Heading to PAX Australia today? Come check us out! We had only two groups defeat the boss so far. Will your group be the third? Don't forget to grab your free ship skin as well!!!

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Hey Everyone! Stardrift Nomads is on sale currently 25% off! Also we just put out our first major content update that you can read about here:…/steam-summer-sale-and-the-nebulous…

The Steam Summer Sale is under way, get Stardrift Nomads at a discount and our first content update, the Nebulous Update, is live.

Hey everyone! We are going to be streaming some Stardrift Nomads in about 30 minutes! Come on by and chat!

Stardrift Nomads Hype!

Stardrift Nomads is out now! PC and Mac Support with Cross platform multiplayer!

Stardrift Nomads is a dual-stick shooter with a focus on cooperative play and retro action. Build and upgrade 12 unique towers, customize your ship to fit your play style, and seize victory with up to 8 players!

Did you miss the livestream? Watch the whole thing on youtube!

The Devs play some campaign and then try to set a high score on the hardest difficulty.
Intense retro space combat and cooperative survival mayhem.

Hey everyone! We will be streaming some gameplay of Stardrift tonight at 7:30pm est over at our twitch page Feel free to come by and hangout / ask questions in chat!

Stardrift Nomads Hype!

Want More Info about our latest game? Check out this awesome website Riley put together!

Intense retro space combat and cooperative survival mayhem.

We've got a brand new teaser of Stardrift Nomads! Check it out! Stardrift Nomads pits 1 to 8 players against the vacuum of space and all the dangers it contains. Players can select one of three dif...

Hey all! Stardrift Nomads is now in beta! If you would like to try out the game and give us feedback on what works and what doesn't, head on over to our forums at and sign up!

Thanks everyone who dropped by the booth and checked out the game! Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Heading to Arisia to set up our booth! Hope to see some of you there!

Hey everyone! We will be setting up a booth at the Arisia Sci-fi convention this Sunday to show everyone the latest build of Stardrift Nomads! Drop by and try it out if you will be there!

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Thanks for watching and chatting last night!! If you didn't get a chance to tune in and see the updated game that's alright! You can watch a recording of the whole stream right here!

Just a little over 2 hours until stream time! I'll try to answer any questions anyone has about the game in chat! Tune it at 7pm EST

We are planning to start the live stream tomorrow at 7pm EST. Hope you will stop by and hang out in the chat!

Stardrift Nomads Dev Stream!

Hey everyone! Stardrift Nomads is really starting to come together! We've added tons of enemies and skills since BFIG and want to show them all off to you! We are planning on doing a live stream over on this Friday night! Come on by and ask about the game or just hang out and watch!