U1000 finals, and Phoenixville TTC is there!

We are growing! Help get the club a new table, every dollar helps!

The Rising Phoenix Table Tennis Club (located in King of Prussia, PA) is raising funds for another table. We need around $700 for a new table, which will be added to our existing tables. When we have 20+ players, we could really use an additional table, to keep everyone playing instead of sitti...

Hello all! Aspiring Champions has asked that you bring exact change when paying for the night. Thank you for your cooperation.

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April 13

Congrats to the winners at the 2017 PA State Championship, held here at TCTTC last weekend. We look forward to seeing you and more at June's Philly Open. Regist...ration details will be up in the next few days!

1st - Sherif Shoela
2nd - Allan Alva
Semifinalists: Gabriel Skolnick, Thomas Yu

Open Doubles
1st - Choor Sime Oh/Thomas Yu
2nd - Allan Alva/Gabriel Skolnick

Juniots - Under 18
1st - Normen Yu
2nd - Chris Timasonravichkit

Over 40
1st - Laj Ogunshola
2nd - Steve Lowry

Over 50
1st - Steve Lowry
2nd - Helen Raykhel

Over 60
1st - Helen Wilson
2nd - Gary Kennedy

Over 70
1st - Ilya Ovrutsky
2nd - Gary Kennedy

Under 1000
1st - Randy Stoddard
2nd - Tim Weaver

Under 1250
1st - Akash Agrawal
2nd - Randy Stoddard

Under 1500
1st - Frank Roth
2nd - Shawn Cai

Under 1700
1st - Marc Brockington
2nd - Zhigen Zhao

Under 1800
1st - Chip Rutan
2nd - Martin Norman

Under 2050
1st - Pavan Kumar
2nd - Jackie Feng

Under 2300
1st - Gabriel Skolnick
2nd - Sherif Shoela

Under 3400 Doubles
1st - Brian Hoffman/Frank Roth
2nd - Luogang Wel/Zhigen Zhao

Women's Open
1st - Helen Raykhel
2nd - Carol Xie

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Just sent out an email to see how many of you would be interested in a friendly tournament with old Phoenixville, Rising Phoenix, and Infinite loop players. Time and location to be determined. Let us know if you are interested. Also, if you don't get out emails you can email to be added to our email list.

I'm competing in four events! Who will I see there?


We raised $167 (some in cash) in just one week of starting our GoFundMe site! We had 17 players on Friday, and hoping to get that new table as soon as possible! Thanks to everyone who donated so far!

The Rising Phoenix Table Tennis Club (located in King of Prussia, PA) is raising funds for another table. We need around $700 for a new table, which will be added to our existing tables. When we have 20+ players, we could really use an additional table, to keep everyone playing instead of sitti...

Laj Ogunshola (highest USATT 2109) will be giving two 4 hour clinics on serves on Saturday, March 11 from 10am to 1pm and Saturday, March 25 from 10am to 1pm. ...Each session will cost $25 (you can register for both for $40). The session will be recorded and shared with participants. The topics will include:

1) Serve basics - location, height and spin and rules.
2) Getting spin on your serves
3) Adding deception to your serves
4) How to serve short and long with quality
5) Popular serves: pendulum, reverse pendulum, tomahawk, punch, backhand and reverse backhand serves.
6) How to use your serves to enhance your game strategy - serving to different players and styles.
7) How to use your serves to enhance your understanding of technique.


BIO: Laj Ogunshola has been playing tournament table tennis for almost 6 years, starting from a USATT ratingbof about 560 and worked with good coaches to get better in that time. He likes to share his knowledge and is notorious for having deceptively spinny serves.

If you have any questions, you can contact Laj at

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The club is considering different ways to raise funds to help improve the club via new balls, barriers, tables, etc. Thank you for participating in our one question poll. Your feedback is important.

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Holiday Greetings to Rising Phoenix Table Tennis players and friends!

REMINDER: Holiday Hours! The club will be open on Friday, December 23 and Friday, December 30 for normal hours 8pm-11pm. Steve, Brady, Chris and the usual suspects plan to be there ready for a challenge!

Thank you for making the club's re-launch a huge success. As the year ends and a new one begins, we are thankful for your patronage and look forward to playing more great table tennis with you in the fu...ture.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

Rising Phoenix Table Tennis

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Our 3 star Gambler Polyblended balls are back in stock - the fantastic of plastic and the performance of celluloid! Only $15 per pack of 36 balls, the Gambler P...olyblended balls are a perfect solution for players training for tournaments, but cannot stand the garbage performance of plastic training balls. These balls WILL fit your robot. These balls ARE the best option for a club or multi ball. And the good news is since it's not pure plastic, the balls can be tinted orange with no degradation in performance! Find the white here: or the orange here:

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Did you know the table tennis club is across the street from the King of Prussia mall? On Black Friday, shop 'til you drop then come hit 'til you quit!

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Stephen Good to Rising Phoenix Table Tennis Club of King of Prussia

We will be open the day after Thanksgiving, come on out and work off that Thanksgiving dinner.

Last day to register!

Registration is open for the Philly Open on October 29th and 30th at Trolley Car Table Tennis Club!

Our last tournament filled up, so be sure to register soon to guarantee yourself a spot in this one!

Sign up here:…/october-29th-and-30th-2016-…/