death , doom , metal
Band Members
Miguel - Vocals & Guitar ( and web propaganda )
Dani - Guitar ( keeping the couch safe )
Ricardo - Bass ( artwork and pressing the rec button )
-Drums Marcelo Freitas (..... )
Pedro Pereira - Keyboards (...)

1992 - Requiem Laus was formed by Miguel Freitas, Marcelo Freitas, Bruno Silva and Tony Figueira, being this the first line-up....

1994 - " Life Fading Existence " demo was released. A few Shows around Portugal are made.

1996 - " For the Ones Who Died " demo is Released , Now with Oscar Pereira on bass.

Again a few promotional Shows around Portugal took place. The Band is now well known in the Portuguese Underground Metal scene.

1998 - Dani Pereira joins the band for guitar, Jorge Castro for Keybords, and Ricardo Fernandes for bass.

The " For the Ones who Died " demo is re-released on CD.

2000 - The " Through Aeons " demo cd is released. The Band plays throughout Portugal with such bands as : Mysterium, Cyborium, Kormoss, De Profundis, Humanart, Avulsed and so on.

2001/02 - The band struggled with a loss of members, and end up taking some time off.

2005 - The return, now with Luis Barreto on Drums.

Headlined the Roquefest in Azores, and also did a couple of shows in Madeira.

2006 - With Jorge Abreu on drums,

the band released " promo 2006 ".

Getting great reviews and media attention.

Live gigs at Rocks club with Karnak Seti and Siamese Cancer.

And the SWR-IX MetalFest with bands as :

Bolt Thrower, God Dethroned, Hate, Carpathian Forest, Keep of Kalessin, Obtest, Shurim, Theriomorphic, The Ransack...

2007 - Recorded and mixed the full length " THE ETERNAL PLAGUE " in sweden's Studio Underground. did a Hometown gig in RocksClub, a small festival with Godog, Necris Dust, Thee Orakle and Deep Cut. Also open act for Akercocke along with Paranormal Waltz and Disaffected... now with gabriele on drums.

2008 - Released " The Eternal Plague " , through 666 Production. Also play at Metal Gdl '08 with Krisiun, Devildriver, Lay Down Rotten, Hatesphere, The Firstborn and other local bands.

2011 -
Portuguese death metalers Requiem Laus release their new cd " As Long As Darkness Bleeds "

2012 -Portuguese death metalers Requiem Laus release their new cd Released " Impulse " mini-cd

2014- Requiem Laus Live on Vagos Open Air with Gojira, Kreator, Paradise Lost, Behemoth etc....
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Current Location
in the Studio/rehearsal space
General Manager