Considering that the average annual inflation rate is 3.22% that doesn't sound too bad until you realize that at that rate prices will double about every 22 years. Which means that if your average return on your investments over any 30 year period equals the general public's 4.68%, at least you're keeping up with inflation.

If you pay attention and adapt accordingly, you just might get that retirement you're dreaming of—here are the retirement facts that you can't ignore.
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WASHINGTON, March 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The perceived value of guaranteed lifetime income in retirement continues...
Life expectancies are on the rise. While that’s good news for those of us that have big plans for our later years, it may not be the most promising development for our financial plans. According to a 2011 survey, a substantial number of folks in both groups underestimated how long they might live ...
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Women are in worse shape financially when it comes to retirement than they were a generation ago, according to a George Washington University study.
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Annuity products are the only financial instruments that provide long-term, open-ended guarantees in the form of a fixed income for a lifetime.
I've read about what to do with my TSP after retirement, but I believe all we can do is use common sense and hope that our money will grow and last.
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