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Chris Wink
· September 29, 2017
Thanks guys you made my trip over from Norwich well worthwhile yesterday. I spent an hour or so searching for and finding some great old LPs and at the same time having an informed and stimulating con...versation. I mean where else are you going to have a conversation that includes the wonders of Evil Eddie Richards, George Benson's early stuff and Ronnie Montrose? Wow, keep up the good work fellas. See More
Craig McLellan
· October 5, 2017
Really cool record store with stacks of retro hifi gear and guitar amps around the shop floor and sounds played from a big set of old KEFs. Run by a helpful and really friendly guy.

Typical cool rec...ord store atmosphere that we all say we miss (but are probably guilty of not actually stepping inside of) - could have spent hours conversing in there.

Will definitely revisit when we're next in Cornwall.
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Scott Charman
· February 16, 2018
Popped in to Newquay today purely to visit and wasn’t disappointed. Found a few additions to my collection and spent a good few hours talking about everything from the Pixies, Bleach on white vinyl, c...onspiracies and even touched on Straw Dogs. A fantastic place run by a top notch guy. Thanks Steve, a pleasure to meet you, looking forward to my next visit� See More
Leon Chick
· September 2, 2017
So glad i found this shop, it isnt like any other shop ive been to and have no idea how to describe it other than just so cool. I spent a good amount of time just chatting and talking music and histor...y and ended up getting some awesome records. So worth a vist! See More
Wills Paris
· October 28, 2017
every time i go it is a very friendly atmosphere and have answered all questions i have had. For a total record novice it has been fantastic. Today made my first purchase thank you for my Led Zeppelin IV.
Liam Stocks
· September 29, 2017
This place is a hidden gem! I had walked by it so many times before I went in and spoke to Steve and ended up chatting for about an hour! Great quality records at a great price and fantastic customer ...service. I will be in again soon! See More
Mark Wood
· September 14, 2017
Found shop by chance. Had such a great chat and reminisce of so many music memories. Shared previous musical experiences. Great guy hope you continue to do well.
Medina Jaye Symonds
· June 17, 2017
So glad to find this great shop! Sorry I couldn't buy anything this time (I lost my debit card boohoo �) but I really really appreciated the lovely conversation! It was very nice to meet someone who a...ppreciates Donovan & also gives me info on 80s synth guys living in Cornwall! I was not in the least offended when you thought I was a lot older than I was, my taste in music often confuses people �
Hopefully I will be coming back to Cornwall in September so I look forward to meeting you again then (& ACTUALLY buying records this time!!!) �
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Mags Dobson
· October 14, 2017
Wow "the plural of Vinyl is Vinyl" fab shop, vinyl night tonight!!!!!!!
Patricia Davis
· April 1, 2016
After all of these years that we have visited Newquay, we only stumbled across the amazing gem of a "real" record shop today. Could have easily spent all day in there, an amazing selection of music on... vinyl that suits all tastes of music. Well worth going in, and you will certainly not come out empty handed. We were very happy with our purchases, looking forward to listening to them. Oh, and the guy who owns the shop is very friendly and knowledgeable. See More
Harry Mathew Key
· April 15, 2017
Managed to spend a couple of hours here whilst on holiday, literally just talked to Steve the owner about records and music the whole time! I really liked the way he spoke to everyone who came in, about their interests. Great selection, go visit! See More
Eddie Mackay
· July 3, 2015
I was down in the sunny land of Newquay on my summer holidays and stumbled on this wee jem. Very good selection and the staff where cool, also very good condition vinyl which is the most important I would recommend it to any vinynlfile out there and I will be returning in December to get some more. See More
Matthew Rendall
· April 22, 2017
Spent a good two hours searching through the records. Best experience I've had when it comes to record stores, has an encredible selection. The owner is great to talk to with good music knowledge.
Kristian Evans
· September 21, 2016
I regularly visit the shop on the hunt for certain records and never leave disappointed! Its an absolute treasure chest and run by a top guy. Steves knowledge and passion for all music really shows an...d is reflected in the shop which I could easily spend hours in talking about various topics and digging through!
Do not hesitate to check this place out for anything vinyl��
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Mark Gay-Knott
· August 7, 2015
Went into retro sounds on holiday without any real aim to buy a record... Came out with £60 worth of records and intending to pop over again before I go home! A proper record shop ran by a genuine guy... - Steve, you're keeping it real, man! See More
Iris Paar
· July 13, 2016
A great shop with lots of fantastic old music!
The owner is very friendly and knows so much about it. Wished we had such shops in Germany.
Thank you and greetings from Germany!
Sidney Sudden Kvarnliden Fälth
· July 14, 2015
Nice little shop with a great selection of all kinds of music,the owner was very kind and knew what he was talking about am from Sweden so if i come back i for sure will visit again
Nathan Brew
· July 12, 2015
Awesome record shop. Aladdin's cave of wonderful vinyl. Went in for one record, left with four. If you love vinyl, and chewing the fat on all things music get yourself in there when in
Joseph Strong
· May 8, 2015
Cracking little record shop! These places are hard to come by. Managed to pick up some great 45's. The guy was also very helpful and was happy to play stuff back. Will definitely be back!
Neil d'Arcy-Roden
· February 25, 2017
WARNING TO ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS I have used this record shop before but someone else was running it back then!!! went in and ask for House and DnB sections and was given some long rant about how a...ll the "proper" DnB had already been bought!! Started digging in a £3 box and found a couple of tunes.. I then ask the over opinionated assistant/ new owner? if I could listen to them on a deck with some headphones.
He said no he just plays them to the hole shop not normal but I thought OK let's roll with it.
Now the worst bit after listening too the £3 record in a box he didn't know he had he says oh I think this one is going to be more than that.... What a con-artist!!!
In all my hundreds of visits to record shops up and down England I have never been so let down and angered trying to buy music something that should fill you with happiness!!! Not something I would want anybody else to experience
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