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Party Time Aruba!
RioTGeaR ~ b2b ~ Christopher James (Part 1)

Shanghai Vibes at Ultra China

Had a blast warming up for Stephan Bodzin, Sasha & John Digweed in Shanghai. The slot came as a surprise as Nic Fanciulli was supposed to perform but he couldn't make it and I was lucky enough to fill in. It's always good fun playing tunes for people in a foreign country because you never really know what to expect. You just show up, do what you do and hope to walk away happy which luckily was the case this time around. Still trying to find some more pics but thankful to have this one at least (-:

🔊 Set Available By Request 🔊

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January 10
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Posted by RioTGeaR

I just realized that it's been well over a year since I last released a mix of my favorite tunes...

For a number of reasons, I typically prefer to record & release live performances as opposed to studio crafted sets because, among other reasons, it saves me from my over-analytical self.

When it's live, it's more about empathizing with others and my best attempt to make them happy within the constraints of my library with no time to second guess. In the studio, however, I g...uess it's more about coming to terms with myself. What music really & truly inspires me? What story do I want to tell? What is my best attempt at telling it and what is the minimum viable product that I can proudly present to the word & declare "here is a piece of me, take it or leave it".

Well, self doubt be damned....423 mixless days of silence is FAR too long. I'm feeling my current library of jams & very much looking forward to commencing work my next studio compilation tonight.

In the meantime, here's is my last best attempt at a proper studio 84 minute journey of dance music that winds its way around my brain, compiled for Deep House Amsterdam.

Down into the rabbit hole i go...

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RioTGeaR - DHA Mix #241
Deep House Amsterdam
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QUESTION: If you promote yourself as "showcasing the best in rap music" (from her bio)...a genre of music that OVERWHELMINGLY advocates the objectification of women, cheating, stealing other guys' girls, drug use, inflated egos, name dropping, the pursuit of fame as a self indulgence, etc etc etc ETC................should you be able to, in good conscience, stand on a podium declaring statements like:

"All DJs are narcissistic and sociopathic egomaniacs"

"They will never lov...e you more than they love themselves or their followers."

"They also firmly believe that who they know is a real part of who they are. They will spend countless hours name-dropping and telling you stories about being backstage with Diplo, Steve Aoki or Skrillex (especially if you haven't slept with them, yet), knowing full-well they will never be a fraction as successful as their "close DJ friends."

"they’ll tell you they love you behind closed doors, but never actually tell people you're together."

"your DJ crush will woo you with drugs, alcohol, and an after-party, but really, you'll be serving as arm candy while they talk to their friends about memes while siphoning drinks from a friend's bottle."

"They’ll be more inclined to post photos with people they think are famous or will elevate their social status than ever posting a photo of the two of you."

"THEY. WILL. CHEAT. No, it's not a stereotype, it's an actual fact. No, you did not find the good one – they’re probably cheating on you right now as you read this article."


OPINION: Your article is sad. How dare you promote music that advocates all the same things you complain about while throwing shade at people like me (and my friends) who are nothing like you and the "DJs" you apparently date. Get better taste in music & maybe your reality will shift towards a more positive direction. At the very least.....change the title to "5 Reasons You Shouldn't Date a Rap DJ". And lastly, shame on me for deciding to share this and send more clicks. I guess I'm in a mood...

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Regina Garcia Dyhouse, known to the DJ world as Gun$ Garcia, has carved out quite the lane for herself in club-land since moving from Washington, D.C. to Philly to attend Moore College of Art & Design.

Is there anything more fun than drinking beers on a Friday night while blowing a bunch of money on Beatport in preparation for an awesome gig? Probably. But it is most definitely pretty high up there on the fun list!

Very much excited to head back to that one happy island to play at Love Festival Aruba tomorrow night and party with my friends!

Cheers, World! 🍻🍻🍻

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Posted by RioTGeaR

While going through an old hard drive the other day, I stumbled upon the video from this live broadcast I did from Ultra Japan back in 2014. 3 years later and this is still probably one of the best sounding stages I’ve ever performed on…..not to mention it looked pretty damn cool. When I arrived to play the set I had no idea what the setup was like, walked into this shopping mall that was next to the festival where I was told the stage was, walked down a flight of stairs what felt like a basement, opened a door and stepped into this massive audio & visual production with hundreds of people. I distinctly remember kind of clutching my chest as I made my way to the center of the room to take in this sound that was so crisp & shaking me down to the core. Basically the kind of sound system a DJ dreams to play on because your tracks have never sounded so damn good before. Inspiring stuff! In fact, when I went to play my first song I couldn’t contain myself and came right out of the gates hot with my best song….which is something that you typically try not to do ‘cause you want to save some tricks up your sleeve but I was pretty much like “FUCK IT. SET THE BAR HIGH AND FIGURE IT OUT FAST”. The set turned out pretty ok….not the best but I guess they can’t all be.

So anyways…..thats most of the story. After rewatching the recording I couldn’t help but have some fun and cut a few video loops out. If you care to watch the full hour long performance the link is below. Cheers 🍻

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Oldie but a goodie! It was a lot of fun throwing down this set at Ultra Europe back in 2016. Party was in full swing when I took over the Arcardia Afterburner from 3-4am with 360° of people from all over the world getting down & dirty. Good times! Kinda puts me in a mood to turn out another peak hour slamming set....

Download: I had an incredible time playing 3-4am on The Afterburner, surrounded 360° by people from every corner of world. The energy was unreal

😂 Take Note: How to mess with friends that are clubbing when you're miiiiiles away. Rachel still gives me shit for this. I coulda gone waaay farther with it though, she should thank me! 😂

Have I mentioned that I love Tokyo? 😂

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Year after year, Love Festival Aruba proves to be one of my most favorite events to attend. With sand between your toes, bass in your face, island vibes & proper production it's pretty hard to have a bad time.....but the cherry on top for me has always been the good people I've met & friendships earned along the way.

So yeah...genuinely looking forward to returning in November. For those that join us...hit me up & lets enjoy a drink together!


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Finally get to experience one of the best venues in the world, Red Rocks. Long time bucket list action going on...Thievery Corp with my brothers!

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DENVER: Join me this Friday in TheLounge at Beta for a Progressive Tech/no jam session where I'll be crafting thick vibes alongside Josh Wetherington & Teragram
( ◣ _ ◢ )

Event Page:


(track forthcoming & untitled)

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So proud of our team and incredibly inspired by everyone that I have the privilege to work alongside! Next Up: Resistance Ibiza - Week 02

"Resistance made a spectacular debut in the clubbing capital and with several parties to go during this residency and numerous world class bookings confirmed, it promises to be a big summer, if you’re living in Ibiza or on your way, make sure you get your tickets in advance, this party is going to be a monster."

Sasha & Digweed Get Resistance Debut Off To A Flyer

In Session In Seoul

'( ◣ _ ◢ )'

Photo by Rukes

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Can someone please hit me on the head...?

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Posted by BBC Two

Meet the man who bumped his head and woke up with a brand new talent…

Honored to warm up for Sasha & Nic Fanciulli in Vis with my good friend Roman Nicolai!

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Excited to kick off the 2017 Worldwide Tour tomorrow!

Catch me on the Resistance Stage at Ultra Korea inside of the Olympic Stadium in Seoul this Saturday.

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