We're going to Blackpool! If you're heading to PLAY Expo Blackpool this month be sure to come play some Positron with the team

Indie zone lineup confirmed for PLAY Expo Blackpool - eighteen confirmed studios exhibiting this year:

Team Cup Of Char - Employee Of The Month
Asobi.Tech - Mao... Mao Castle
The University of Northampton - Mechanic Panic
Big Evil Corporation - TANGLEWOOD
1st Impact Games - All Contact Lost
Electronic Moon - Evade
Sinister Soft - RetroStar
Gemi Games - Super Lumi Live
Nurishment/Team Cooper - Filling Station
Paw Print Games - Border Patrol
Squidpunch Studios - Guardians Of The Past
Moonstorm Studios - Lance Commander
Boxfrog Games - Lost Wing
Paul James - Mr.Grayscale
Retroburn - Positron
Muma Studios - Princess Knight
Redbreast Studio - Rogue Star
Plasma Beam Games - Super Space Slayer 2
Lightfoot Bros / Huey Games - The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

See more details about each game on the website article -…/eighteen-indie-studios-exhibiti…

PLAY Expo Blackpool - 10/11 February 2018 - Retro Gaming, Arcade, Pinball, Modern Gaming, Minecraft, VR, Guests, Merchandise, Cosplay, Tournaments and More!

Tickets at -

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This year at PLAY Expo Blackpool we've got our biggest ever indie zone with eighteen studios exhibiting with us over the weekend.

We now have our very own presskit() set up

Retroburn was founded in 2008 by Martin Caine as he was learning to develop games for PC and Xbox 360 platforms using the XNA framework. Alongside his full time job in web development and online marketing, Martin developed numerous small games and prototypes but they were never released to the publi…

We're looking for some help with compatibility testing for Positron. If you can help test Windows PC, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone / iPad, Android, or Windows Phone then please sign up here: #screenshotsaturday

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May 17, 2015
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Took a mini-break from Positron yesterday and loaded up all the helicopters we had created back in 2009 for one of our prototype games. The models still look great but the textures need some work.

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Getting Positron running on iOS was easier than expected

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Retroburn updated their cover photo.
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Love playing Positron on a phone. Same exact graphics as what you'll see in the PC version but looks awesome on a small screen! #screenshotsaturday

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Love the brief map overview you get at the start of a level in Positron #screenshotsaturday

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The Positron start screen. #screenshotsaturday

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Our Start Screen hasn't changed at all since the very first version of the game! #screenshotsaturday

Screenshot of Positron running on the NVIDIA Shield today for #screenshotsaturday

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Some 50" LED TV Positron action.

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Got a new TV today, so here are some photos of the game running 1080p on a 50" LED TV

Looks like we're on track with getting our Android version of Positron finished very soon. Just fixed some shaders which only worked correctly at 720p. Oops! #screenshotsaturday

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Retroburn added 23 new photos to the album: Positron at GEEK2014 — at The Custard Factory.

Had a good time at GEEK in Birmingham with my Son Damien. Had plenty of people play the game and as usual the only feedback we got was 'when can we buy it?'. Big thanks to the exhibitors

We'll be in Birmingham this weekend for GEEK and we'll be showing off Positron again. Hopefully will be hitting Google Play and Steam very soon too!

This guy came and played the game a few times over the weekend and had one of the most unlucky crashes on the last turn before the exit.

Let's do this!

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Martin Caine

Just under 3 weeks until GEEK2014 in Birmingham and just over a month to Games Expo Scotland where I'll not only be showing off Positron but would also will be ...bringing the Rift version running on my new DK2 May also bring it along to some other local events when they happen too like the next Ga-Ma-Yo

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