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Sharon Marie
· December 3, 2017
Very disappointed in the way the bar is currently ran. Bouncers with huge egos, and are just looking for a reason to fight. I hate it because George built a legendary bar, and the new management is running it into the ground. RIP George Rider See More
Sydney Kindley
· December 9, 2017
Damn I cant even put a half star...I wouldn’t waste my money on this shit hole if I tried. Please bar me as well! Shittiest bar in randlemen. Bartenders sucks, bouncers think their billy badass when t...heir all jokes. On and to top it all off, the woman running it is running it in the ground. So if you want to go to the biggest POS bar in randlemen stop on in. See More
Brandi Timbers
· November 12, 2017
Well where do I begin I came here on Friday night over a week ago and the little 12 year old dj running around and dancing and then he paused the music to teach one woman a line dance lesson and then ...cussed 2 other ladies out about it. And then when the music was playing and lessons was over he talked the whole time it really sucked. The bartenders talked me into coming back on Saturday night so I did and now here is where I am a little pissed the 2 bartenders work there ass off they have to wait on every customer without breaks because the owner must not know how to staff the place the bouncers work there ass off also while the owner runs around to the customers that she thinks has money and talks pure shit about her employees that are working there ass off to just keep the doors open. In my eyes the owner of riders is a unappreciated bitty she needs to know that we customers don't come to that place because of her we come because we like the place and the staff but for the owner to under staff then talk shit about the staff that she does have. Yes I have seen reviews of bartenders being slow so I asked both what the problem was here it is folks before the dj who talks the whole time started one of them would have to stop to just play music for us and the other would have to run to get the waitress something or a customer needed something in the bathroom then they would bust there ass they only have 2 hands and with judgement of the owner she doesn't supply these girls with effective tools to be fast I seen for my own eyes the girl had to change the pourer 3 times and why because all 3 were messed up. So lets not bash these girls or the bouncers lets put fault at where fault is due the owner who wears her off the shoulder shirts like cave women acting like she is better than anyone else and we all know that she would not have a penny if it would not have been for the passing of George rider first time back since George passed away and the last time till the owner is a different one and closing on Friday nights now we all know what it will be next a big FOR SALE out front. See More
Kristina Cook
· December 5, 2017
The only reason they are getting a 1 is because 0 isn't an option. Have always liked coming here, been doing so for YEARS. However, new management has GOT to get it together. Twice in a few months n...ow I have taken off of work from my weekend job to see a new band I love, and Riders has canceled them both times by saying they overbooked. See? Bad management. Get it together, Riders. I know of EASILY 40 of my acquaintances that were going to be there Saturday night. Not to mention how many other folks because the 421 band has gained quite a following. I won't return to Riders unless they make this right, and I can say the same for MANY other folks. See More
Jojo Gordy
· November 13, 2017
I had been a Friday and Saturday night patron every week for almost 18 months. It was awesome...that was 3 years ago. My cousin and I went this past Saturday night and it was not a great experience! W...alk in , go to bar to get beer , waited about 6 minutes had to call her over then she walks away, finally brings beer. Never acknowledging my cousin standing beside me. The bar tender turned and went to her friends, pizza and cell phone. I had to loudly say can she get a beer.....there were not many people there at 8:30 so there was no excuse for the ignoring us or the wait. Then the guy with the mic......oh hell the naw! Most annoying experience ever! Take that mic from him!
We will never make that 1 and a half-hour drive again. George must be rolling over in his grave!!! The bar never got busy or a good crowd....I can see why! Exceptional band tho...
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Sandy Craddock DeHart
· November 5, 2017
The bartenders were slow and acted as if their phones were more important than waiting on the customers... it must have been hard rock night because there was nothing country about last night. I had ...heard about how great Riders was but wasn't impressed at all. See More
Patricia Gann Harris
· July 12, 2017
This club has been one of the longest running nightclubs in North Carolina for going on 30 years others have opened and closed we have great employes , great bands, and bartenders that make a great mi...x drink ..cold beer and what more could you ask for oh did I mention pool tables...come out and check us out we would love to see ya !!!! Thank You See More
Ronnie Wood
· December 9, 2017
Just found out, I was barred from Riders in the Country ,,, don't guess you can stand behind your brother when he tells a bouncer that his ole lady is a whore and shouldn't be giving blow jobs in the ...parking lot ,,,, but I've been a patron for 25 yrs and nothing like this when George Rider was alive , it's truly a shame the Patricia gann Harris can't see the real truth about her new staff See More
Tim Parks
· August 8, 2017
Been to Riders many many times over the years. Also worked there for a good while. Went to the wrestling show thete Sunday. Ive got to say the place has definitely changed since George passed away. all though still a good place to enjoy yourself. R.I.P. Poppa George!!!! See More
Linda G Vaden
· October 28, 2017
This place is awsome and has great bandsbandLove coming here staff is great nice atmosphere. ...
Johnnie Spivey
· November 17, 2017
I played there last sat night .. the bouncers didnt jump anyone.... a guy got shoved to the floor...after he was told to stop trying to fight....
John Smith
· March 5, 2018
Riders not open back up it been close down for 4 months now go find a new place to hang out everyone
Jamie Grant Frazier
· November 17, 2017
Like to know who seen the fight this past Saturday night at riders with the bouncers jumping 2 guys... Riders got some bouncers with some attitude I hear
Randy Ortiz
· August 4, 2017
There are no perfect places, but Riders is about as good as there are around The Triad. You can find fault with all of them. Just because you don't always see the justice doesn't mean there isn't any!
Jeremy Gagnon
· December 4, 2017
They double book bands and dont honor the shows after bands are told they are booked always changing stuff up on a dropp of a dime. All bands be ware
Ed Thomas Shoe
· August 20, 2017
They aloud us as The Country Boyz to host a benefit for our brother in need. With that on behalf of The Country Boyz we all send a BIG THANK YOU. Like always great staff they show love and respect wea...ther it be a benefit or just a night out its a home away from home never be disappointed at all with riders or staff.
IF you not been you should.
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Sharon Brinson
· October 15, 2017
It was fun.. plenty room to dance .. wish their was food there .. popcorn 🍿 was ok
Sherry Whittington Williams
· October 22, 2017
My friend and I came out Saturday night for the first time. It was very boring. The band was ok but over all WHAT A DRAG !! We payed 10.00 to get in and was there one hour!! Didn’t empress me much !!
Thomas Fortner
· October 23, 2017
Great place. Good people. Great times. Laid back. Live band every weekend. Come on out and see for your self.
Christy Musick Lockhart
· October 26, 2016
I wouldn't step foot in this place currently. If they had a manager that actually knew how to run a club & kept bar business straight, they might have a chance. All the drama & bad business g...oing on being constantly made public, terrible business practices, terrible service, etc... I don't know who would even want to be here anymore. George's legacy has been turned into a complete & shameful joke. How absolutely pathetic. I expect 2018 will be the year Riders closes the doors for good. Took inept people less than a year to kill over 30 years of hard work & a touch-stone of greatness for the area & community. :(

"love this place!!!! Beautiful bartenders! Great service! Nice big stage for the bands! You know I LOVE me some George Rider!"
** I posted that a couple years ago, when the legend that was George Rider was still alive & running things...
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