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  • Dimensional Control Engineering SupervisorMay 2010 to presentWayne, Michigan
    Run CMM quality department for MAP on 2012 Focus
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About Robert
  • Great to be back in the D Baby

    Working too much and playing too little. Prefer to love life and looking for Alternatives. King of the Carnival, been there and done that twice
Favorite Quotes
  • You can't have extreme without the R
    Big Baller Just Passin Through
    Heavy Hitter In From Out of Town
    Hey Now
    What Up Doe
    What are youse doing
    Hey Hey Hey
    It's just my plastic Egg
    Time to Enter the Classic Vault
    If Im Here, and You're Here then isn't it our Time
    I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it and u can't proove anything
    Don't make me slap you down
    They should have called him the Dork