Rise of Clans updated their cover photo.
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Round 7 Begins 11:25 AM March 10.

Prize is $50

Here's a Changelog:...
* Ranking Points Updated. How points are rewarded can be found in the advanced game guide.
* Attack Gain Reduced to 1 Per 15 Minutes.
* Efficiency Loss and Gain have been increased.
* Range for Gold Taken during an attack has been expanded, the new range is now 10-35% instead of 20-30%
* Units and Upgrades have been added and adjusted.
* Army Camp prices now increase every 10 Camps instead of 15

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Round 5 is Now Live with a $100 Prize!

Round 3 was another great round!

The surprise was the new player Luna_Moonfang, defeating 2 time chamption matrix who came third behind Shozen.

There are a few changes going into round number 4.


Ranking Method Change - Ranking now looks at the combined attack and defence numbers instead of ground attack, air attack, ground defence and air defence as separate ranking categories.

New Units - A couple of new units along with some upgrades have been added to fill in a few gaps and provide additional options for army building.

Round 4 will run for 3 weeks beginning at 8:00PM Game time January 1, 2017.

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The Battle for the Round 3 Started!

Round 2 has started....Prize is now $100!

Round 1 has begun...join the battle and get a chance to win a 50 USD prize....

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Rise of Clans updated their status.

Rise of Clans aims to be different by rewarding it's players for the effort they put in. For the first live round there will be a $50 Prize for the winner. Start playing now to get a hang of the game.

Rise of Clans is officially in Beta, if all goes well the first official round will begin shortly with a $50 Gift Card Prize for the Winner!

Rise of Clans updated their cover photo.
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