Their laughs make my heart happy! ❤ Love these two!
This might give you a good chuckle!! 😂😂I was trying to master this dolphin move from my workout! Bahaha Never a dull moment when you try to crush your workout with a 4 & 3 yr old! I hope I don't ever look or appear to have my sh$! together because I don't and this is my life for real on the daily!!! You go with it and do it anyway! Not about perfection!
It's that time again!! 💪 I love having this one year all access pass because depending on my mood and what my body needs I can stream any kind of workout I want!! Today I pressed play and had Tony Horton in my basement pushing me for 30 minutes! 👊👊 You want a good quad and booty exercise??! Grab a light weight and alternate between chair and crescent pose for 1 minute!! Legs and booty are on fire! 🔥

Day 2 of 80 was a BOOTY DAY! And let me tell ya, my 🍑 is on FIRE!! 😂😂 I will definitely be feeling this one tomorrow!

It's AMAZING how much better you can feel in just 2 days of working out and eating healthy! I'm eating a TON of food and it's so good! I just had home fries guys!!! YUM! Make sure to follow my stories on IG @katherinereuter because that's where I share exactly how my day is layed out, workout moves, and all the meals I'm eating! So far so good though and I haven't even been tempted to cheat! 👊👊 Can't WAIT to see how my body transforms!! A different workout EVERY DAY?!! DAMN! This is going to be awesome! PS -------> if you have plateaud or are looking for something FUN that works it's not too late to join us in our support group! 💌 Me! 😘😘

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Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you SHOULD be?

Do what you like because liking what you DO is H A P P I N E S S 🌴🌞

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Out for a date night with my husband at one of our favorite places! ❤️ Getting whatever we want to eat and drink because tomorrow starts day 1 of our new 80 day program! I'll tell ya though, this sunset never gets old! 🌅😍 #sunset #floridalife #annamariaisland

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Ok I need some suggestions! What do you think my LAST cheat meal tomorrow night should be before I commit to this new 80 day program I'm starting on Monday?!

If you've been following my stories on IG @katherinereuter you'll see I have been doing LOTS of drinking and eating LOL. That's all going to change in one day! OMG my body needs this SO BAD! Let me know what you think and I still have a spot for 1 more so reach out if you want to see some SERIOUS changes in your body too! 😘

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We finally came back to our house in FL 🌴😎 yesterday after being gone for 3 weeks and SANTA also came here! OMG the kids were SO EXCITED! They got to use the basketball hoop, drove Kierstens princess carriage around the neighborhood, which is HUGE and practically needs it's own garage spot HAHA, and they got to ride their bikes around! They attempted to go fishing in the pool with their new fishing poles 🎣! It was funny! They had a blast, slept like a rock last night and today it was back to school!

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Tomorrow morning we will be back home! 🌴😍 #tropicalparadise Flip flops here I come!

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Kathi Reuter updated their cover photo.

Hi and WELCOME!!!

If you stumbled across my page, let me tell you a little about myself!

My name is Kathi, and first and foremost I am a mom to Landon (3) and Kiersten (2), a wife to Nick, and a retired 2nd grade schoolteacher!


I am ALSO a Top 40 Elite Team Beachbody Coach and a 10-Star Diamond. I LOVE my Team Forever Strong!

So, what can you expect to find on this page?

- Fitness and nutrition tips
- Mom related tips - stuff that applies to us BUSY moms!
- Motivation and inspiration - I LOVE getting inspired and sharing that inspiration with others!
- Fun stuff about my life & family that maybe you can relate to!

If you want to get in touch, please send me an email at! You can also visit my website at



xoxo - Kathi — with Katherine Reuter and Nick Reuter.

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Happy 70th Birthday to the best parents in the world!! We had a great time celebrating YOU BOTH yesterday! Love you 😘❤️xxoo 🥂

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Team Forever Strong is BOOMING!!! Check out our Top 10 coaches on the team!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Kristin Lorey Fricke Courtney Bordeaux Jennifer Johnson Schultz Zach Fricke Amy Davis Angela Marietti Lamiman Rosanne Wilkinson KTVande Kim Fortner and Erin Waszkiewicz for being the top coaches of December!! They are the top 10 coaches out of thousands of coaches on our team!! 🎉🎉🎉

These coaches make NO EXCUSES for their business, they make it a priority because it's not a chore ...or a burden for them but a BLESSING! They hustle with heart and truly love helping other people while also continuing to work on themselves!

The beauty about this business is that this doesn't have to be your full time gig!! It's a pretty sweet side business that can earn you some extra money to go toward whatever you want it to go toward! These coaches we are celebrating today are a combo of full time time teachers with children of their own, physician assistants, and stay at home mom's! At one point in time they said "There is no way I have time for this!" But here they are rocking it out at the top of our leaderboard! And they all run their business when they want, where they want and from their phone! They call the shots because it's their own business!

These coaches have big DREAMS, a clear VISION of how they want this business to change their lives and aren't afraid to work for it!!! Best part - they love what they do and are making a difference every day!!!! I am so PROUD of them all!! xxoo If you know any of these ROCKSTARS, make sure to take a second and congratulate them because they earned it and are doing amazing! Love you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Does anyone else feel like they literally can't function until they have their coffee ??!!!

I'm a total #coffeeaddict and so NOT a morning person!! So until I get my coffee - stay away because I'm a total b*tch on wheels!!! 😂😂

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I'm sure we can all think about a time where we said....."ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'm sick of feeling this way and thinking so negatively about myself every time I look in the mirror! I just hate it!" Maybe that's how you feel right now and are just READY for a change!

I am beyond EXCITED to kick off our brand new 80 day group on JANUARY 15TH!!! I mean..... SERIOUSLY....look at these results! She looks amazing and more importantly LOVES the way she FEELS about herself! This is pre...dicted to be THEE BEST program ever to be released!

Here's why I KNOW this is going to be the program that gets me back into the BEST shape of my life and how it is going to be a GAME CHANGER for YOU!

Every single workout for all 80 days is DIFFERENT! So I will never get bored and constant muscle confusion will be taking place which means CONSTANT changes in your body! You won't ever plateau! 👊

And what's really KEY and something that I need so badly in my life???? The thing that REALLY holds me back??? My nutrition!! I need so much help in this area! But this gives me a nutrition plan that tells me exactly what to eat and when to eat!! I'm always wondering exactly what to eat late night when I'm hungry OR what to eat before and after my workout and it's all layed out for me! I need things that are simple to follow so I stick with it, otherwise I feel overwhelmed!

So if you are like me and want a change and want to feel better and everything you've done in the past hasn't worked, then THIS is something you'll want to commit to with me starting January 15th! Our support group is already filled with motivated women who are ready to truly COMMIT! Want to hear more and reserve a spot? Shoot me a message or comment below with "ALL IN" if you are serious about changing your life!! 😘😍

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Well 2017 is just about over! Don't you just LOVE the idea of a BRAND NEW CLEAN SLATE?! A brand new year with SO MUCH POSSIBILITY! Life is just so unpredictable. You have to just go with it and when things don't go your way you have to ride the wave, learn from it and KEEP GOING!

I'll admit this past year was a doozy for us and just weird. We had SO many changes and challenges thrown our way. We moved out of our first home we had for 10 years in MA, lived with my parents f...or 9 months until we finally found a home we loved in FL 🌴🌞, relocated to a completely different state away from everyone we know, enrolled Landon in full day K, had to find a new preschool for Kiersten, Nick lost his job and was able to find a new one right away, & had hurricane Irma make a direct hit to our new home not even 6 weeks after being there and had to evacuate. This year wasn't bad, it was just a lot OF CHANGE & it's hard for me to get into a routine when there is so much change going on constantly.

I always tell myself that everything that doesn't happen the way you had hoped it would, is just a learning experience and makes you stronger! You control the controllable!! With all the CHANGE we had, we also had so much GOOD. I think the highlight of 2017, was that we finally got our dream home by the beach that I had been working toward for 3 years! And even though it was stressful that Nick lost his job, it led him to an even better one!

I'm so HOPEFUL for what 2018 will bring!!! I just know it's going to be AMAZING! I hope it brings you PEACE, HEALTH, & HAPPINESS. And I hope it gives you HOPE and courage to pursue whatever it is you've been wanting to do! No matter what happened in 2017, it does not have anything to do with how your 2018 will go! This is our new beginning! 😍I'm ready for ya 2018 and I'm coming at ya full speed ahead so watch out!

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I am really #missingpalmtrees 🌴 right about now! This Arctic blast is brutal and to top it all off both kids have been sick with fevers and coughs. 😷🤢

I always dreamed of having a beach house! Like would fantasize about how nice that would be!!!! To be minutes from the beach, wake up to beautiful sunshine 🌞 every day, have palm trees surrounding me wherever I went, and to see pretty blue skies all the time! Just a TROPICAL PARADISE! When I was in college, I actually had... posters all over my room of the beach!! I never thought it would become reality though. And I had no idea HOW it would happen considering all the debt we were in.

It took me 3 years to make that DREAM come true! I knew what I was doing BEFORE wasn't going to make it happen. So I did something DIFFERENT! I became an entrepreneur! I worked from home owning my own business as a health and fitness coach! I had the vehicle that was going to allow me to LIVE OUT those dreams. I had casted that VISION, made my vision board and then worked toward it little by little every day! There was no magic or luck to it! Just little ol me taking ACTION and having a NEVER QUIT attitude! ✌️

As we approach 2018 I am even more EXCITED then ever before! It's so awesome to have a job that allows you to DREAM BIG and then can actually make them come true! Maybe YOU have some DREAMS you wish could just become your REAL LIFE! Maybe you were like me and have always wanted a beach house but just never knew how to make it happen! Whatever it is.....let's CAST THAT VISION NOW and work toward it during 2018!

I'm looking to mentor 10 women in January who have big dreams! You want to.prove everyone wrong like I did, and live out that life?!! Then reach out because nothing gets me more fired up then working with people with VISION & people who are DRIVEN! Let's make 2018 FRIGGEN AWESOME! ✌️😘

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Nothing like coming back to visit the frigid cold weather and having both your kids feel like 💩 and get sick! Looks like we will be making a trip to the Dr tomorrow. 😷Tis the season I guess!

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Today I'm feeling #grateful ❤️❤️

And I want to talk to you guys about how DRASTICALLY different your L I F E can be in just ONE YEAR! 2018 is right around the corner so if you want CHANGE in ANY WAY or aren't feeling fulfilled then this is for YOU.....but FIRST I wanted to share a bit of my past with you, so hear me out! 😘

Did you guys know I use to be a teacher for almost 10 years before having children of my own? Had a master's degree too! Then we had 2 littles of our own.... And about 3 1/2 years ago were faced with EXTREME STRESS and EMBARRASSMENT. Because we were living off of one income we were in MASSIVE DEBT, had completely depleted our savings account, and we're sinking by 1k a month and OH the STRESS!!!!! My dream of being home with my children was about to end......THAT breaking point!


One simple decision to TRY this business completely changed our family's future!! Like COMPLETELY! It allowed me to be HOME with my kids, retire at the age of 32 from teaching & never have to go back because of this at home business!! Earned me 6 figures in just a year & got us out of debt! Gave us a growing savings account, & allowed us to move to our DREAM HOME just minutes from the Beach! It's allowed us to travel to so many places and make so many incredible friends along the way! It's allowed us to give back to the people we love! It's been one of our biggest BLESSINGS in so many ways. 😍

This morning I was thinking to HOW DIFFERENT our life is NOW just because of that one simple decision to TRY! Gosh, it's been 3 1/2 yrs now! I'm my own boss, make my own hours and was able to leave FL for 3 weeks to come up and visit family in MA! I can spend some quality time with the family and still collect a paycheck.

SO.....are you ready for that change?!! You want to feel that EXCITEMENT again?! Work from home either part time or full time and get paid to help others? I'm looking to personally MENTOR 10 people in January to build a business! But I'm looking for people with GOOD WORK ETHIC, people who are AMBITIOUS, PERSISTENT & FIGHTERS! I want GO GETTERS! If you think that's YOU then send me a message or comment below. This could be YOUR YEAR! 😘

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Who's still STUFFED, feeling like CRAP about themselves and is ready for a SERIOUS CHANGE come the New Year!!?? DAMN I just can't wait!!!

You've heard me RAVING about the new 80 Day Obsession program created by Autumn Calabrese, that was just released a few days ago right? I mean SERIOUSLY........ Check out these incredible results guys!!! OMG my body NEEDS this in my LIFE right now SO bad! I can't wait to get started with this come the New Year!

About 3 1/2 years ago when ...I started on this journey I had 35 pounds to lose after having my kids and COULD NOT get rid of it!! I had tried EVERYTHING!! The ONLY thing that helped me get into the BEST SHAPE of my life back then was Autumn's 21 day program!!! NOW with her new 80 day program it's predicted to be THEE BEST program to have ever been released!!!

So.....You going to be around January 15th so we can do this together and make some awesome changes right away in 2018?! I've had to open up 5 more spots because my group totally filled up with over 100 people in just a few days and I REALLY want to be able to help YOU!

I LOVE how there are no repeat workouts for all 80 days with this program! You know what that means?? No getting BORED and constant muscle confusion so your body never plateaus and keeps CHANGING! SIGN ME UP!! LOL

My body needs SERIOUS change and I'm even more excited to be able to be in an exclusive group with Autumn every day so she can give me even more support!! The opportunity to work directly with the CREATOR of the program??!!! AWESOME!!

We kick off our group January 15th and I have 5 more spots available!!! Trust me they will fill probably within the next hour! HAHA Comment below with BRING ON 2018 if you are ready or send me a message! Let's do this!! xxoo

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