Novel progressing...a little slower now. Holidays, day job, beer, donuts, the usual. Had weird idea about researching exactly how 200 degree oil would feel on the skin. Wife suggested this might be stupid. will I know if it's hot enough? Maybe a cooking "accident." (Don't tell wife.)

Welp, I guess I'll be focusing on my book a bit more now. No reason to watch the news. I don't hate myself that much. So, updates: closing in on 400 total pages, 70,000 plus words. Not for nothing, but the back story on new novel involves the end of the world. Don't worry, it gets better. As for the real world...your guess is good as mine.


I went to Maine for a few days and didn't write a thing. This seems wrong. How could land of King not give me inspiring nightmares? I did have one pretty spectacular giant robot dream, but I think that had more to do with a very hard bed. Oh, so hard. Back now, writing from my own bed, desk, whatever. Approaching 70 pages of fancy words. Word of the day: harbinger.

Work on fancy words continues. After writing a 200 page treatment, I'm back at the beginning filling in the prose. Now I'm only on page 20. Obviously, I need to use a bigger font size, at least until I'm further along. To the type depository!

Progress report on that book thingie. To date: 191 pages, 37,000 words, 1 pretty much worked out story. This was the outline that became a treatment that became most of the dialogue for the entire novel. Cool. Now I just gotta write all the fancy words. Like, 50,000 of them or so. No problem.

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Look, more posts! Just a quick note about the Portlandtown follow up: will it ever happen? Probably, but not as expected. Rather than a trilogy I believe I'll find a way to release the original book, which was twice as long the version published. Had the full story of the Hanged Man, Henry, and our heroes, The Wyldes. When? year? Sure, let's go with that.

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Remember when I said I was working on something all those months ago? Well, after a series pitch, a short film script, and a comic book, it has finally found it's true novel. Who knew? Started writing a treatment, couldn't stop. I'll try to be a bit more posty from now on.

Hey, it's been...a time. Too much of it really. But It's October and things always get better in October, so here I be, at least for a Facebook minute. Finally, making good on that Tako threat from June. Finally found the time. Got me a plot and everything! And it's gonna be live...action. Save for the octopus. He's still a toon. All I need is funding. Hey, no laughing. I gots...a plan.

This guy. Tako the Octopus. And when I say "mobile" I mean he's got wheels. An octopus on roller skates? Um...something like that, sure.

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June 6, 2015
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June 6, 2015
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For those online back in the early '00s... I'm currently working a proposal to bring everyone's favorite octopus chef back to life. Remember Tako? He's in the kitchen again. And this time he's mobile. Fingers (and tentacles) crossed.

Found this scribbled on top of my new novel notes:

“Simplify the story, complicate the characters”

Good advice. Let's see how that pans out.

Read SK's 11/22/63 again this week. Still love it. Also enjoyed The Martian by Andy Weir. Up next...maybe Portlandtown. Gotta re-familiarize myself with the narrative.'s possible I may still be a writer. Check back tomorrow.

It's beginning to look a lot like...

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One of these days I'm going to get the hang of this "regular" posting thing. In the meantime, please enjoy this missive from my late night tap tap tappings. "All You Can Eat Me" is now the name of forthcoming Has zombies, but it's actually a murder mystery. And there's a cooking show. (Used to write for Good Eats, so I know of such things.) Also contemplating another Halloween story. Currently working on 3...eventually one will stick. And Wyldes waiting for publisher. Slow. And frustrating. Sleep now.