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  • Server/HostKingman, Arizona
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About Bobby
  • I'm an artist, and all true artists are ever-changing. There are so many things I want to do with my life.

    I'm confident in my belief, my talents, my looks, my life. I try not to come across as being vain, but some people see it that way. Everyone is good at something. How they chose to harness that energy - is up to them. The only thing that annoys me are people who give into the darkness. People who judge without knowing, or speak without thinking.

    When outside influences frustrate me, I try to channel that darkness through my art to change it, and learn from it. I do my best not to throw it onto the people I care about. Because they don't deserve it, it's mine to deal with. I'll take a walk to pray to the sun, and the moon, the God and the Goddess. Let anything that is bothering me be taken in the wind. I'm lucky enough to have good friends, a loving family, shelter and food. Which a lot of people out there do not have.

    Sometimes I feel that life had dealt me a bogus hand, but deep down I know that I'm capable of a lot, and am just getting started.
Favorite Quotes
  • Every waking moment is a chance to turn it all around.