RoadEatz meets up with #JoePerry to talk about his brand new line of sauces! #JoePerrysRockYourWorld!!! Check it out...

Smashing Satellites' Salvatore Costa recently visited the legendary Strokers Bar in Dallas. That's when he sat done with Joe Perry of Aerosmith to talk about...

Big thanks to Strokers Dallas and Pecan Lodge Catering for making Joe Perry and myself a killer meal. What a great day

Check out Joe's new line of sauces Joe Perry's Rock Your World!

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I'm in San Antonio!!! Where should Road Eatz pay a visit to?

Filming in SAN ANTONIO tomorrow at CREOLE!!!

Best meal you've ever eaten? WALL POST us!

Have a favorite local restaurant? Or are you a restaurant owner? We want to visit it and give it a try!!! Wall post us with all the restaurant info and we might be coming there for a visit in the near future.

Road Eatz... Virginia Beach!!! Check it out!!!

Stopped by Rock Fish in Virginia Beach for some bad ass food!!!

Me eating the sh*t out of that Datz burger!

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Datz veggie burger (mind you, I went with a bunch of people and everything on their menu was awesome).

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Datz appetizers! Sickkkkk homemade pretzels with pita and humus.

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Datz menu! Newspaper style.

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So... I got an invite to check out this American fine dining bistro styled restaurant called Datz in Tampa, Florida. rated them #2, but after visiting with the staff, eating the food, and experiencing their top notch service and atmosphere, I give this place #1. Tampa residents and surrounding areas... please take down this address if you are looking for a killlller place to hang out 2616 S. MacDill Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33639.

Tell them Sal sent ya!

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Me and Luigi, the owner of VILLA GALLACE. 109 Gulf Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach, Florida...

I'm Italian... and the do it right at that place! Eat your hearts out! Best Italian food in the state.

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Check it out... a new little Road Eatz segment...

This is what happens when you take like 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables and blend them together!!!

Check it out... I filmed a short segment for Road Eatz with Daniel Adair - Official Fan Page of Nickelback the other day! He came in to the dressing room right after I got off stage to talk about why he loves drinking Ciders. Enjoy!

Daniel came into my dressing room right after I got off stage the other night to drop me off some ciders, and to talk about why he loves them.

So... I thought I'd shoot a video on 'How To Use Chopsticks' for all of those who don't know how!!! Enjoy and 'Share' if ya like... \m/ \m/

So... I love eating with chopsticks... A lot of people think it's very hard to eat with them and that they'll never learn... which is soooo untrue... So I th...

Ran into some fans while shooting a segment yesterday!

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