It's Town Hall season, folks. Here are some tips for finding any public meetings your member of Congress may be having near you - and how to be heard.

If you want to personally ask Congress to hold President Trump accountable and show results on Republican priorities, this coming week is your chance—no travel to Washington, D.C. required.

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Feeling a little unmoored, Never Trumpers? Forget the five stages of grief: We ain't got time for that.…/nevertrump-seeks-new-mo…

Upside-down right now would be great. Upside-down has a comprehensible symmetry. There is no symmetry in this chaos, no star to steer by....

There are many lessons to learn from this election, but the fact that Trump won is not surprising to us. We took dramatic action precisely because we thought he could win, not because we thought he wouldn't. This year, turnout was high, but not as high as it should have been -- especially among people who know better.

Clinton will win the popular vote (barely). Trump will be president. The nation is divided.

Now, the real work begins.


This election is a repudiation of the status quo and business as usual. It is a wake up call. Things need to change. In these next moments, America needs its leaders more than ever.

Trump has extraordinary challenges ahead. It’s up to us to make sure his mistakes (and all presidents make mistakes) are limited.

And it’s up to us to get organized, get connected and get involved.

Do not move to Canada. Do more for America.

We are awake. Let’s get to work.

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Libertarians. Greens. Independents.
Dedicated Republicans opposed to Trump.
We came together like no other movement ever quite has.
To this whole beautiful #BasketOfReasonables:
Our thanks....

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Over 18 months, we watched with amusement, worry, and finally horror as the Republican party nominated a man who ran contrary to our ideals…

Stay tuned for updates as the results come in.

Odds are strong that by working together, trusting each other's pledges, we not only blocked Trump where we needed to the most: we helped third parties get their numbers up nationwide.

Watch this space - and on Twitter @r4c16

RECORD: 46,000 have signed up on, with 32,000 already matched to persuade each other to deliver 16,000 strategic votes FOR Clinton and BEAT Trump in swing states.

Result: +16,000 HRC votes in battlegrounds, including...
FL: +5,200
OH: +2,900...
PA: +2,700
MI: +1,900
NC: +1,600 exchange for 3rd-party votes in safe states. Everyone wins except Trump. Think this won't make THE difference in close states?

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Join me in voting strategically this election. Swap third party votes into safe states to make sure Trump is defeated in the swing states. Everyone gets a say, and third party candidates get more votes! #TrumpTraders

Another day, another lifetime GOP supporter (+national security guru) pulling the lever against Trump...and FOR Clinton.

Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, and why real Republicans should, too.

Trump Traders: You've hit 40,000 trades, boosting Hillary in swing states and benefiting third-party candidates in safe states.

6,000 apiece in Florida and Ohio; 2,000 in Michigan and North Carolina.

This effort is unprecedented. And it may make all the difference in stopping Trump....…

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Through R4C16's Trump Traders project, more than 40,000 voters have connected and signed up to trade votes, in an unprecedented multi-party effort to defeat Donald Trump. Spanning great ideological and geographic divides, supporters of Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Evan McMullin and eve...

Trump’s record as reported in Newsweek, summarized in a series of tweets from Vanity Fair contributing editor and investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald.

Why share? Because it's one thing for friends to vote for a businessman. It's another to think Trump is someone we want anywhere near the nation's business.

Now, over to Kurt Eichenwald...

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The latest Tweets from Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald). Contributing editor, Vanity Fair; senior writer, Newsweek; New York Times bestselling author

It's not just Republicans voting for Hillary.
It's Republican OFFICIALS from Republican administrations.
For our party's reputation and our future.
For Hillary.

OMG. "I feel bad for Mr. Trump, because I don't think his businesses are doing too well." From the mouths of babes!

Mr. Trump's businesses are not doing very well.

1. Your stubborn aunt: "I just can't; she's a crook."

2. You, patiently: "Trump hasn't been scrutinized as much. But he DOES have an awful record. Can I just ask you to skim one article from an uber-Republican magazine, National Review?"

3. Your follow-up: "BTW - this was written before the scandals with the Trump Foundation, insurance fraud, and his Russian ties broke this summer."


4. Give her a call, or drop by and frown quietly until she agrees to "think about it."…/donald-trump-scandals-busin…

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After more than 40 years of wheeling and dealing, Donald Trump’s scandals and business failures have added up.

We all have a friend who still thinks: "Trump talks dumb, but he knows business."

He doesn't. If someone you know is still on the fence, show them what real business leaders, large and small, have to say.

Business Leaders Are Saying... November 6, 2016 NATIONAL BUSINESS ADVOCATESWhat does a pro-entrepreneurship public policy look like? It requires an openness to new people and new ideas. It requires us to imagine what someone was doing in the minutes before they became ane entrepreneur: they were a s...

Today, entrepreneurs, business leaders + small biz owners from virtually every state, industry and party united to say:
Trump is bad for business. Hear why.

If you're a founder, CEO, business owner, or executive (current or former) of an American business, big or small, and think that Donald Trump is bad for business add your name to our letter.

Want "an exponentially greater chance my vote could be the one that makes that difference"? There's an app for that.

People are trading their vote with a swing state voter who wants to cast a ballot for a third-party candidate.

"Then they came for the Republicans...and there was no one left to speak for us."
Defeat Trump.

Exclusive: Self-declared Republican who sparked Nevada security scare says he was attacked for silently showing a sign he printed from the web