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  • VP Corporate DevelopmentJanuary 1, 2016 to presentSan Francisco, California
    Diamond Foundry is reimagining the diamond industry from “mine to finger” by operating a responsible, honest, and modern business. Diamond Foundry creates diamonds in California, 100% pure, responsible, beautiful.
  • FounderJuly 2014 to presentSan Francisco, California
    Happiness is one of the most inherent human pursuits. As humans, our personal happiness has a major impact on our productivity at work, on what we buy and consume, on our personal relationships and determines our social choices.

    BeingHappy: Measuring Happiness

    Using a data driven approach, our proprietary algorithm analyzes a user selected, emotional state across nine fundamental dimensions in order to determine their HappyScore. The app also collects data on ancillary variables such as weather, location, and health. Users can track their happiness correlate with these external factors.

    Ultimately, by quantifying and contextualizing users’ happiness, BeingHappy enables individuals, groups and businesses to find insights and take tangible action in their pursuit of happiness.
  • Co-Founder and CEOJuly 2012 to July 2014
    Objectiveli (http://objectiveli.com) is the best way to manage all of your organizations or personal goals and objectives in one place.

    Objectiveli is a web application that manages all your goals and objectives in Real-Time. Objectiveli keeps you and your team focused on your goals by providing unified visibility at all times. Objectiveli gives you a single place to view and track the progress of your or assigned objectives, eliminating the need for email, spreadsheets and post-it notes.

    Objectiveli drives Outcomes that matter, fulfilling your Goals and Objectives, instead of losing focus; managing day-to-day emergencies and “things to do”.

  • Entrepreneur-In-ResidenceJuly 2011 to June 2012San Francisco, California
  • CEO & FounderFebruary 2009 to September 2012San Francisco, California
    OrchestratorMail is an innovative application that brings efficiency to email communication. By fitting into your existing email platform, OrchestratorMail provides a simple, yet elegant structure to simplify the back and forth of email communications. OrchestratorMail effectively decreases email overload.
  • Founder, Board Member2005 to 2008
    The people who invented the dog hotel!
  • Partner2001 to 2005San Francisco, California
  • CEO & Founder1999 to 2001San Francisco, California
    The first cloud computing company, 1999
  • SalesJuly 1995 to June 1999San Mateo, California
    Loved working with @ankesh and gang. Eventually acquired by SystemsOne in 1999, and following worked for TMP Worldwide
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About Ritu
  • Ritu Raj is a serial entrepreneur, known for creating the largest chain of Dog Hotels in the world (Wag Hotels), founding product manager for SideCar (the first ride-sharing company), and in 1999 build the first cloud computing company, Avasta. He has raised more than $100M dollars for these ventures. Ritu is a visionary, designer, excels at bringing new products to market. Previous background in Enterprise (Sales, Operations and Management), Partner at Accenture, SVP of TMP Worldwide; managing $1.2B sales.
Favorite Quotes
  • It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.
    ~ Alfred North Whitehead

    An entrepreneur is someone who sees something missing in the status quo of living of our life, and its not necessarily a technology area, and creates a solution or system to fill the gap -- and is persistent to bring the solution/ system to the world against all odds, even when there is no agreement to the community around him.
    ~ Ritu Raj

    "There is chemistry in love, in business, in life, in nature. It is equal parts science, art, luck, and experimentation."
    ~ Japanese proverb