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Sha-boom. I've got a brandddddddd new podcast episode for you hot off the cooker (minor miracle as this past weekend I got the stomach flu or something stomach-flu like...yuck!).

Anyway...I'm bringing on (insert British joke here...tea/the queen/etc.) Nick Stephenson to talk about a super cool subject (spoiler alert: ebooks).


Specifically, how YOU can use ebooks to grow your business (not just ebooks for the sake of ebooks...there is a strategy behind it). And if you don't think this is important or don't have the time then you need to DOUBLE-Y (wait is that a word?) pay attention to this. Trust me.

For those of you who don't know, Nick is a best-selling thriller author in England (Leopold Blake series) and then took my Create Awesome Online Courses course a few years ago. He realized he had a passion and expertise to teach other authors how to build their readership and created a course called Your First 10k Readers. Since then Nick's courses have exploded (meaning multiple 7-figures) and he has helped authors rock it all over the world.

The interesting thing is when Nick decided to create his course he didn't have an email list of authors he wanted to reach (because his best-selling books were thriller books...he didn't' necessarily have an audience of authors yet). So he got to work. Here is what happened:

Nick was able to grow his email list from 0-4,000 in 3 months.
And then over the next 11 months, he took his list from 4,000 to 27,000 (!)

How in the heck did he do it? (and how can you use the exact same strategies for your business?)

You can guess by now Nick's biggest marketing secret was in fact ebooks (hence the spoiler alert at the top of this email). Yup, freakin' ebooks!

So, I invited Nick on the podcast this week to share the ENTIRE ebook strategy with you step-by-step.

We are talking everything from:

-Why you should write a book…specifically an ebook (the answer might surprise you!)
-Nick’s special term “Reader Magnets” why it is a game-changer (and how to use ‘em)
-The biggest mistake people make with ebooks (hint it involves your business) and how to avoid it
-The simple tools for writing, editing and getting your book uploaded EVERYWHERE (including the grand-daddy of them all…Amazon)
-An Amazon “price matching” trick to maximize the number of people who will download your ebook
-Behind-the-scenes of my upcoming ebook (including the strategy)

You can listen up right here:


PS: The title of this week's episode was 100% approved by Nick haha

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One thing we don't see enough of (in my opinion) is people talking about their failures.

People LOVE talking about success but then if you ask them about failures you will get all kinds of spin i.e. "Well it wasn't REALLY a failure..."

Because contrary to popular belief, business is not all rainbows, sunshine, and lollypops (although that sounds fun).


As you know this week I've re-launched my podcast (after podcasting from 2008-2013 and taking 5 years off I'm bacccckkkkk) with three brand new episodes (nab 'em all on iTunes right here:

In the first episode, I talked about why I decided to come back to podcasting and what you can expect from the show.

In the second episode, I went through my entire business model (aka how I make money) and where the ideas for each successful product/online course/software came from.

Today with Episode #3 I'm deep-diving into 2017 (yes, last year).

I’ve never done anything like this before so what I’m going to do in this episode is break down 2017 including what worked (yay!), what didn’t (BOO), lessons learned and revenue numbers.

You'll learn about huge wins (there are many!).

You will learn about big fails (there are many!).

And you will learn where we ended up.

There are definitely some uncomfortable subjects in this podcast and I don't shy away from 'em.

Anyhow...for your listening enjoyment I present you one of the juiciest pieces of content I've created in terms of "behind-the-scenes":

2017 In Review (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) & Revenue numbers:


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It's funny.

Whenever I meet someone new and they ask what I do, I literally sigh. And then I ask them if they are ready for a 10-minute conversation (and that's just the Cliff's Notes).

Inevitably, it goes something like this:


"So, what do you do?"

"I have an education and software company?"

"Oh. Errr...what do they do?"

"Well, the main thing is we help people create and sell online courses. Most of my customers are personal brands, experts, coaches and people like that who want to learn how to create an online course so they can make money and help people on their own terms and often punch one-on-one work in the face."

(long pause)

"So how did you get into that?!"

It is quite the story

So, I decided to literally tell it all piece-by-piece on The Rise To The Top podcast.

Meaning everything from how I got started to my business model (including exactly how we make money aka our different "buckets) and all kinds of behind-the-scenes juiciness.

I'm also going to share with you where the idea for each and every product came from.


Not only is it therapeutic for me (HAH!) and maybe I can save time in future conversations ("I break down the entire story at") but I know from my experience I LOVE learning from behind-the-scenes of people's businesses. It's inspirational. It's interesting. And it fires me up (and makes me think of ideas for MY business). That's what I'm hoping this episode will do for you:

You can listen up right here:


PS: In case you missed the memo my podcast launched this week with THREE episodes. You can binge-listen to them all on iTunes (and make sure to subscribe up!). You can also subscribe in many different ways right here:

PPS: MUCH appreciated if you could give the show a rating and review on iTunes. Your love keeps me going and creating for you!

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Today is the day my friends!

Now in case you are wondering what is going on here is the deal: Podcasting was actually the way I started my total 2008. Back then I did interviews with all types of entrepreneurs on local television in St. Louis. Then, I took those interviews online using this "new thing" called podcasting (no idea that I was way ahead of my time LOL) and eventually started recording the episodes online and publishing them (with over ...

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Today is the day my friend!

Now in case you are wondering what is going on here is the deal: Podcasting was actually the way I started my total 2008. Back then I did interviews with all types of entrepreneurs on local television in St. Louis. Then, I took those interviews online using this "new thing" called podcasting (no idea that I was way ahead of my time LOL) and eventually started recording the episodes online and publishing them (with over ...

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Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 13th) The Rise To The Top podcast is baccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I'm freakin' pumped.

Much to come tomorrow (including links where to listen to the shows/how to subscribe/etc.).


For the "launch" I'm releasing three episodes at once so you can binge your sweet little heart out (they will go up at 9 AM central which is 10 AM eastern/7 AM pacific).

Rollin' solo in the first three episodes and here is the spoiler alert on the topics:

Episode #1: I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

-Why I decided to bring the podcast back (after stopping in 2013)
-What the heck I’ve been doing since 2013
-What to expect from the brand spankin’ new The Rise To The Top Podcast
-How we are launching the podcast with three episodes
-Who helped me get the podcast off the ground
+ much more

Episode #2: Breaking Down My Business aka How I Make Money

-Going to break down my business and business model -How we earn money (different buckets) like I've never done before (completely behind-the-scenes cool stuff)
-Where the idea for my top courses and software came from + much more

Episode #3: 2017 In Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (and revenue numbers)

I've never done anything like this before so what I'm going to do in this episode is break down 2017:

-What worked (yay)
-What didn’t (FAIL)
-How we ended up (revenue) in 2017
-Other craziness
-What I’m focusing on in 2018

More to come tomorrow!


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This. This is why I do what I do.

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Excited to head down to Scottrade Center today to watch Mizzou vs. Georgia basketball but first just wanted to share these BIG wins from two of my Create Awesome Online Courses students who I'm super proud of.

Two massive false beliefs ("myths") out there:

1. "Only online courses that sell are courses about making money" and that's 100% FALSE. Although there are plenty of awesome courses out there that teach business skills and making money (which is great and what I do!) are thousands and thousands that don't.

For example, Mark teaches people how to be an "Un-boring wedding officiant"

Rachel teaches people how to quilt.

2. The second false belief is that if you don't have a 7-zillion dollar course launch and instantly buy 6,000 Ferraris that you are somehow a failure.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your course is a product and a long-term asset. Your launch just gets the ball rolling down the hill and there are plenty of things to do from there.

Just one sale can be a game-changer (and massive confidence builder)

In fact, Renae Christine (one of my most successful students) had a couple thousand dollars on her first launch and continued to build and build from there and last year did nearly 2 million in sales (I'll get her on the podcast to talk about that!)


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WHOOP the countdown has officially begun. March 13th. The return of The Rise To The Top Podcast. Many more deets to come including links to where you can find the show and oh-so-much more #letsgetthepartystarted 🎉

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“My business isn’t growing!”
“Well...what do you do all day?”
“50% of my time is spent on Facebook getting into fights with people and looking at exes, 25% is talking about what I’m going to do, 15% is complaining that I can’t figure out a piece of tech and the remaining 10% is scrolling through Instagram.”


Fun fact: this is the reality for many people (as much as they don’t want to admit it)

Another fun fact: Everyone has limited time. Focus on your revenue-generating/business building activities FIRST. Always. Mkay? Promise?

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The date is SET for the return of The Rise To The Top Podcast. 💥💥💥

Tuesday, March 13th. Mark your calendars 🗓️

More info to come but will have not 1, not 2 but 3 fresh episodes hot off the presses for ya.


(and BTW if you have suggestions on topics/things you want me to cover lemme know #BOOM)
Here is the official description of the show:

"The Rise To The Top with David Siteman Garland podcast is a look behind-the-scenes (the good, bad, ugly and hilarious insanity) from David's (aka DSG’s) multiple 7-figure online business (#938 on the Inc. 5000 list in 2017). DSG’s education and software company teaches awesome people how to create and sell online courses through his #1 program Create Awesome Online Courses and Course Cats software. Tune in for stories, tips, advice, behind-the-scenes craziness and uncensored, uncut interviews with friends, industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and much more. Topics range from fun things like online courses to online marketing, building an audience, content creation, copywriting working remotely (and from home), advertising, and learning from successful entrepreneurs. Get ready to learn, be inspired, and laugh as shenanigans are sure to ensue."

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Over the past 10 years between growing my own business (#938 on the 2017 Inc. Magazine 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies) and thousands of my customers/students who have created & grown successful online businesses…I’ve been thinking about the patterns that I see over and over and over again.

Meaning…what types of people are successful and what types of people aren’t?

A few observations:

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A quick shout to Bryan Kesler who sent me this message this morning.

🏦Bryan’s course helps accounting professionals pass the CPA Exam Guide and he continues to build his online course business year after year and just hit a BIG milestone.

Welcome Bryan to the 7-figure club!!


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A busy Dad of two little people (and husband) Bryan is the the epitome of hard work and being consistent. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Bryan first came out with his course in 2015…and just to add some perspective that is prettttyyyyyy darn fast to get to 7-figures.

Check out Bryan’s great stuff at

And based on Bryan’s accounting background I don’t think he is going to spend that 7-figures in one place 😉

If you want to get started with creating, promoting & profiting from your own online course a great place to start is this free training:

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Big news my friends!

Very excited to be bringing back the show that started it all in 2018. Will be full of interviews, behind-the-scenes and oh-so-much-more about entrepreneurship, online marketing, online courses, etc with plenty of shenanigans and antics. Be on the lookout 😜

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Hot off the presses new video...How To Create A Successful Online Course: Do you have enough experience?

This question came from Jessica in my Create Awesome Online Courses program who was worried about if she was experienced enough to create a successful online course.

The good news is I have a quick two question “test” you can take because every online course creator must have one of two things to be successful.


Every online course creator must have one of these two things…

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Do you have enough experience to create a successful online course? Every online course creator must have one of these two things (based on a question from a...

Looking for our next rockstar to join our growing team...we are hiring once again: Community Manager & Support 😀

We’re looking for someone who thrives on the feel-good satisfaction of making people happy, believes they are a master of communication, and laughs in the face of danger (ahem, problem-solving 🤔)…

If you think that describes YOU (or someone you know) ...
All the details found right here:

This is a completely virtual, full-time position. This means you can work wherever your heart desires, whether that be your kitchen table, the coffee shop, or your Grandma’s basement.

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