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Hello! Remote is no more but there is more! Check out Tangent Projects to find out...more...

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Alright people, there has been some shenanigans and delays but finally! finally! finally! We give you Lorna Mills...

Lorna Mills started out as a computer programmer for children's games in 1994 and has since expanded into web-based programming. Mills is a founding member of both the artist collective Persona Volare and Red Head Gallery - both based in Toronto.
Although well-known for incorporating collage through...

OK so we have had a little break but we are back! And with a corker, Refresh: Internet Art in the Digital Age curated by Chelsea Pettitt is live! First up California based artist Jonathan Harris:

Refresh: Internet Art in the Digital Age

It is a unique proposition to be asked to curate something online; represented only in the virtual world. This raised many questions for me as a curator who would normally be placing objects or artworks on walls and in gallery spaces.

The idea of online cur...

It's been a while...coming soon!

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Last hours of The Telepathy Project! Last chance to see the show in it´s entirety, get in!

What if telepathy was possible? Would you have to be intimately linked or in love for it to work? What would it look or feel like if it did occur? What sort of conceptual problems would it pose for subjectivity and consciousness? Does telepathy provide a new mode of spectatorship or an alternate way...

Boooooo hoooooo! We are a little sad to announce the final final chapter of The Telepathy Project on Remote is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Don't say it's over! Nope, extended til May 18th, yeeehaaaaaa! Get your gogglies over to

Dreaming the Arabian Sea
Dreaming the Arabian Sea was a musical performance and drawing project exploring alternative routes, dreams and telepathy that Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent created on Mumbai’s Juhu beach: the texts of their songs (that Veronica's daughter Mia sang accompanied by JJ on Sita...

Hello! We are just gearing up for the final part of The Telepathy Projects marvelous project - we will let you know when it is up - but in the meantime if you are nearby and have the time you might want to head over to this (if we could, we would be all over it!):

Since meeting at the VCA in 2006, Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent have been engaged in a collaborative practice based on the possibilities of telepathic communication. Telepathy serves as an extended metaphor and working methodology through which they explore alternate ways of communicating, collabor...

You can read a little bit about Remote and The Telepathy Project here! Thanks heaps RealTime Arts Mag!

RealTime plus OnScreen online and print arts magazine covering innovative practices in media art, digital art, hybrid art, performance, dance, visual art, sound and music, film in Australia and internationally

Finally, finally...actually has been up for a couple of days but we have had some ISSUES with Facebook, and I think, well, in this short but intense Facebook life we live, who hasn't had the odd issue? But we forgive and move on.
So, moving on! This is the third and penultimate instalment of The Telepathy Project. Dreams. It is a beautiful, beautiful collection. Go! Feast your eyes!

In 2011, while sharing an apartment together in Spain as part of their three month Australia Council residency, Sean and Veronica performed 20 days of Dream Telepathy. Every evening before they went to sleep (in separate bedrooms at opposite ends of the apartment) they would put something (sm...

Hello! Hello! Hello! Yes we have been away slightly longer than usual, we are sorry and yes we missed you too! We have been busy busy, The Telepathy Project have been doing wild and wonderful things in India and we have come up against nasty illness, paying work and long haul travel...yawn! But never fear dear friends we are back! This weekend will be a weekend of Remotemania, we are on the case!

We have just heard from Veronica and Sean and the Mumbai end of The Mumbai Dream Telepathy Project was "epic with crazy hordes of people"! Whooooop!

Here in Barcelona we are getting ready to head to the beach to welcome their dream messages on the trade winds, we have tea and still warm homemade banana bread...oh yes!

Anyone planning to join us should bring something to sit on, paper, pencils, pens etc, warm or cold beverages if so desired and dress warmly. You will find us on the part of the beach that gets sun for the longest, the sand bar that juts out into the sea...where the big concrete blocks in the sea are, I think they are a wave break...See you by the waters edge!

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Exciting times! Remote's current exhibiting artists, The Telepathy Project, are currently on a residency in India and as part of [en]counters powerPlay - Mumbai's annual program of live art and performance in public spaces - they are getting ready to perform The Mumbai Dream Telepathy Project on Juhu beach.

If you can't join them on Juhu beach from 5-6pm on the 20th of January, you maybe pleased to know there will also be satellite projects in Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam. ...More information, dates and times can be found below. If you are interested in participating or observing please use the relevant contact details. Come and join in! All welcome!

Juhu beach, Mumbai - Sunday 20th January, 5-6pm
Barceloneta beach, Barcelona - Sunday 20th January, 5-6pm
The shores of the Seine river, Paris -Sunday 20th January, 5-6pm
Oosterdok (western side) Amsterdam - Sunday 20th January, 5-6pm

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Sun 5:00 PM UTC+05:30Multiple venues, Mumbai, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam
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Check out lovely Veronica Kent (one half of The Telepathy Project) in Art Guide Australia's article The Year Ahead, what a beautiful studio!

Telepathy, public psychoanalytic encounters and a quest to blend the genes of a dog and an artist are just some of the more unusual things pencilled in on artists’ calendars this year. From big shows to travel plans, scholarships and book publishing, these artists are resolved to make 2013 count.