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  • Minister1994 to present
    Ordained as a minister of the United Church of Canada in 1953, I retired at 63, Dec.31, 1994--after over 40 years of service.
  • Labourer1946 to 1947Wabana, Newfoundland and Labrador
    In Conception Bay, nine miles from St. John's (Day)--June 25, Founder's Day
About RevLindsay
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    In 1994, chose to think of myself: Now self-directed and re-directed servant of life, not just retired from life.

    Ordained in 1953, Jean and I became the first minister/teacher team at Happy Valley, Goose Bay, Labrador, NL.

    OUR PHILOSOPHY? The holistic integration of body, mind and spirit--soma, psyche and pneuma.
    With a nod of respect to Rene Descartes, who coined the phrase:
    "I think, therefore, I am." may I put it this way:
    I AM, therefore, I have the power to think, act do and grow.

    Thinking leads me to find the knowledge I need to guide me to understanding and wisdom.

    Wisdom leads me to the people I need and to the people who need me.

    Willpower, Wisdom and Action lead me to be truly free, in tune with and connected to that which I call:


    In my opinion, G~O~D is not a supernatural and human-like being--one who exists within prescribed dimensions.

    I like to think of G~O~D as that which is in, through and around all that is; that which Generates, Organizes and Delivers all that is Good, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, OPTIMISTIC, OPPORTUNE & Delightful.

    Note: I used the ~O~ with tildes (indicating process). I can sometime use the zero ~0~ .

    WILLPOWER--the power of choice.

    I repeat, it is a power we all have--beginning with the Zero, ~0~ We are designed to be at one with what I like to call G~O~D. Here the ~O~ symbolizes the ALL that it Good, Opportune and Desirable.

    I am, therefore, this very hour,
    I have the gift that's called WILLPOWER.

    It is the mighty power to CHOOSE,
    To always win/win, and n'er win/LOSE.
    To WILL, to think, to know, and act,
    A powerful and love-filled fact.

    I can choose to be so sad,
    So very angry, or very glad.

    What e'er I choose to think and be
    I try to act creatively.

    When life's a win/win game,
    No need for loss and shame.
    I choose to learn the how
    Of living in the NOW.
    June 2, 2013
    I AM! And when I'm nice and still,
    I have the power to say, I WILL.
Favorite Quotes
  • When good people do nothing evil prospers. Therefore, being neutral is to side with evil.