UNSTOPPABLE.. The beast is at it again Randi Mellen ... Benched 185lbs.. Smashed her record by 35lb!! This girl is on fire󾭞🏻󾭞🏻󾭞🏻

Shoutout to @jordanehardy on one month of training accomplished and making big progress towards her lifestyle goals!! Jordan dropped 2% body fat, gained 5lbs of muscle, lost 3lb of fat mass and dropped 5 inches! 1% of body fat is considered excellent to lose monthly so great job on a month of hard work, consistency, discipline and dedication.

You have been like a sponge in this process, absorbing all the knowledge we have given you and then applying it so effectively to your everyday lifestyle. Keep up the amazing work, love having you aboard the @rockbodyfit team, working with you and your positive energy has been a complete joy! Xx 😘💪🏻

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Be accountable towards the language you use towards yourself. Our job is to work towards empowering ourselves to positive change and that happens when our mind believes it is possible.

Being your biggest supporter and encourager on your journey will be the difference between moving forward or remaining stagnant.

You have all the gifts and strengths you need to succeed, believe in your capabilities, accept your fears and failures but never give up and continue to grow.


The lessons learned on your journey help to recreate a new and strong relationship with yourself if you choose to persevere through those things that hold you back daily.

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