Check out this new video by Pighead!

Here it is guys. This is "Exterminating The Unworthy" from our upcoming release "Until All Flesh Decays". The clips were recorded during our tour with Implore &... Fuck You And Die. Please share!

Video by Emanuel Oropesa ( from GoblinClit
Album mixed and mastered by TsunTsun Productions
Artwork by Chris Skytree (
Release on November 3rd 2016 on Rising Nemesis Records (
guitar by 666strings

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BIG THANKS TO EMANUEL OROPESA FOR THE VIDEO! new pigheadsong taken from the upcoming album "Until All Flesh Decays" out on 3rd november 2016 on Rising Nemesi...

Check out our brothers in Krylithsic. They just released a new EP called "Beast Of The Northern Hemisphere"!

Posts wrote reviews for our Disease (2010) and Trinity (2015) EPs. Both 9/10, thanks!

Heute wollen wir uns mal mit einem Doppel-Review beschäftigen, und zwar von der Band REQUITAL mit den beiden EPs "Disease" (2010) und "Trinity" (2015). Vorab: Es gibt noch mehr (ältere) EPs. Diese sind nur so gut wir gar nicht mehr zu bekommen. Deswegen (und auch, weil ich kein Exemplar besitze) wer...

For everyone that missed the last post - REQUITAL was layed to rest! Since the free Bandcamp downloads for our discography are limited, Metal Guardian Mag is offering the download now. Thanks!
R.I.P. Requital (2004 - 2016)…/67-update-requital-l-sen-sich…

Requital lösen sich auf und verschenken Diskografie zum Abschied
Requital updated their cover photo.
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Requital R.I.P. (2004 – 2016)

Nachdem aufgrund persönlicher und bandinterner Gründe Drummer Björn und Gitarrist Alex ausgestiegen sind, haben wir uns dazu entschlossen Requital aufzulösen.
Vielen Dank an alle die mit uns zusammengearbeitet oder auf der Bühne gestanden haben, alle ehemaligen Mitglieder der Band und alle Fans, die uns im Laufe der Jahre unterstützt haben.
Ihr könnt hier unsere komplette Diskografie kostenlos herunterladen:...
(EDIT: Anscheinend sind die kostenlosen Downloads bei Bandcamp auch als Anbieter begrenzt. Wir werden den Preis wieder auf 0 stellen sobald es geht)
Bitte teilen!
After drummer Björn and guitarist Alex left the band due to personal and band-internal issues, we decided to lay Requital to rest.
Thanks to everyone who ever shared the stage or worked with us, all former members of the band and the fans that supported us throughout the years.
You can download our complete discography here for free:
(EDIT: It seems like free downloads are limited on Bandcamp, even as offerer. We will change the price to 0 again asap)
Feel free to share!

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In Demise just released their new album. Listen to the title track here:

Taken from our new album "... Behold, A Pale Sky" Technical Brutal Death Metal Guest vocals by Andrew LoMastro from Cerebral Incubation (

Here's another new one for you before we hit the road on friday. The song includes two guest solos by Marte from the incredible Cerebric Turmoil, check out thos...e guys!
A bit of side information: The riff at 2:28 is "recycled" from a song featured on our very first EP from 2007. Since we don't play that song anymore but really like this part, we decided to use it again. Cheerz
KINGS of DECAY - TsunTsun Productions - Bloodboy

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Taken from our new album "... Behold, A Pale Sky" Technical Brutal Death Metal Guest solos by Marte from Cerebric Turmoil ( ) Re...

A new song from our friends in IN DEMISE!

Alright guys, here it is! We received the master and artwork for our upcoming record "... Behold, A Pale Sky" and want to share a song with you! We are very pro...ud of this album and can't wait to release it. Check out the song and don't forget to share! Also check out these great people that helped us create this beast:
Released by KINGS of DECAY
Mixed & Mastered by TsunTsun Productions
Artwork by Bloodboy

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Taken from our new album "... Behold, A Pale Sky" Technical Brutal Death Metal Released by Kings Of Decay Records ( ) Mixed & Maste...

Vielen Dank an VIOLENT FRUSTRATION, Dekrepitation, Harm, die Orga und alle Besucher der Linse. Hat Spaß gemacht! haben ein Review zu unserer TRINITY EP geschrieben.…/album-talks/3907-requital-trinity-ep…

Requital - Trinity - EP - Review

Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger, who recorded, produced and mixed our EP, says it is "one of my favorite deathmetal releases of the decade!" ... Wow, thanks man!

You can stream our full EP on Youtube and Soundcloud!

You can also order a copy by messaging us here, or download it on Amazon and DjShop....…/s~details,u~1009406…/xe/details.html

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Full "TRINITY" EP by Requital, released in 2015. 0:00 - I, Serenity 6:03 - Trinity

We hope everyone is enjoying our recently released EP "TRINITY" so far. If you haven't heard it yet, you can check it out on Spotify now!

Requital, an artist on Spotify

Cerebric Turmoil just finished mixing their upcoming album! We've been friends with these guys for years and can't wait to hear their stuff!

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Cerebric Turmoil

We spent the last three days (and nights, actually) with Jacob Schmidt in the studio to mix the album, and, believe it or not, it´s accomplished!! Holy shit, IT... IS DONE!! You can start holding on to your pants now!!
We now wish Jacob and Defeated Sanity official a crushing US-Tour. Catch them if you can!

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Check out Barreleye (Death Thrash) from Berlin.

Barreleye debut album coming out in September 2015.