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The Trump administration fired this photographer for leaking proof Trump was doing the opposite of draining the swamp

LA Center Studios:
"LA LA LAND 2?? Nope; just a commercial being shot at LA CENTER STUDIOS, which I happened upon on my way to an audition there..."

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3 Billboards:
"At Variety/Film-Struck's screening of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri , the 3rd Oscar-nominated film I've seen in about as many days. Followed by another fascinating panel discussion afterwards, with director @Martin McDonagh, and actors Sam Rockwell, Abbie Cornish and Darrell Britt-Gibson. Well-deserving of its Oscar noms, for sure -- it will be interesting to see how the Academy votes on March 4th..."

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Finally saw the gorgeous The Shape of Water last night at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, followed by a fascinating Q&A with director Guillermo del Toro and actor Richard Jenkins.
Afterwards, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jenkins about our shared acting experiences.
And after the throng of fans around Del Toro had dispersed, I leaned in and said, "I don't want your autograph, I don't want a picture with you; I just want you to put your hand on my head."
He did.
T...his morning, I awoke with a full head of hair.

(Those who've seen the movie will get the joke)

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Ask Me Anything* –
2017 short film about a celebrity who's exposed as a sexual predator while live online.
(Very current)
Directed and produced by Rowan Russell
I play the celebrity's agent, Phillip.


[Note: This is my THIRD appearance as a sexual predator this year! CLEARLY I'm an actor who doesn't shy away from the controversial roles.]
Also starring Joe Slaughter Amanda Spinella

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Big Time Rush* –
I played a Maitre D' in this popular Nickelodeon series in 2012. That's the famous Paramount Pictures Gate behind me.

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Beyond Sunset & Sunrise –
An experimental film shot in 2013 by an artist couple from the Netherlands, Persijn Broersen | Margit Lukács which premiered in art museums.
Their website contains a description of the film as well as CLIPS, which may be useful:
My co-star in the film (and wearing the red dress in one of the stills) is Nancye Ferguson , ex-wife of Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, and a celebrity herself.

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Hope everyone enjoyed the barrage of #SuperbowlCommercials yesterday! I was happy as a clam (taco) to see that my Taco Bell commercial played all weekend long leading up to the game -- and seems to be getting a lotta buzz all over social media.Loved working with Director Joseph Kosinski & Josh Duhamel (virtually, at least)!
Here's a li'l BEHIND THE SCENES photo from the shoot, taken outside the famous Los Angeles Times building, where the spot was filmed.
(PS. If you haven't seen it yet you can view it at

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Please keep an eye out for my LATEST NATIONAL COMMERCIAL for Taco Bell it originally aired during the NFL’s #NFCChampionshipGame!!!
However, you can also preview it here:

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Richard Tanner Who?

Turns out, there are conspiracies everywhere, not just in government. We’re talking DEEP FRIED secrets, folks!
Taco Bell NFL

DID YOU WATCH ————————-——> during the NFC 🏉—> CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!

Coming to Lifetime in January, "The Two Coreys" - a feature I shot this year, about sexual abuse in Hollywood (sadly, even more timely in light of recent revelations.) Hopefully, it will help shine even more light on an issue which has long been swept under the carpet.
You can watch the trailer now:


Who Says Guns Don't Kill People? Wake up, America, and smell the burning gunpowder...

Guns don't kill people? Really? Here are the facts: In every country around the world, stronger gun control laws have drastically reduced the number of gun-r...
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Creatives Collective Corps

Running the country is child's play — at least according to our 45th president. Here, his carefully considered, politically complex, and profoundly sophisticated policies for making America Great Again are carefully explained by some of his intellectual peers.

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Richard Tanner is with Vance Sanders.

At another taping of @MIDNIGHT with Chris Hardwick , with my good friend, the talented VANCE SANDERS. (Check it out this Thurs, 5/18, on Comedy Central)

For all you SILICON VALLEY fans, the 2nd episode of the season, entitled "Terms of Service," in which I play "Bill," the head of "Hooli Chat," aired on 4/30 on HBO2, and will re-air on 5/13 at 12:30 pm PST. And, of course, it's available On Demand anytime.


A producer at CBS saw the interview I did for ABC, and asked if I'd give one to them, as well. It aired this morning, nationally, and will re-air locally this evening, in the 6:00 hour, on CBS in Los Angeles. I guess the story has "legs," as they say...…/impostor-scams-surpass-identity-t…/

American consumers reported losing more than $744 million overall to fraud in 2016, averaging roughly $1,000 per person victimized

If you missed the interview I did for ABC7, exposing a devious phone scam currently making the rounds, here, as promised, is the link. Forewarned is forearmed!

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Posted by Brandi Hitt
Brandi Hitt

Heads up if you haven't served jury duty in awhile, or have skipped out on it entirely. The LA County Sheriff's Department is warning families to beware of scam...mers, claiming that you owe fines, and they're posing as deputies. Richard Tanner nearly fell victim, and says it's a sophisticated operation.

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#TBT to the job I had working on CYBERHOOD, a best-selling video game back in the 90s. I played a patient in a mental asylum who thought he was President Abraham Lincoln.

(And now we have a President who many people think should be in a mental... never mind.)

In the storyline, not only did I think I was Honest Abe, but I was also a philatolist (look it up) -- who affixes stamps to his album using a large cow tongue.


(Vegans, you may wish to stop reading, now.)

They had me use a REAL cow tongue from a butcher. As the shoot dragged on, the effect of hot lights and no refrigeration combined to heat things up; not enough to cook the tongue... just enough to produce an unforgettably pungent aroma...

Ahh, the glamour of SHOWBIZ!!!

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