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Hung Le
· December 30, 2017
Bought two brand new Jetson Beam eletric scooters in green just yesterday. We charged both of Beam full then went for a stroll. A mile in hers starting feeling funny. Her rear tires is completely Odd. Then I checked mines and it’s nearly flat... what the Elf!?? We had to carry both our scooters a mile back home. And the range is a bunch of lies. Up to 15 miles??? After a mile both of our scooters were reading about half 60% life left. I doubt this thing would even last 5 miles on a good day. Did some googling on the internet and just about everyone had this issue it seems. A completely faulty rear tire/wheel design that causes leaks and a way overly exaggerated range. It’s a dam shame because the rest of this Scooter was beautiful. Construction seems solid and looked nice. Featured were awesome. But a nice car is still useless without wheels. Will be returning both back to target. See More
Angela Cooper
· February 19, 2018
Okay, so I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I bought my son two Jetkarts for his two hoverboards. The weather in Kansas City clearly is pretty crappy so they didn't come out of the box until today. My s...on has gone down the sidewalk to our neighbors house a total of 15 times. The first jetkarts front wheel was awkward and it shook. The first time he rode it we made him get off to fix the wheel but there was no fixing it that was just the way it is. So that's trip one and one jetkart down. Then we got the other #JetKart out and again the entire front wheel bent and the jetkart is not rideable. He rode the second one a total of 14 times up and down a very small stretch of sidewalk to my neighbor's driveway. I spent a lot of money on these two jetkarts. They were two of his Christmas presents!!!! Two of them that did not last 15 minutes!!!! I am absolutely disappointed and would hope that this company will make it right. See More
Monica Alvarez
· February 9, 2018
We purchased a jetson beam scooter for my son on Christmas....he used it once and it was flat! I have emailed and called your company several times and have not been helped. Your company did reply to... 1 of my emails saying they would contact me within 2 business days and to this day I'm still awaiting on the call and on the help.

This is not great customer service.. I paid a good amount to buy your faulty product and to this day my son has not gotten to use it. I am very dissappointed in the way you are handling my request for help.

Please contact and help me out as soon as possible, otherwise I will have to put a review online about the type of service you have provided for me. I didn't want to make a bad review but it is very ovbious the lack of care that you have for me as a customer.

Monica L. Alvarez - Gonzalez
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Lauren Brady Wood
· February 20, 2018
Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Bought my son the electric scooter for Christmas and the battery only lasted 30 minutes, if that. Sent it off for repair and that’s the last ...of I heard from this company. Absolutely no communication about what was done just received the scooter back about three weeks later, damaged. They did not repackage the scooter back correctly into the box that was shipped in so the sides of the wheels were broken off. They also sent it back without the charger so now we have absolutely no way to use this scooter. I have tried to call and email customer service numerous times and nobody ever gets back to you, But they sure have plenty of time to post on Facebook. Do not ever buy from this company!!! See More
Dawn Wilson Yeager
· February 7, 2018
My daughter received a v12 hoverboard for Christmas. It wouldn’t charge or turn on. Several attempts to contact company (because Target was out of stock) and didn’t hear back. Finally get a reply. The...y send a label to ship board back to them. They send a new board but the v12 isn’t available so we get a “comparable” model. New board comes and I open th box to find one side of the board in pieces and the other side is a wheel that is smashed into the board so far that it won’t even turn. Have again been attempting to contact the company. No response. Multiple calls and emails sent. Here we are second week of Feb and my kid still doesn’t have her “big” Christmas gift. Target has them in stock again but now I don’t have the v12 to return. So very frustrated. Might be time to call the attorney general after seeing the many, many negative reviews just like mine on this page. See More
Crystal Goldbeck Olson
· March 2, 2018
My son got the z5 for Christmas from Santa he used it for 2 weeks when it went off balance and he corrected it. Well when he did that the metal frame and plastic case snapped. He is not even 100lbs an...d it broke. I am glad he was inside and not outside. I emailed company they said they would send a new one and then send the broken one back. Well I received a charging cord. Emailed again they said send the broken z5 to us and we will send a new one. Ok I did that they received the broken z5 on Feb 9th. I have sent multiple emails to check the status of the new Z5 and see when the new one will be shipped and I have not gotten a call or email back from them. I am starting to feel as if this is a scam. See More
Michelle Laber
· January 3, 2018
We bought a Jetson V12 hoverboard for Christmas from Target. Upon setting it up, the Bluetooth will not connect from any of our devices to the hoverboard. We cannot make any changes to the hoverboard ...because of this. Our first email to Jetson was sent on December 26, 2017, since then we have sent 3 additional emails to Jetson, called 2 times and left 1 voicemail. We still have not received a response. I must say that we are very disappointed. I’m not one to leave bad reviews, but with the lack of response from Jetson I feel this is necessary.

UPDATE: January 27, 2018
I have now sent 8 emails. I did receive a response from “Kelsey” stating the hoverboard was on backorder for another 5 weeks and offered to switch out of defective hoverboard for another model or we could wait for the v12 to come back into stock. I responded to the email, but of course I’m still waiting on a response.

This morning while at Target, I noticed they received a shipment of the Jetson V12 hoverboard’s. I was able to switch our defective one out for a new one. Thank you Target for doing this for us!!!

Now, the Ride Jetson App isn’t working so I can’t set the hoverboard up! Come on Jetson, get it together!!!
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Todd Snyder
· January 16, 2018
Bought the V8/jetkart combo for my daughter for Christmas. The hover board seems very nice and rides very smoothly. The issue is with the jetkart. First time she uses it with the jetkart attached and ...the front wheel falls off while in motion and at speed! Fortunately no injuries! Unfortunately the front swivel assembly that holds the wheel was damaged and the jetkart is no longer useable. Tried contacting customer service but calls get a “thanks for calling but we’re not answering phone calls” message then hangs up. Emails don’t even get that courtesy. In short, hover board good! Jetkart bad! Hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with customer service to get the jetkart fixed eventually. See More
Kim Marshall Peters
· January 12, 2018
I must say I took down my prior review. Once contacting this company thru FB customer service has been excellent and they have went out of their way to accommodate myself and son!!! His v12 he receiv...ed at Christmas did not work properly , the foot sensor was defective. Although it could not be repaired an alternative was offered along with a different cover to make the color of my sons choice!! We were disappointed the exact board could not be replaced but the new one stats are actually better! Thank u Jetson for making this an easy transition and helping my son get back on a board!!! See More
Kayla Locklear
· November 23, 2017
We purchased the jetson green beam. On your website you advertise a red one; however, we cannot find a red one anywhere. We purchased the green one and overall a very nice scooter � but a few For the price I thought it was only fair to leave a honest review for consideration: 1. The kickstand is to short making the scooter unstable. The scooter will fall over if the wind blows or not on a completely flat surface. You have to maneuver the handle bars around to much to find the sweet spot. 2. The end of the handle bars pop off then the scooter falls and are a pain In the rear to reattach. 3. When the scooter glitches the rider will be thrown off. The scooter will come to a complete stop mid-ride. My rider has a quarter size bruise on hip and road rash on hands. Ours has glitched twice. My kid was almost afraid to get back in it. 4. You have to lay the scooter down or on its side to close it. I wish the directions would have stated this fact before I almost broke the release lever trying to fold the scooter. 5. I wish the red beam would have been available as stated on your website. Seems deceiving if the red is not even an option. Overall the lights, speed, and handle bar adjustments are awesome but I am frustrated with all the extra work needed to jump on and ride! I was going to leave a 3 rating but I do love the lights and the Bluetooth options. The jetson beam electric scooter is almost the best scooter ever! **** update one tire went flat and the end of the handle bar pops off See More
Amber Wright
· February 2, 2018
I wish I could review the product for it's performance but it doesn't have one since the hoverboard we purchased for Christmas turns off after it turns on so my daughter hasn't been able to use it af...ter 2 weeks. For the amount of money, the customer service is terrible and the product is trash. I have friends who have spent half of what I did and have had no issues. I have been calling and emailing for weeks. Submitted a warranty claim and still nothing. At this point I just want my money back. See More
Ashleigh Merkling
· December 27, 2017
I ordered a jetson v12 blue board from target for my son on Christmas we open the box and it had no charger came with it. Such a disappointment my son has not been able to ride this since Christmas. T...arget can’t do anything for me because they are not in stock. I’m so upset for my 9 year old this was his big present and he can’t use it. How do u send a product and guarantee with a charger and you don’t put anything in box. Now I have this product and nothing to do with it. This is a huge disappointment. How do I fix this? I am not paying for a charger!!! It’s Wednesday and he still can’t use his Christmas presents. See More
Kalia Spasbo-Coyle
· January 18, 2018
I'm extremely disappointed my husband and I got our son a hoverboard for Christmas. He was over joyed with his gift he didn't care about anything else. But he only enjoyed it for less then a month due... to a defective battery. I have emailed this company to see if they will do the right thing for our son and have his gift fixed or replaced. There is no reason at all that a battery should not charge after having it less then 30 days. If they do what's right I will take my 1 star down since my son loves it so much. See More
Katie Williams
· February 20, 2018
Customer service is terrible. I have had problems with the hover board since about 2 weeks after purchase. I sent the board back to be repaired and had to threaten them to get it back. When it was r...ecieved back in our possession the cover that is on the wheel was cracked and broken. Now they will not respond back to any emails and you can't get in contact with anyone on the phone!!! See More
Rob Gerszewski
· January 2, 2018
Bought my daughter a V12 hoverboard for Christmas from Target. Upon opening, both wheels were severely damaged although the box showed no signs of damage. Target did not have any left in stock, so the...y said contact Jetson directly. 3 attempts have been made and they still have not replied to my requests for help.Looks like we will be returning this to Target and shopping elsewhere. Customer service does not seem to be a strong point for Jetson. See More
Mike Scorsone
· February 6, 2018
I bought 2 Jetkarts for my kids last Christmas -- BOTH of them had issues with the front caster wheel. I called the toll free number provided on the Owner's Manual for warranty issues. Was told by a... recording they were experiencing "Higher than Normal" wait times and to leave a detailed message -- I did. Weeks later still no reply. SO then I find their online site and a warranty claims section where I had to describe the issue, upload pics and my receipt -- I did all of this -- 3 weeks later still no reply. SO then I contact them on their FB page over a week ago and send them a PM stating that I really didn't want to slam them. SO fast forward -- Jetson has now made contact with me and are replacing the defective items. See More
Charlene Allee
· January 5, 2018
We bought 2 Hoover boards from here for our kids for Christmas and one came broken. I have called numerous of times and it always states "no representatives are available at this time." I'm beyond mad... with this company especially after spending all of that money and it is broke and they won't even return your call! Never buying their products again! See More
Laura Youngs Wilson
· December 28, 2017
Update: 1/17/18..after a poor review of customer service, a jetson representative contacted me via facebook messenger and sent me a fed ex return label. She was very helpful and professional. I retur...ned the defective device and they upgraded the replacement at no additional cost. Shipping took about a week to send back, week to ship the new one to me. Received it today and so far the new hoverboard is working as expected.

12/27/17. purchased a jetson Z5 eclipse for my daughter for Christmas. Only worked for 1 day then only one side would charge. When we tried to power the hoverboard off, it wouldn't shut off at all and starting smelling hot. I called several times and left messages with no response and also emailed with no response. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this product and the customer service. My daughter is heartbroken that her "big" present this year is broken and no one will even respond to resolve the problem.
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Kristen Bohac
· January 15, 2018
I bought this as a Santa gift for my son and the front wheel broke the first time he rode it. I have not received any response from the company other than we’re busy and will get back to you when we, but that was over a week ago. I’ve called but no one answers the phone and now one calls back. We are stuck with a $300+ Santa gift that doesn’t work. See More
Jared Cullop
· January 2, 2018
Jetson shipped me the wrong item. They messed up, but they are human. But real people in the US got with me by email, FB Messenger AND by numerous phone calls (from the same person!) to make sure that... they had the situation resolved to my satisfaction. These people are REAL people. My kids have also had other brands of hoverboards, and it's obvious that the Jetson is of a much higher quality than boards that cost the same amount. I'm impressed by this company, their products, and the way they fix problems. See More
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