Yes, the book is out of print. But if you want a copy for summer reading, check out the LA Public Library. It's in stock!

My latest book is "Betrayal in Blue" written with Burl Barer and Ken Eurell. Burl talked about Tuesday:

NYPD officers Mike Dowd and Kenny Eurell knew there were two ways to get rich quick in Brooklyn's Lower East Side. You either became drug dealers, or you rob...

The new book, "Betrayal in Blue" is available for pre-order.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Available December 6th! Pre-Order Now And Save! They Had No Fear Of The Cops Because They Were The CopsNYPD officers Mike Dowd and Kenny Eurell knew there were two ways to get rich quick in Brooklyn's Lower East Side. You either became drug dealers, or you robbed drug dealers. They decided to do ...

The next book takes place in NYC at the time Christian Gerhartsreiter became Clark Rockefeller. "Betrayal in Blue." It will be available everywhere Oct. 25.

Frank C Girardot is with Ken Eurell and Burl Barer at 75th Precinct.

Nice story from Paul Guzzo of the Tampa Bay Times on our book "Betrayal in Blue." Due out Oct. 25 from Wild Blue Press.

Ken Eurell is known as one of the dirtiest cops in the history of the New York Police Department.

My new book, written in collaboration with Burl Barer, is titled "A Taste for Murder". It will be released March 8. You are invited to the virtual launch party.

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This is my new book. I hope you have an opportunity to check it out.

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Frank C Girardot is with Burl Barer.

Here's the book cover. You can pre-order on Amazon now!

"Getting Away With Murder" An 18-month project examined the scope of unsolved homicide in LA County. Here is a preview.

Inspired by a grieving mother’s text messages, reporters and editors of the Los Angeles News Group worked for 18 months investigating the scope of unsolved homicides in Los Angeles County. Titled “Getting Away with Murder,ȁ

Hot Off The Press!! We have a very limited number of copies of Frank's updated version of the "Name Dropper." It includes exclusive jailhouse interviews with Clark Rockefeller that you won't want to miss! Visit to order your copy today!

Offical site of the Frank Girardot's book, Name Dropper: Investigating the Clark Rockefeller Mystery.

Congratulations to Frank!! "Name Dropper" made it into the Top 10 best-seller list for the month of March on eBookIt!

We'd like to ask everyone who's read Name Dropper if they wouldn't mind writing a short review on Amazon. Your support is greatly appreciated!

"Name Dropper" e-book is currently an Amazon best seller!! Congratulations Frank!!

Hot of the Press! "Name Dropper" is now available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other e-book reader outlets. The updated version contains exclusive jail house interviews with Rockefeller himself!!

Prepare to be shocked as the grisly details about the murder of San Marino computer geek John Sohus are revealed in Frank C. Girardot's new book, "Name Dropper: Investigating the Clark Rockefeller Mystery." Clark Rockefeller, the prime suspect in Sohus' murder, may have been the last pe...

They may say it's "exclusive" but readers of "Name Dropper" know better:

LOS ANGELES >>Thirty minutes after a judge handed down a 27 years-to-life prison sentence for a 1985 murder, the German-born con man once known as Clark Rockefeller on Thursday continued to assert his innocence.In an exclusive interview w

Exclusive video of Christian Gerhartsreiter, aka Clark Rockefeller, performing in the 1984 San Marino "Father's Night" production. The audio is from my interview with the convicted killer who once posed as Clark Rockefeller:

German national who posed as Clark Rockefeller performed in a community musical in San Marino in 1984. A year later Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter and the you...

Just finished the epilogue to my book "Name Dropper". It's a 6,500 word addition that completes the tale of "Clark Rockefeller". You will read all about his life in jail and get the complete version of his one-on-one with me .. more details to come.. (oh and it will be on Amazon for Kindle

Well he's read the book "Name Dropper", doesn't like that I've written John Sohus was "trisected" but talks to a reporter for the first time since conviction and sentencing in 1985 cold case murder of John Sohus:

Rockefeller Interview

Former Clark Rockefeller attorney Brad Bailey talks Whitey Bulger:

FOX 25: Former Prosecutor Brad Bailey on Monday’s Events in Whitey Bulger Trial Posted on June 25, 2013 by Brad Bailey Posted in Media GalleryBoston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston Former prosecutor Brad Bailey discusses Monday’s events in the James “Whitey” Bulger trial with FOX 25′s M...