I am very distressed by the fact that so many children disrespect the United States Flag. It upsets me even more when they do it right in front of their parents, and they do nothing about it. Has the current generation lost the fact that the flag is a symbol of this country we live in, and as such, should ALWAYS be treated with honor and respect? There is an actual Unites States Flag Code and the first point from it I want to address is this: "The flag should never touch ...anything beneath it. It is considered disrespectful to the flag, and the flag in question should be moved in such a manner so it is not touching the ground.". So parents, when your child is at a parade or celebration where small flags are provided, PLEASE do not let that child draw in the dirt with the flag. Do not let them poke and prod each other with it, it is NOT a weapon and it is NOT a toy. It is up to us as grown adults to teach respect of the flag to the next generation. If you see a child mistreating a flag, please do something to educate them or their parents. Let's get this country back to a society of people who respect their nation and its symbols.

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Now I know a lot of you out there have a passion for the military. Quite a few of you WERE military. Let's get this page rolling by liking and following this!

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May 31, 2013

Honoring our Military past and present. And we cannot forget about the families left behind to take of everything at "home" wherever that may be.

I discovered that the ACLU is trying to get prayer out of the military. They are trying to change tradition. The Marine code has been "Unit, Corp, GOD, country" If you don't want to pray, then DON'T!!! That is supposed to be one of our freedoms....the rite to be free of threat - religious persecution. If you make the few happy, then what happens to all the rest who are now having THEIR rights trampled on because they can't pray?? I think an actual REAL cause for the ACLU would be to follow the Westboro Baptists around and stop THEM from abusing the deceased and their loved ones! Now THAT would be helpful.