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  • CEO & Founder2012年至今圣彼德斯堡 (佛罗利达州)
    Check I’m Here gives Universities & Colleges the power to Manage, Track, Assess, & Engage students & organizations on campus.
  • Owner/Partner2011年 - 2014年1月圣彼德斯堡 (佛罗利达州)
    Owner, Designer, Developer

    Web Design & Development
    • Swings Tampa Bay
      2011年至今 Website Design and Development
    • Kngroo
      Mobile App Design, Pitch Deck Design
    • Gregg Fraley
      Redesign and development of:
      Gregg Fraley speaks with passion about all things creativity & innovation - communicating cutting edge ideas, methods, perspectives & take-home actions steps. He informs and inspires - delivering keynotes with humor & energy.
  • Co-founder2010年11月 - 2013年Tampa Bay Area
    Bringing our community closer together one swing at a time!
  • Graphic and Web Designer, Enrollment & Marketing Services2010年11月 - 2011年12月圣彼德斯堡 (佛罗利达州)
    Assists in the design and production of print and web projects for Enrollment & Marketing Services. Applies brand identity systems, typography, photography, color and other ingredients appropriately.
  • Vice president2010年1月 - 2010年5月
    Student Body Vice President
  • Marketing Director2009年6月 - 2010年1月
    Marketing Department DIrector
  • Intern2005年5月 - 2007年6月
    civil engineering, marketing, IT
  • Freelancer2003年3月 - 2011年圣彼德斯堡 (佛罗利达州)
    Graphic Design and Web Development, Print and Brand Identity Freelancer
    • Team Miami Buspreneur
  • 2011 毕业EntrepreneurshipCreative Problem SolvingLeadership studies圣彼德斯堡 (佛罗利达州)
    First and Only Entrepreneurship Degree to graduate!
  • 2007 毕业塔彭斯普林斯
    • Engineering
关于 Reuben Pressman
  • A purpose driven visionary with an unlimited supply of energy, Reuben Pressman is a natural born leader, entrepreneur and creative. Currently a senior, attending the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Reuben has graduated majoring in entrepreneurship and minoring in leadership. Reuben is someone who constantly thinks outside of the box, effectively works with and engages others, and has a passion to make a positive impact on the world. Viewing challenges as opportunities, Reuben always "gets to" instead of "having to".

    "If you're afraid to make a mistake. Then you won't make anything at all."
  • If you're afraid to make a mistake, then you won't make anything at all.

    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

    If it were easy, everyone would be doing it - Dad

    How would you do it? - Dad