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According to the fine folks at Civil Gore Podcast (, "Daniel Britt, who played the grizzled marshal, could have been snatched out of any western. He was that good." We tend to agree-he's that damn good.

Hear that, and more, on the rest of the show, starting around the thirty minute mark! Bonus points because Tim and Brian have fantastic radio/podcast voices. Ha.…

Welcome to Episode 49! We have a packed show this week as we check out a very recent release - Irish ghost story THE LODGERS! In our FIRST CHOP, Tim takes a huge swing at his Backlog Project with HOUSE OF DRACULA, THE WOLFMAN, ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN,  DON’T BREATHE, HUMA...

*knocks the dust off the mic*

Revelation Trail has been out on DVD and other outlets for a while now, and we want to thank everyone who has supported the film in one way, shape or form for the past few years (and beyond). You guys are awesome. And, we're excited to announce that just recently the film has been put on Amazon Prime Streaming, meaning, if you've got a prime account, you can watch it for free, in high definition (and the transfer, from what bit I saw, looked fant...astic).

Here's hoping this is the first of a new round of cool things happening for this film, the fans, and more major projects with these filmmakers I call my family.

So please, feel free to share it far and wide; if you know anyone who might be in to the film, now is a GREAT chance to check it out.

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A frontier preacher's life is destroyed when a gruesome power consumes the land; he now must make the choice to give in to ruin, or find his purpose in the fight against the mysterious undead. Joined by the town lawman, the two men learn the extremes they're willing to go to in order to make it to t...

The crew of Revelation Trail has been silent, but not inactive. We've all had various projects we've been cooking up, completing, working on, etc, and even a few that are set in the same realm as Revelation Trail. We've gone our separate ways, come back for smaller projects together, gone back our separate ways. But, we always get brought back by this shared experience.

But, I figured it would be a crime if we stayed silent on this, the fifth anniversary of our wrapping of t...he production. The time has both flown, and felt like a lifetime.

Thanks, everyone, for being fans of the film all these years, whether you've been here since day 1 or since year 5. Liking our page, encouraging us all those years ago, and constantly asking "what's next?" It's meant so much to us.

I debated on what to share out on this anniversary, and decided to share my favorite article written by my co-producer/co-conspirator/lead actor, Daniel Van Thomas. It's a note I come back to periodically when I need reminding of what that time in my life was like, and have my students read when they want a taste of what life in indie production can be like.

I so hope that when we get the gang back together, my body will be able to survive another round of this...

-John Gibson, Director

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This article originally appeared in Bazooka Magazine in August of 2011, just after we had wrapped the first leg of Revelation Trail's production. As our winter shoot approaches -- & all those things I mention at the end of article are remedied, as I knew they would be (the beast is seen through) -- I wanted to share it...

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I recently had the chance to be a guest on the Talk Hard podcast with the gang over at Walk Softly Films. A fantastic trio of filmmakers I met years ago at the River's Edge Film Festival, we chatted for a long while about filmmaking, Revelation Trail, life in general, Phinneas Gage, and the best Star Wars film among other things. It was a blast. And you can learn what I wanted to do before being a filmmaker...

Some language might be NSFW. But, I mean, if you are liking this page you like a film about zombies eating people. So, language is proobbbbaaaaabllly not an issue, right? -JG

Blake Armstrong is a poster designing machine, and also the guy who helped me come up with the concept for Revelation Trail. You've seen his work on Revelation Trail's digital cover (NOT the retail cover), "The Dooms Chapel Horror," the short film "End of the Road," and now he's working on much, much larger projects.

Way to go, Blake. Way to see your dreams come to fruition.

Blake Armstrong

So most of you know my love for Ghostbusters -- it was very literally the movie that made me fall in love with movies. Well, I finally got to make an actual poster for the ACTUAL GB franchise. Dreams come true boys and girls. #ghostbusters #ghostbusters2016 #dreamcometrue

This new Taiwanese one-sheet for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot features the four specter-hunters alongside their secretary Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) and that lovable gluttonous green glob, Slimer...

Our friends with The Dooms Chappel Horror, an independent film shot in the Paducah, KY area (where many of us hail from), have just released their feature length found footage film today! It's available pretty much wherever DVDs can be purchased (Walmart, Amazon, etc), iTunes and other VOD outlets.

We share many crewmembers/actors, so it's awesome to see RT folks and WKY folks continuing to do awesome projects. Congrats to director Johnny Holt and producer Christopher Bower, as well as all involved, in seeing the release of their hard work! Also, it's way, way cool to see Bill Oberst, Jr., on screen in this one. He's amazingly creepy in this, in the best possibly way.

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"Revelation Trail is an underrated indie that explores the depths of humanity inside a zombie apocalypse. The film contains more personal drama than action, which sets it apart from many of the zombie films available."

Honored to be part of this list of films posted by Horror Freak News. Thanks for the mention, and the compliment!

(Speaking of ratings, if you have a few moments, feel free to share some love on Amazon or IMDB--or both!)

What is your favorite zombie movie?

What are the best zombie films?

Our cast members just can't stay out of the horror genre! If you're into blood splatters and lycanthropes, take 11 minutes to check out Daniel Van Thomas (our very own Preacher) in the indie werewolf short, End of The Road Movie. (And if the poster art looks familiar, that's because we share the same artist in Space Boy Comics!)

Holy cow. I'm still tense from last night's episode of The Walking Dead. No spoilers here (and please don't post any in the comments!), but wanted to share this follow up image of Lee Vervoort on the show. He's in several scenes as one of the not-so-nice folks, but this is the best image I can find. He's sitting on the blue truck, with the machete.

Way to go Lee! Glad to see that instead of going out to get help for Preacher, you ended up time traveling, grabbing a machete, and becoming kinda an a-hole.

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Very excited to announce that a strong supporter of Revelation Trail (and cast member!), great Western Kentucky filmmaker, and good friend Lee Vervoort will appear in this week's Walking Dead finale. Keep an eye out for this face, and pray that he gets a shovel quickly in the zombie apocalypse. We know for a fact that those don't run out of bullets.

Lee portrayed Dr. Adlai Morris (pictured here), the town doctor that Preacher first rushes to see a third of the way into the film.

This dude's put his blood and sweat into filmmaking...glad to see good things happening for him.

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Got a wee bit giddy this evening; looks like the shovel over the shoulder look is totally in for the zombie apocalypse. #twd #talkingdead #shovels

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There are few souls in my life that I can count as being made of 100% kindness and love. Carole Emery was one of these individuals, and today, she left this world.

Carole, and her husband Tim, were the first to believe in our project outside of our immediate families. They were the mother and father we didn't have when we were on set. The kindred spirits who would move Heaven and Hell to see that we were taken care of, both physically and emotionally. They fed us. Looked us. Kept our spirits high on days when the cracks were starting to show and dark times seemingly loomed ahead. And they never asked for anything in return as we killed zombies and rode horses through the town that they had built from the ground up.

And we were not unique here; my facebook feed has been flooded with posts from different filmmakers and others expressing their gratitude for Carole's love and kindness. If you had the pleasure of stepping into the Emery's home for a homecooked meal (which, on our very first visit to location scout, Carole had cooked a feast fit for kings for these awkward filmmakers she had never met before), then you were family to her and her husband.

Carole helped make a lot of dreams possible. She helped create such a wonderfully amazing home for everyone. She was there when we announced that we were having a second child (at my son's birthday party at Copper Canyon Ranch), and when we found out we were having a girl, we knew in a heartbeat that she would carry the name of two of the most amazing people we ever knew: Emery.

Carole is on the far left in the image attached to this status. My daughter, Emery, is on the far right. And in between are just a small handful of the people who were impacted by this woman's time on earth.

Carole, thank you for being a part of our lives, and more importantly, thank you for believing in so many people. I look forward to some day sitting down at a table with you again and enjoying a homecooked meal.

We'll see you at the end of the trail.

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One of the things we tried to do was have a variety of zombies in Revelation Trail--some fast, some slow, some even an homage to the original Night of the Living Dead (the barn zombies in RT). This video, if you've not already seen it, is a great look at zombies throughout the ages, some of which are even new to me. Enjoy!

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100 Years of Zombie in Video

A whole bunch of Revelation Trail alum collaborated on Pheromone Party, a super-creative comedy pilot recently released for free online. It makes a great companion piece to Star Wars. One or two of you are Star Wars fans, right?

A story of idiot actors, Los Angeles, and Star Wars. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

We've been far too silent in recent months, and for that we apologize. We've fallen victim to the usual, "Movie's been released, on to other projects!" trap. However, know that those other projects have some connections in the RT universe, some don't (but are equally awesome) and we'll be sharing info as it develops. But, it was good for this great review to awake us from our slumber. Many thanks to Undead Review for the kind words!

A preacher and a marshal in the American Old West are forced to reexamine their lives when a horde of zombies destroy their town and send them both on the run.

Good on Kentucky, and good for Kentucky films. A look at the state's new film incentives in action:…/3971358_lights-camera-tax-credit-…

Filmmakers say Kentucky's new, more generous film incentive program will provide work for local crews, performers and sound mixing and editing companies that otherwise would not be in the state. Detractors of the program, however, claim that the crew jobs provided are low-wage, short-term jobs that…