I'm RJ Hadley. I am a proud Georgia Democrat. My platform in a nutshell: Election Integrity & Security, Moving at the Speed of Business and Voter Education. I'm for working families, the disenfranchised and the voiceless. I will never shift my position to satisfy folks who will never accept me. Count on it! rj

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RJ stands for Election Integrity: Legislative action update on much needed new paper-trail voting machines in GA. We've been following HB680, co-sponsored by Rep. Scott Holcomb, but looks like that one won't move. Last week HB848 and SB403 came forward. These seem to have GOP leadership support and HB848 was dropped by Rep. Ed Setzler, Chair of House Subcomm on Sci-Tech. My biggest problem with 848 is that it allows Sec. Kemp to bid out voting machine contract BEFORE new SOS is in place. I'll visit Capitol this week to learn more. Will update then. thx, rj

I'm RJ Hadley. You know who I stand with!
Quick RJ Update: Macon tour of Professional Licensing Division, Sec. of State.

RJ stands for Election Integrity, Moving at the Speed of Business and Voter Education: After reviewing 3 new elections systems last year, I've done a deep-dive into HB 680 bill which will give us, among other things, paper verified voting. This is exciting BUT the proposed risk-limiting audit may not go far enough. I'm also concerned about local implementation across the state. Will keep you posted. rj

Reviewed 3 new elections systems at House Sci Tech subcomm meeting. Companies present were Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting and Hart Intercivic. ES&S system was tested here in Rockdale this election. They all had their plusses and minuses. Looks like costs will be closer to $30-$50 Mil and it will be phased in from metro out. rj

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Took a pause this month for some much needed family holiday vaykay. I've done Orlando with babies and Orlando with teens. Easier with teens but more fun with babies (and much less eye rolling at parents being silly! *grin*) Stay tuned. I'm back! rj

15% Latino discrimination while voting is unacceptable! ZERO voters should experience racial harassment while exercising their voting rights. I will never accept this type of bias for any citizen as your Secretary. rj

Even as 1 in 7 Latinos says he or she has encountered discrimination while voting or participating in politics, 60 percent of Latinos report that local government represents their views well.

So thankful for the growing group of Georgians that are willing to run with me across the finish line! rj

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Michael Helenek is with Adriana Helenek and RJ Hadley.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with RJ Hadley who is running for Georgia Secretary of State. RJ is a proven progressive leader who believes in equal opportunity for individuals and businesses alike. He'll move the State of Georgia forward!

Yes we're fighting for the nomination. Still, if it's good work, I'm going to recognize it as good work. I'm tired of all the political nonsense anyway. rj

RJ Hadley

Running for Secretary of State, I suppose it's not typical to praise your political opponent, but y'all know that's not how I roll. Congrats to Reverend Dr. Dee... Dawkins-Haigler who received an honorary degree as recognition for her global work on behalf of women & girls. Mad respect for you and I'll see you on the trail. rj

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Election integrity and security matters. Today's Secretary role is 80% tech and requires a level understanding of large-scale tech management. The knowledge allows you to hold your IT vendors/staff accountable and avoid this type of news story. I have that experience as a former network engineer, software developer and project manager. With RJ Hadley as your Secretary, you will have confidence in your vote and trust in your elections.

A computer server crucial to a lawsuit against Georgia election officials was quietly wiped clean by its custodians just after the suit was filed, The Associated Press has learned.

Brooks County in the house! Thanks for coming to Valdosta Miss Gibbs. rj

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Hello Team RJ! I'm being invited to more events around the state. That's a good thing! My campaign materials are going fast and it's time for another order. Also, due to numerous requests, I'd like to run my first batch of yard signs. If you can contribute today, I will greatly appreciate your help. Thank you very much for your support, rj

Join us! Contribute today.
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RJ Hadley

At Oconee Dems with Deborah Gonzalez running for HD 117 special election. rj

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Heading back down south this weekend. On Oct. 21, I'll be in Fort Valley in the morning before heading to Valdosta. Would love to see your smiling face and have your support! rj

Sat 1:00 PM EDTCity Hall Annex Valdosta, Ga 300 North Lee Street.

Please join me tonight in Watkinsville with the Oconee Dems! rj

Tue Oct 17, 20171 TimeOconee County Chamber of CommerceWatkinsville, GA
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Part of my Voter Education platform is to work with Pardons & Parole at the re-entry stage. Voting is
a key pathway to returning to law-abiding citizenship. Thanks Bridgemon for giving this man his voting voice back! rj

Bridgemon H. Bolger

At work making calls for a candidate for Mayor. I get on the phone with a man who has had a troubled past and believed he could not vote. I asked if he was off ...of papers and paid all his finds and he said yea. I also explained that we are only calling people who are already registered voters. He then said he would be happy to vote for my candidate because I took the time to explain to him that he still had a voice in our democracy. He then asked for 2 yard sides. Moments like this are exactly why I do what I do. Its not easy all the time but every once in a while it feels like my life has a purpose. I needed that.

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