 in another good exchange. Wilson was able to clinch, where he hit strong knees to the body -- and eventually hit a takedown.... The two stalemated on the mat as time ran out.

Cartwright started the second strong with his better straight punches, but Wilson was able to get another takedown. Cartwright scrambled to his feet only to be taken down again. Wilson landed a few punches in half guard as time expired.

The pattern repeated as Cartwright landed a punching combination to begin the third, but was again taken to the mat. Wilson hit a few punches in Cartwright's guard but the Synergy MMA fighter kept his defense tight as time expired.

The winner was announced by unanimous decision, Jimmy "Jigsaw" Wilson! Congratulations to both for a memorable battle.

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Our eighth bout featured two talented lightweights, as Sean McKenzie of Elevate MMA in Yelm took on
Edwin Mantilla, a native of Bend, Oregon who fights out of West Coast Fight Team.

Mantilla took the action to the mat with a strong takedown to begin. McKenzie kept his defense tight, re-positioning his guard after a brief pass from Mantilla.


McKenzie looked to counter-attack as the second round began, evading Mantilla's advances and landing a few punches and leg kicks at range. Mantilla absorbed a McKenzie jab and forced him to the fence -- but McKenzie continued to land short punches. McKenzie continued to bloody Mantilla as the round came to a close.

McKenzie kept momentum going at the start of the third, dropping Mantilla to the mat and scoring the TKO victory!

Your winner by TKO at 0:13 of the third round, Sean McKenzie!

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Our seventh bout was contested in the featherweight division, as Andrew Kelly of Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Quincy, WA, took on Brent Sanchez, of Team Blackout in Shelton, WA.

Kelly initiated a takedown to begin, but Sanchez was able to scramble to take top position. But on the mat, Kelly showed off his jiu-jitsu acumen, scoring an impressive sweep and landing right into mount! Kelly fired punches to score the stoppage at 1:53!

Your winner by TKO, Andrew Kelly!